Some Thoughts on the Culture Wars


Back in the 90’s, the media portrayed the culture wars as a bunch of old-fashioned kn0w-nothing religious lunatics raving against progress. Now that we are in the 21st Century, perhaps it’s time to revisit that idea.

Had we listened to the semi-popular proponents of the Culture War, people who advocated a return to tradition values, tradition religion, and tradition media, we might have avoided the problems we face today. It seems that in the pursuit of “progress”, the leftists have embraced not only sexual perversions like homosexuality and transsexuality as normal, but now we see they are trying to regularize pedophilia. You might even hear it relabeled as “pedosexuality”, which in my mind, is far worse, since a generous interpretation of “pedophilia” could be “the love of children”, while “pedosexuality” leaves nothing to the imagination.

If that were the worst problem facing us with our new culture, perhaps it wouldn’t be too much to worry about. After all, what does it truly matter if only a tiny percentage of our population wastes their lives in the self-gratification through sexual perversions?

The true damage of the changing culture can be felt in the walls of our nation’s homes, as unprecedented levels of children are raised without a father, or even a mother. Our new culture embraces complete irresponsibility when it comes to raising the next generation, an almost lackadaisical approach that says it is just as good to raise dogs as it is to raise children, that what should we care whether the majority of black children don’t even know their own fathers?

Surely this change in our culture is the cause of the downfall of our society. We know for a fact that fatherlessness leads to all sorts of problems, not the least of which are crime and poverty, but also mental health issues.

Suppose we let the culture war play out with the temporary victory of the leftists. Suppose we let society reset as the fatherlessness is carried to its ultimate end, which would be the entire destruction of segments of our society. I suppose then those who held on to traditional culture and mores would be left to rebuild society in their image. But we’re not talking about temporary setbacks, but the actual end of our society altogether when we look at another threat: Immigration.

See, right now America seems hell-bent on allowing anyone, and I mean anyone, to come into our society and join us. After a few years here, we think they should be allowed to vote and set policies. And we don’t seem to have a problem if they bring their culture but don’t adapt to ours. While this would normally lead to colonies surrounded by Americans, the decline of our society in this time means that it’s turning out the other way around. Eventually, traditional Americans will be like the colonized, living in a land controlled by people who don’t even know what Americanism is.

I propose a multi-step plan to remedy this situation, and win the Culture Wars once and for all.

First, absolute resistance to all forms of anti-Americanism, no matter what shape that takes. This resistance must come from the people, not the government. That is to say, a boycott of ALL media that portrays deviant behavior as normal. It could be something as small as two men holding hands with suggestive overtones, or something as serious as foul language or outright denunciation of property rights. We simply withdraw with our money and attention, and let them try to survive on their own.

Second, an end to all immigration. Until we fix out own society, what purpose can we serve by having more people come? Let’s simply stop granting citizenships and let’s stop allowing people to move their families here. If you want to come and work temporarily, or visit us to do business, that’s fine, but we simply can’t handle the immigrants we have, let alone admit more. If we ever do allow immigration ever again, it will be only to admit those people who are almost completely aligned with our ideological values and won’t degrade our culture.

Third, retaking of the education system. This can take the form of mass homeschooling, or something similar to Arizona’s voucher system, but regardless, we must shut down our entire education system and replace it with a system that doesn’t force us to adopt liberal culture. Thanks to the new age of the internet, this is not only entirely possible, but easily achieved. We simply stop sending our kids to liberal universities and instead turn the internet into a university.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the establishment of the home as the central government authority. That is, to convince like-minded people that their primary duty is to marry and have as many kids as physically possible, to raise those kids right and put them on the path to do the same. In short, all conservatives should be catholic and mormon in how they procreate. Does that mean sacrificing time, effort, and money? Absolutely. But this is how you win a culture war: You outproduce your competitors.

I wish to spell out what American traditional values and culture is, so as my points will be made clear.

American Culture starts with God, and not just any God, but the Christian God, who is known as the Savior, who laid down his life for us and the world.

American Culture continues with self-responsibility born from sovereignty. We are accountable to God and God alone for our actions, and so we should take responsibility for them rather than blame others for our situation.

American Culture continues with the ideas of God-given rights, such as life, liberty, and property. We didn’t create these rights, we didn’t invent them, God gave them to us and expects us to seize them for ourselves and to protect them with our lives. This isn’t a philosophical debate. It is a matter of religious compulsion.

American Culture describes the ideal society. At the center is the home, with a mother and father who work together to raise their children to carry the torch of our culture. Inside the communities, we find churches, businesses, charities, and governments. Churches exist to keep us away from evil and to tell us our rights. Governments exist to enforce those rights by aggregated force. Businesses exist to make money through honesty and hard work. Charities exist to help those who can’t yet help themselves find their way to independence and security. Private citizens participate in all of these institutions because they have a duty to do so. Neglecting any one of these things is like neglecting them all.

American Culture values Union. We were willing to fight and die for it in the Civil War. We believe that together, united, we can overcome any evil, but divided, we will easily fall to sectionalism and petty bickering.

American Culture requires men to be men and women to be women and children to be children. Men should be strong, lead their family in love, and lay down his life for this family. Women should likewise lead their family in love, but exemplify the critical elements of womanhood by tending to the children and seeing to their proper upbringing. Children should be absolutely respectful to their parents, and desire nothing more than to be like their parents.

American Culture is not found on TV and never will be. It is found in the board rooms of business, preached from the pulpits of our churches, seen in the soup kitchens and hopefully the halls of government. Most especially, it is found in the home, in the places where no one will ever see unless they live it themselves, in the quiet moments when fathers teach their children history and math, when mothers show their children how to mend and sew and save money, and when the most important principles of religion, philosophy, government, and more are taught from an early age.

Have we lost the Culture War? No, it is only beginning. Now that more and more people see what we saw back in the 20th Century, and especially as they see how important it is in the 21st Century, we can take this war to greater heights and deeper victories.

2 Responses to “Some Thoughts on the Culture Wars”

  1. Jason Says:

    Never forget who is behind the cultural decline…. it’s not a random occurance. It’s a deliberate program spelled out explicitly in a number of different ways.

    Let’s see if we can figure out who it is… 60s revolution was spearheaded by guys like Allen Ginsberg. The system was outlined by Saul Alinsky.

    Marxism was started by a son of a rabbi and found its footing through Trotsky.

    Currently the degeneracy agenda is pushed by the media, we all agree. Who runs the media? Well, 95% of the media is run by CEOs from the same tribal pursuation. Look at National Geographic. Great magazine till an editor took over with the last name Goldberg. Now it pushes degeneracy, perversion and all that tranny weirdness.

    Let’s see if we can find any patterns on which group is behind degeneracy….

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      I won’t deny that there is a certain tribe that seems to have sold their souls to gain power over the American people.

      Let’s focus on the people and the policies they implemented. After all, even if we slaughtered every member of that tribe, it wouldn’t stop another tribe from doing the same to us. It is quite short-sighted, really, to focus so heavily on the tribe and ignore the individuals and their methods, perhaps a distraction that the tribe would love to deceive us with, yet again.

      Also, historical note, the reason why that tribe rose to power in Europe and seized their financial system is precisely BECAUSE the Europeans treated them with a different set of rules. Had the Europeans realized that giving a group of people a different rulebook is just inviting that group to exploit it against them, they could’ve avoided a lot of problems. Europeans have yet to learn their lesson, a lesson they taught us but seem to have forgotten themselves. The rule of LAW, not men, is the only thing worth defending with your life. The moment you have two sets of rules, that’s the moment you grab your pitchfork. I vaguely recall a certain rabbit who begged not to be thrown into the thorn bushes. Perhaps that leaders of that tribe knew what they were doing and were perfectly satisfied to be universally vilified as it played directly into their hand.

      Another point: Give a white man the idea that he is sovereign, put justice in his hand, and he will be unstoppable, I don’t care what his background is. We should be arming our fellow tribesmen with the principles of righteousness so that they can wield justice against any foe of any tribe. Only God can save the people who find themselves facing off against a bunch of white men who have righteousness as their cause. There’s not enough money in the world to save someone from that.

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