The End of Abortion


Right now we’re studying history and covering the years leading up to the Civil War. I have some thoughts.

There were two sides to the issue of slavery. One felt it was wrong, and the other felt it was wrong but a necessary evil.

Then, in the decades prior to the Civil War that changed. Now the other side felt that slavery was a right, even the foundation of a free society.

This kind of thinking unlocked the flood gates, so to speak. Now, democrats in the South saw the two races as fundamentally different. Blacks should be enslaved, they said, for political, religious, and economic reasons. Free blacks were wrong blacks.

Importantly, parallels between socialism and slavery were drawn, so much so that people said socialism, the ultimate good, was slavery. The laborers in the North were slaves, while the slaves in the South were free.

Their mental somersaults with religious were remarkable as well. God chose us to enslave the black race, so we could Christianize them and save their souls! And yet, Christian blacks were not freed, and black slaves were never taught the Bible, or even how to read it.

This upside-down thinking is something only a corrupt person, a corrupt society could ever embrace. It all starts with one obviously wrong lie, and sensing that wrong, more lies are piled on top.

Kind of like abortion. The backwards thinking that abortion supporters have to go through to justify the slaughter of the innocent unborn is equally amazing. “If you love children, then you love abortion”, they claim, mentioning something about “unwanted kids”, as if there is a child in this world that is unwanted by everyone. Or they talk about the problems with sex and how you get out-of-wedlock pregnancies and the only sure remedy is abortion. (Apparently, the same people who can’t keep their pants on are responsible enough to use contraceptives and schedule an abortion within 9 months?)

The absurd excuses and justifications are shameful, to say the least. How anyone can justify this sort of thing with such pathetic and easily countered arguments is unimaginable to me, and yet here we are.

By the way, there are other “taboos” in our society today. Gay marriage, transgenderism, etc… and more all have their reckoning to be made in the future. You can only lie to yourself for so long before those lies weigh too much.

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