On Obamacare


Is there any doubt now that the Republicans and Democrats in congress are both opposed to the American people and American values?

Whatever show the Republicans in congress put on before Trump was elected president, it is now clear that it was a show. Even though they never cast a vote for Obamacare, they were just as much behind it as the democrats, and they are showing that today.

What to do?

Sometimes, you just have to let the system collapse in on itself because the representatives in congress (representing whom, exactly?) won’t do a thing about it.

In a few short years, health care prices will rise even higher, along with insurance rates. More and more people will openly and fragrantly violate the health care laws and regulations, and people will increasingly see that a Laissez Faire approach to health care is the ideal approach.

What should government do about all the sick and the elderly? The answer is nothing. It is not government’s job to take care of your parents and grandparents for you. It is your job. If you feel bad about the people suffering around you, then get off your butt and do something about it, and stop asking someone else to pay to ease your conscience.

Socialism never works, never. Socialism is the road to communism. Socialism is designed to get people so dependent on government and to have that government collapse under its own weight and corruption. Once this occurs, according to Marx, then you can have the communist revolution where the working class rises up against the owning class and people “take back what is rightfully theirs” in a massive bloody event. After that, they are all supposed to reside peacefully in communes where everyone shares with each other, sans government.

It won’t turn out that way, at least not in the United States. No, we are far too charitable and rich to let that happen. As government fails, people pick up the slack, restoring order where there was only chaos, all without needing government officials to force them to do so. Government here in the US came from the people, not the other way around. We’ll be fine if we don’t have a formal government for a few years, trust me.

I don’t know what President Trump’s contingency plan is, but I am sure he was planning on it. Perhaps he will come back next year when insurance rates are even higher and even fewer people are getting quality care, and propose yet again a repeal. I don’t know. I’m fairly certain that President Trump is no fan of socialism and would like to see it all disappear. How he intends to do that remains to be seen.

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