The Civil War of 2017


Last post, I talked about the Battle of Berkeley. This is one of the opening battles in hostilities in the Civil War of 2017. Just because one side is so weak they can’t even fight doesn’t make it any less of a war.

This post, I’m going to talk about what the war is really about, and how it will be fought, and how America can win.

First, let’s look at the sides in this battle.

On the left side, you have Antifa and the anti-Trump people, generally the leftists and communists and socialists and all the people that shout things like “Racist! Sexist! Nazi!” and so on.

On the right side, you have everyone else.

This is a pretty lopsided fight, I know, but it’s important to understand how the lines are drawn. The right side is most definitely not made up of just conservatives or just Trump supporters or just the Alt-Right. It’s made up of everyone who is sick of the communist crap that goes on every day in America.

The way this battle is fought is principally online. That is, people share pictures and they gradually come out as supporting one side or the other. You may have heard of something called “red-pilling”. This is when people begin to see the left for what it truly is, and realize they have to stand up and fight against it. However, there is a lot more going on that you can’t really see.

In the FBI and the CIA, there is a literal Civil War going on, even though it is all hidden from our view. There are people getting killed, but more importantly, people getting information out. Wikileaks is the key player here. When they release something, it’s important because it represents another salvo in that key battle. Thankfully, Trump won the presidency and from all signs, he is competent enough to win that war, even though it may take several years. The battle being fought over there is between the “establishment”, AKA, the communists who have infiltrated our government, and the American loyalists, who have had enough and are willing to fight to protect America.

There is another war being waged through the media. Did you know that Netflix is having financial problems? The real reason why is because a very large number of people on the right side have left Netflix thanks to their obnoxiously racist movie “Dear White People.” Starbucks went through a similar shakeup when they promised to hire 10,000 refugees. The media is being rocked by the fact that Americans aren’t taking their communist drivel anymore. It’s paramount you do your part to let the big corporations and especially the media know you don’t support them. Literally unsubscribe from cable. Stop watching CNN and other fake news purveyors. Stop reading the newspapers. Get all your media online from trusted sources, even if they aren’t professionally put together. Breitbart is a very good start, along with Drudge Report, but you’re going to have to go deeper than that. Breitbart can get you started.

Finally, there is the war in the hearts and minds of the people. Eventually, it will become election time again, and it’s critical we never, ever give back political power to the communists.

OK, let’s talk about what the war really is about.

There is a faction of the American public who have been enamored with socialism and communism. They don’t really understand what it’s about and have bought into the whole “socialism is about caring for poor people” lie. These people have been deceived and are being deceived. When there were plenty of these people, the communists trying to take over all of America have had moderate success, and even some stunning victories, such as Barack Obama. However, these people are simply tools.

There is another faction of the American public that has sensed something was horribly wrong with America. People like myself knew what it was from a long time ago, but whenever we spoke out people gave us funny looks and said, “You’re joking, right?” Well, people are starting to wake up and realize that no, I wasn’t joking, yes, the threat was real.

Let’s look at how communism really works, what it really is.

The fundamental idea behind communism is that there is no good and evil. With this, you have all you need for things like Soviet Russia and the slaughter of millions through starvation, all in the name of the “common good”. Whatever communism claims to bring, such as prosperity or freedom, is simply the lies of people who have lost their moral compass. There is no wealth or happiness or freedom in evil-doing. Only the truth will set you free, and the fundamental truth is that Jesus is Lord.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a country built on a morally sure foundation. No, they could not stop all the evil of their day, but they gave us the tools to fix whatever mistakes they made, provided we use the tools properly. Simply put, we did not use the tools properly. We haven’t since at least the 1920s. What happened was communism, in the name of progressivism and socialism, has slipped into every aspect of American life. Literally, every aspect. Because the constitution provided such a huge barrier to the reforms they’d like to impose on us (for the “common good”, right?), they have been systematically destroying the constitution. Now we live in a day when the vast majority of Americans have no idea what the constitution is, let alone what is in it. And the few people who know what it is and a little of what’s in it are woefully ignorant and outright deceived about its content. Thankfully, people like Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, and others have preserved, more or less, the original intent and meaning, and passed it down to us in the name of “conservatism”. Note that conservatism is the one thing that really drives the leftists mad with rage and anger.

But the constitution is not the only casualty.

They have destroyed our individualism.

They have destroyed our families.

They have destroyed our churches.

They have destroyed our charities.

They have destroyed our businesses.

They have destroyed our government.

Or, they have tried, but we have been able to keep things together, at least until now.

Now, we are in 2017, and America is frankly still falling apart. But some people have cracked the code of how the communists were using the media to subvert the political process, so much so that they have no qualms about going into public places and saying things like, “Maybe letting a kajillion refugees into America is the worst idea ever because they want to kill us” and “We need to stand up for the American culture” and “Hey, I’ve noticed that people with white skin and anglo-saxon heritage are a dying breed, maybe we should try to preserve that race and culture”. They are, in short, identifying one of the major attack vectors of the communists, and that is racism, or at least, accusations of it.

As a white male, who married a woman and who has five kids, and a Christian, no less, I stand proud! I am proud of my heritage, I am proud of my skin color, I am proud of my culture and my faith and my family and my job and my country. The communists cannot shame me because I know I am better than them. I am happy and satisfied with what life has given me. They never will be!

Frankly, Islam does pose a threat to the US. So do the illegal immigrants and the refugees. But honestly, America has enough men left that if those things became serious problems, and we were informed about them, we could clean it up in an afternoon. If we had to wage a modern crusade against muslim invaders in America, we would have no problem doing it.

The real threat is not those minor threats, but the voices who tell us that those obviously dangerous things are no danger at all. That’s what this war is really about: It’s a war over whether we should let America wake up, realize she is in danger, and do something about it, or keep America asleep so that these other dangers can make it impossible we ever recover.

We know the enemy, we know the battlefield, we know the battles and we know the strategy. What’s left? Simply this: Finding it in your heart to resolve to do those things necessary to win.

FIRST, identify the enemy for what it truly is: MODERN LIBERALISM and its lies about the WHITE RACE, the AMERICAN CULTURE, and AMERICAN HISTORY. Stand up as a proud member of the most elite and fantastic country in the history of the earth. Learn our history, our heritage, our culture, and our political system, and no longer be ashamed of being a WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE.

SECOND, fight by INFORMING OTHERS of your discoveries. Let them know the true nature of Islam. Let them know why Mexico wants an open border. Let them know who George Soros is and what communism really is all about. Teach them about what it means to be white, to be American, and to be proud. Point to pictures of white men going into foreign lands and fighting and dying for people who can’t even speak English, let alone worship the True God (Jesus Christ) and believe in the best political system (America!)

THIRD, CONFRONT THE ENEMY. Challenge them on their own turf. Show up, be loud, and be proud. Since they have no morality, it’s trivial to find them engaging in all sorts of evil things. Infiltrate and expose. Infiltrate and expose. Don’t be passive, be aggressive, and be proud of the fact that you get an adrenaline rush when you are doing good by fighting evil. Don’t back down when threatened or challenged. Let your voice be heard!

FOURTH, build America. Get married, have twenty kids, teach them the Bible and about Jesus and about capitalism and Americanism, and teach them to make fun of communists, Muslims, Mexican Cartels, and the child rape networks of the globalists. Teach them to fight and to marry and have twenty kids themselves. While you’re at it, start a new company, get filthy rich, buy a ton of AR-15s and tons of ammo to boot. The more guns you buy, the more ammo you stock, the less likely you’ll ever need to use it! But don’t neglect your community charities and churches. The six pillars of America: The Individual, the Family, the Church, the Charity, the Business, and the Government. Learn them all and become active in them all.

The constitution empowers us, the people, to take our country back. It empowers us to be masters of our own future and destiny. There may come a day when we have no choice to surrender, but that day is not today. Pray to God that he will deliver us, and he will!


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  1. alex holtz Says:

    Do you know who Alger Sifflement is?🍟🗼

    On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 9:38 PM, Federal Way Conservative wrote:

    > Jonathan Gardner posted: “Last post, I talked about the Battle of > Berkeley. This is one of the opening battles in hostilities in the Civil > War of 2017. Just because one side is so weak they can’t even fight doesn’t > make it any less of a war. This post, I’m going to talk about w” >

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