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Silencing the People for Fear of the Muslim

May 12, 2017

It’s stories like Tommy Robinson‘s that make me wonder whether we can tolerate Islam in our midst.

It seems the British police are so fearful of the Muslim population in their country that they actively intimidate and suppress any speech that might make them uncomfortable. When Muslims get uncomfortable, unfortunately, people end up dead.

I wonder if that is the result of all the spying. The government found out just how deep the rebellions and insurrections and terrorism go, and decided that rather than fight it, they’ll put on a show to placate the public but actively suppress anyone who doesn’t conform to Sharia Law.

I remember a story when President Bush sent some moderate Imams to Iraq after the war. The intention, apparently, was to introduce a more moderate strain of Islam. It doesn’t take any imagination to know what happened next.

Maybe we’re going about the Muslim problem in the wrong way. Maybe slaughtering their young men in the Middle East isn’t really accomplishing much. Maybe we should follow their example and use the same tactics they use to control their populations.

As I joked elsewhere, perhaps after we defeat ISIS in the Middle East, we should launch a reverse crusade into Europe to finish the job.