European Culture is Not Welcome Here


People who say that whites and/or white culture is the savior of the world are forgetting something: Europe.

I’ve been trying to understand European politics, and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  1. Europeans are not Americans, and they do not understand Americanism or our brand of conservatism. It is a foreign concept that was created in the wilderness of America. To people who like to wear cowboy hats and say “Trump is awesome!” in Europe, we’re just as strange as Chinamen and Native Americans to them.
  2. European politics is built on the concept that there is a large group of hopeless and helpless people, and a small group of educated, talented, and wealthy people who can save them.
  3. This leads to one of two extremes: Fascism and Socialism. There is no in-between for Europeans. You are either a fascist or you are a socialist. As Americans, we simply cannot understand this, because we believe in everyone choosing their own way, but to Europeans, it’s all or nothing.
  4. Fascism is the philosophy that government needs to organize the people to be strong, productive, and a powerful fighting machine. It is the philosophy of help the self.
  5. Socialism is the philosophy that government needs to organize the people to be compassionate and tolerant and caring to the poor. It is a philosophy of helping the other.
  6. In no case do any European powers even pay lip service to individual rights, except one country, and even then, it is a hollow thing. (Can you guess which country in Europe believes in individual rights? Hint: It’s not even connected to the continent!)

My opinion of what our foreign relationship with Europe should be is as follows.

  1. We must be  the big, rich, wealthy, benevolent, dignified noble person.
  2. We must tell them how to organize their countries. Dissent will not be tolerated.
  3. In the rare cases where there is a political party that espouses the Lockean ideals of individual rights, we must absolutely align ourselves with them and support them. The moment they start turning towards fascism or socialism is the moment we publicly denounce them for it.

I don’t expect Europe to change, not at all. What we can do, however, is control them and limit them.

In no case should we ever want to be like Europe.

This comes down to, ultimately, not skin color (there are plenty of white people I want nothing to do with), but political philosophy. Unfortunately, the only teacher of the correct political philosophy is the wastelands and wildernesses of the American frontier. I really see no other way of spreading these ideas around. And I sincerely fear lest America has grown too rich and too weak to ever embrace a conservative philosophy again.

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