The Battle at Berkeley


If you haven’t heard, last Saturday Trump supporters gathered together in Berkeley. This time, a large number of men showed up ready for battle with Antifa. Sure enough, Antifa provoked them, throwing bottles, bricks, and M-80 explosives, along with the typical cowardice of hitting people in the back of the head, stealing their hats and flags, and more. Oh yeah, and they threw tear gas, smoke bombs, and pepper-sprayed people.

When the Trump supporters showed up, the police disarmed them, promising to provide protection. When the police withdrew, melee ensued. It was not pretty. I hear someone was even stabbed. There was lots of blood shed, but no lives taken.

I have never been in battle, and I hope never to be, but seeing the actions of those who were more than happy to engage Antifa was exciting, heroic, and patriotic. Flags and bibles were prominent. Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” and even the Battle Hymn of the Republic was heard.

A couple of thoughts.

First, we don’t need the police. Conservatives, people who work hard and make their own way in life, don’t need any cops. We can defend ourselves. The cops are there to protect the liberal crybabies who will throw a punch but whine when they get cocked.

Second, if the liberals don’t want to live by the law, then screw the law. Let’s go back down, all the way down, to the most primitive and basic of human relationships: War. I’m being quite serious here: People need to start dying, or this will never end. Once liberals see the effects of their actions, once conservatives realize that all the government they need they can carry in a hip-holster, we can begin rebuilding society.

Third, thank God that there are enough decent human beings willing to risk their lives, physically, financially, legally, to protect us. If I ever meet any of those people who participated on Trump’s side in the Battle of Berkeley, I will buy them a pizza. (Sorry, I don’t do beer.) They are welcome in my home, where they will be treated like heroes as they are.

Fourth, I’ve said this many times: Once a real leader stands up, literally millions of men, myself included, will flock to his flag. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read Captain Moroni. Kyle Chapman could be that man. We just need someone who is willing to fight and who has righteousness in his heart, and is ready to lay down his life for complete strangers.

I’m going to make another post about what the fight is really over, who is on which side, and what it will take to win. Next time!

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