What does the Fresno Terrorist Attack Teach us about Islam?


Today a black homeless man killed 3 white people for the crime of being white.

What we know is that he is a blatant racist, a hater of white people, and already a murderer wanted by the police.

As he carried out the attacks, he shouted “Allah Akbar!” which, if you don’t know yet, is Arabic for “God is great!”, a common phrase of Muslim terrorists who are in the act of murdering innocent people or committing suicide.

Was he a terrorist? Well, he hated white people, and he acted in a way that would cause terror, so yes, he was. Was he a Muslim? Yes, he was, unless I hear from a Muslim that he wasn’t. (Note: You Christians who say “No True Muslim” don’t know what you are talking about. Islam doesn’t work that way.)

We are well past the point where we have to wonder why people do these sorts of things in the name of Islam. There is a pattern, a repeated pattern, and it is found all over the earth. Where Muslims gather, some small proportion of them is going to murder non-believers and shout “God is Great!”

One of my friends mentioned that this man is a “lost soul”. I can’t help but wonder what that means. I did a bit of research into what a Muslim should do to regain his faith when he loses it, either due to gross disobedience to the teachings of Islam or just the general sense of faithlessness we all experience from time to time. In addition to the typical responses you might find in any religion: “Pray more, study more, meditate more, participate more with faithful believers”, Muslims will perform something called Zikr or Dhikr. Among the things considered Zikr are saying phrases like “God willing” (Inshallah) and “God is great” (Allah akbar).

Curious? I think so.

I’ve noticed also that in Islam, repentance also includes doing great deeds to compensate for your bad deeds. This is significant. In Christianity, we teach that there is nothing you can do to pay for your past sins except put your faith in Christ and repent and do the right thing from there on out. But in Islam, they teach that you can do great acts of righteousness. What is the greatest act of righteousness in Islam? Losing your life in a holy war.

In Christianity, however, if you choose to do good, it is because you are full of love of God and of mankind because God has forgiven you and replaced your stony heart with a new soft heart. Thus, Christians expect that their sins will be finally forgiven when they do some great act of service born by no other motivation than love.

I propose that Islam is fundamentally broken. While the vast majority of the time, it works out pretty good, it is in the edge cases that we find the problem, and in those edge cases, innocent people die.

Unfortunately, Islam has built up such a reputation that anyone who tries to reform it ends up dead as well. So reforming Islam is really out of the question. Without a clear leader who can speak for the whole religion, and since there are too many infallible teachers, that means you simply can’t change Islam unless you change huge chunks of it all at once.

That leaves conversion. I believe the only way to solve the Islam problem is to convert people to Christ and teach them the method of true repentance and how you can find faith when you lost it through charitable acts, patience, and kindness.

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