Why I Love Scaramucci


Liberals and weak-kneed “conservatives” or “republicans” are watching in horror as the new White House Spokesman is conducting business in a less than savory way.

I’m cheering him every moment, hoping to see more of the same.

You know why? Because Donald Trump campaigns on “Make America Great Again.”

He didn’t campaign on “Make Government Great Again.”

He didn’t campaign on “Make the Republican Party Great Again.”

He didn’t even campaign on “Make Trump Great Again.”

Do you get it yet?

When Government loses, American wins. For far too long, the government has grown way beyond its purpose and has become like a cancer in our land, consuming our liberties and violating our natural rights all to feed their insatiable appetite for power. We’re sick of it. We love people like Scaramucci that go into DC and tell us what’s actually going on, and actually fight against the people who don’t give two cares about the average American.

Fight on, Trump! Drain the Sewer!

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