Let’s Talk Treason


What is treason?

Simply put, it is acting against your country, especially in times of war. It is supporting our enemies over ourselves.

How is treason manifest? Many ways, including but not limited to:

  • The things you say publicly and privately.
  • The things you do.
  • The information you share and with whom.

If you’re working for the government, and you have access to national secrets, you need to remember that the reason those are secrets is because someone decided that if the world were to know those secrets, it would be a threat to our national security.

Now, granted, sometimes governments are corrupt and some of the secrets are kept secret merely to save someone’s hide, especially when that person is treasonous. The difference is national secrets are things you don’t want the rest of the world to know, but if all Americans knew it and kept it secret it would be OK. The other kinds of secrets are things you don’t mind the rest of the world knows, but if the American people found out they might want to hang you from the nearest tree.

If you’re going to leak secrets from the government, you’d better think twice, and really hard: Am I spilling the beans on secrets that would harm the US if our enemies found out, or secrets that would harm our leaders if the American people found out?

Another kind of treason is when you fail to acknowledge the results of an election. “Not my president” can mean, “I didn’t vote for that guy, but he won, and he’s the constitutionally elected president”. Or it can mean, “Even though he won, I refuse to acknowledge him as the president.” If it’s the latter, you should probably keep your opinion to yourself, as inciting people to not recognize the duly elected government is a form of treason, especially when those people begin to take actions against the president.

I think our country has been far too lenient on traitors historically and especially today. Our country is close to a civil war, and one way we can stop it is to put those people who want to incite rebellion on notice. Hang a few traitors here and there, and the rest will shut up, or at least those who might listen to them will think long and hard.

If you don’t, then the rebellion will grow and spread, and soon, you’ll have a full-on Civil War.

This is an unfortunate reality of government. But it is a reality nonetheless.

On the other hand, remember that the reason why people don’t go out and butcher murderers and rapists and terrorists without government sanction is because we believe the government is doing its job. The moment we don’t believe that anymore, expect vigilantes. And remember: If you can’t control the original problem, how do you expect to control large groups of vigilantes?


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