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Hard Truths

August 2, 2017

Think about this for a moment: The worst enemy of the American people is the American government.

If you believe that, a whole lot of behavior of the government would make sense.

Second part: The government knows that they do not stand a chance if the people rose up to overthrow them.

Donald Trump is the vanguard in the Civil War that is unrolling in front of your eyes. Make no mistake: We are watching a new American government being reborn in front of our eyes. Donald Trump has proven himself absolutely loyal to the American people and willing to do whatever it takes to remove the anti-American elements of the government.

8 years will not be enough to complete the process peacefully. It might take 30 years, judging by American history, to fully see the political transition that is happening come to complete fruition.

To help you see this, let’s look back at some of the transitions from our early history:

  • British Government to the Confederation Congress.
  • Confederation Congress to the Federalists.
  • Federalists to the Jeffersonian Republicans / Whigs.
  • Whigs to the Democrats (Andrew Jackson.)
  • Democrats to the Republicans (Abraham Lincoln)

Most of these transitions were bloodless, but the Civil War was not. The only reason the South rose up to defend the status quo of slavery was because of the crash that had momentarily ruined the Northern economy. They though “King Cotton” could carry them through the 4 or so years it would take to secure their independence. They were wrong, and completely outnumbered, outgunned, and everything else.

If we were to have another Civil War, it would be more like the Revolutionary War than the Civil War. The government would be the enemy, and the American people would rise up together against them. There’s no way the government can possibly survive a war with its own people.