Islam is the problem


Watching the terror attacks yesterday in London, it’s clear that Islam is the problem.

The solution is we must eradicate the philosophy, or at least the part of it that says it’s ok and cool to murder people of other faiths.

Our modern world is too tightly bound together. We can’t simply seal our borders and expect ourselves to remain safe from an ideology that knows no borders. We must eradicate the philosophy.

Don’t worry, we’ve done it before, several times.

  • In European history, we eradicated the philosophy that religion can be preached by violence.
  • In American history, we stamped out the philosophy that one man can own another.
  • In world history, we stamped our communism and fascism.

Our mission, for ourselves, is to eliminate radical Jihad as an alternative philosophy. People who ascribe to this philosophy deserve no quarters and will get none. People who spread it deserve no mercy. People who tolerate it are traitors to their own kind.

If we don’t stamp it out, then we will be leaving it for our children to handle. Our parents didn’t leave communism, fascism, slavery, and such for us. They fixed it in their generation.

We have the means, we only need to the will to do it.

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