I hate communism and socialism


I am increasingly convinced that people who fall for the siren song of communism or socialism (really, any statism), should be hanged. After a just trial, of course.

This is because such a philosophy is an affront to my individual rights, and I believe that I have a right to fight and kill to protect said rights. That is the very foundation of government, after all. Read the Declaration of Independence.

When someone walks into my house and says, “I believe this house is mine”, I have a right to shoot him in the head.

This is what communism and socialism and statism really is. It is an usurpation of power, a direct assault on my individual liberties and rights.

Granted, most people think that these philosophies are all about helping the poor or being fair. These people are stupid, though, and frankly, they should not be voting at all. When you say, “Let’s make the world fair by punishing these people over there for being successful”, what you’re really saying is, “Let’s steal their property and take it for ourselves.” That is a threat of theft. If there was a criminal gang planning to rape my wife, murder my children, and steal my property, and I found out about it, and I broke into their hideout and slaughtered them, is that immoral? No, that is, in fact the only sane thing to do. What is insane is waiting for them to attack. Read any treatise on war, and the idea is to fight the war in THEIR living room, not yours. Granted, I would want the police to do the dirty work for me, but if the police didn’t exist, I would have to do it myself.

Antifa and these people who want to impose statism, socialism and communism are a direct threat to my safety and my property and my wife and my children.. I believe we should take their threat seriously, and preemptively strike. Those who want to use force and violence should be met with force and violence. Those who wish to seize property should have their property seized. (Oh wait, when you said you wanted the rich to help the poor, you meant the *other* rich people?!)

I have little tolerance for foreign regimes who make images of destroying America or chant “Death to America!” and so on. I feel it is morally right and justified, even a duty, to take their threats at face value and respond with greater force immediately.

The same goes for communists, socialists, and statists, who threaten my individual rights and liberties. Let’s not play games: They are talking insurrection and rebellion. If they rise to power, I, a rich property owner, will be one of the first people to be plundered and killed. It is only right, therefore, that we take their threats seriously and preemptively strike against them.

2 Responses to “I hate communism and socialism”

  1. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Jonathan Gardner, what are your views regarding Mark Levin and Michael Savage?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Mark Levin: Smart guy, terrible politician.

      Michael Savage: This is why you don’t do drugs, kids. He’s right about most things, but something’s not right in the head.

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