A Dual American Society


I’ve often thought of what America would be like if we split the nation into two groups. One group would participate fully in the welfare state and be subject to the taxes needed to fund it. The other group wouldn’t participate in the welfare state but wouldn’t have to pay the taxes to support it either. Both groups would pay taxes to fund the military which protects both groups equally.

The more I think about this arrangement, the more and more excited I get about it. The socialist society would quickly fail as every rich person would opt out of socialism.

I’ve been having another thought. What if we did away with universal suffrage altogether? What if only an elect few had the right to vote? When our nation started, all the way up until John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, mostly only property owners had a vote. You weren’t truly considered a full citizen until you owned property. This system gave us the awesome presidents of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, presidents who not only lead the nation, but carefully thought about their role and mission. From Jefferson to Monroe, the presidents decided that they shouldn’t inject themselves into the matters of congress, but serve as the final constitutional arbiter of what is and is not constitutional. Until Jackson, no president had ever vetoed a bill unless they thought it was unconstitutional. These presidents also spent their chief focus on matters of national security and foreign policy, carefully negotiating their way and positioning themselves until President Monroe could issue the famous Monroe Doctrine: “Europe stays out of the American continent altogether!”

How would we get to there from here? I think for starters, we point out how universal suffrage has failed us. When people vote selfishly, they get the expected results of corrupt politicians, but more importantly, corrupt politicians who are never held accountable. Perhaps we can start a political movement that questions that sanity of universal suffrage, wondering if we should carefully hand out citizenship or at least suffrage. Maybe it would require a great disaster, where a large enough minority feels compelled to suspend democracy. I don’t know.

Perhaps we form a dual state, one state bound to property and the other state bound to personhood. I have often wondered what a state might look like in the internet age, when location is not nearly as important as it used to be. Perhaps that’s the solution: A new state, built on the internet, where suffrage is carefully controlled and limited to people who have proven themselves responsible and trustworthy.

3 Responses to “A Dual American Society”

  1. alex holtz Says:

    If the two states went to war who would the army protect? Would the people protecting one state turn on it?

    On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 6:27 PM, Federal Way Conservative wrote:

    > Jonathan Gardner posted: “I’ve often thought of what America would be like > if we split the nation into two groups. One group would participate fully > in the welfare state and be subject to the taxes needed to fund it. The > other group wouldn’t participate in the welfare state but wo” >

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    The reason the right / left dichotomy is not and never will be resolved is that they are both right.

    You do have a duty to your fellow countrymen. You live in a society and some amount of socialism is necessary. It is also true that those who are fortunate are, for the most part, lucky. My ex-wife’s brother had terrible cerebral palsy. Couldn’t barely control his eyes. Why did he have CP? He was just unlucky. Why don’t I? I was lucky.

    This is a fact. If the luck were different I would have CP and my ex-brother-in-law would be a normal human being. We must acknowledge this fact and deal with it as a society. Luck and circumstance plays a huge role in life.

    However, some amount of individuality is needed and self sufficiency is a virtue. We should look after ourselves. We should take responsibility for our actions. We have a duty to improve ourselves. We should also let people use their talents as they wish. Including using their talents to get fabulously rich.

    By and large, the right fails to acknowledge the shear luck of their lives. (“There by the grace of God, go I.”) We all threw the dice when we were born. Some people come up snake eyes. Totally unfair but true. You might have been born a low intellect individual into a sexually abusive environment. You weren’t. But you need to recognize that you could have and your life would be much, much, much harder.

    However, the left, by and large, attributes too many personal failures on circumstances and wallows in the idea that they (or whatever their pet class du jour) are pure victims and cannot be responsible for any aspect of their lives.

    The same dichotomy exists with foreign ideas / foreign people. The right is wary of foreign things while the left is welcoming. Foreigners bring invasion, plague and disruption to the local hierarchy. This is a fact. Ghengis Khan was not a good foreigner to have at the border. They also bring trade and novel ideas. Again, both right and left are correct.

    The trick to this, like most things in life, is striking the right balance. You want enough but not too much. The tension is natural, correct and will never go away. It is a tug of war that cannot and should not ever be won, by either side.

    Well, sometimes one side wins and it is universally a horrible, horrible, event. The left “won” with communism and proceeded to kill a quarter of a billion fellow humans. My point is that you never want it resolved. You want the balance.

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