Hard Truths


Think about this for a moment: The worst enemy of the American people is the American government.

If you believe that, a whole lot of behavior of the government would make sense.

Second part: The government knows that they do not stand a chance if the people rose up to overthrow them.

Donald Trump is the vanguard in the Civil War that is unrolling in front of your eyes. Make no mistake: We are watching a new American government being reborn in front of our eyes. Donald Trump has proven himself absolutely loyal to the American people and willing to do whatever it takes to remove the anti-American elements of the government.

8 years will not be enough to complete the process peacefully. It might take 30 years, judging by American history, to fully see the political transition that is happening come to complete fruition.

To help you see this, let’s look back at some of the transitions from our early history:

  • British Government to the Confederation Congress.
  • Confederation Congress to the Federalists.
  • Federalists to the Jeffersonian Republicans / Whigs.
  • Whigs to the Democrats (Andrew Jackson.)
  • Democrats to the Republicans (Abraham Lincoln)

Most of these transitions were bloodless, but the Civil War was not. The only reason the South rose up to defend the status quo of slavery was because of the crash that had momentarily ruined the Northern economy. They though “King Cotton” could carry them through the 4 or so years it would take to secure their independence. They were wrong, and completely outnumbered, outgunned, and everything else.

If we were to have another Civil War, it would be more like the Revolutionary War than the Civil War. The government would be the enemy, and the American people would rise up together against them. There’s no way the government can possibly survive a war with its own people.


4 Responses to “Hard Truths”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    “Think about this for a moment: The worst enemy of the American people is the American government.” Untrue. The government is just a large organizational entity. It is inherently neither bad nor good.

    How would the government be the enemy? The government consists of the American people.

    One of the first things that occurred to me the first time I visited Mexico was this: Over the long term a virtuous people cannot have a corrupt government and a corrupt people cannot have a virtuous government. The government reflects the people.

    To use Rome as an example: The Rome of Gaius Mucius Scaevola was a Rome filled to the brim with masculine virtue, respect for traditional values and a high degree of homogenity and sky high social trust. That Rome produced men like Cincinnatus. The Rome of Caracalla was a different beast. The men had lost their many virtue and society was a hodgepodge of random conquered people. No common culture with a brutish and disconnected nobility. That produced men like, well, Caracalla.

    Which one is more like the USA today? The USA of the past?

    The goal for Americans should be to maintain the quality of the people. If we have an America consisting of awesome people of traditionally democratic stock then the government will work itself out through normal means.

    If we have an America controlled by foreigners from a certain middle eastern country and staffed by whatever dregs sneak in from Cameroon, El Salvador or some other hellhole, there is exactly a 0% chance of a good government.

    Why do you think the democrats want so badly for immigration reform (aka make america brown)? Why was Obama so keen to bring in as many refugees as he could?

    The answer is obvious. To destroy the people, make the alien from each other, to destroy the social fabric and ensure a corrupt future government. In other words, replace the Anglo / Nordic / German stock of traditional America with the much more pliable, less questioning and dumber random brown stock. This stock will be reliant on the government for survival as they have the intellect and habits of children.

    Remember, a multi-ethnic society is no society at all. If we don’t have a common religion, a common race, a common heritage and a common language then all we have in common is government and corporations.

    Our (corrupt) government will be our God. Our saints the corporations. Which is great if your are a Tim Cook or Barack Obama. Not as great for you and I.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      If the American people are their own enemy, then the government will be their enemy too. We have a disease I like to call oikaphobia — the fear of one’s own.

      As a society, we have been conditioned to not accept praise, to not strive for success, to not protect ourselves and to not vanquish our enemies. We have murdered our God, a God who only wanted us to be nice to each other, to build up wealth and prosperity, and to create the greatest society that has ever existed.

      You’re absolutely correct that societies naturally devolve into oligarchies. It’s not hard to spot the oligarchs in our system. It takes eternal vigilance to open up the blessings of self-rule for more than just a few.

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    You will be ruled by hard men. That is the law of history and nature. It is not debatable.

    The only question up for debate is whether you and your brethren will be the hard men who rule you or your adversaries will be those hard men.

    In the last hundred years we have gone from hard men of the early Roman type to men that believe that the pinnacle of manhood is wearing a dress and complaining about gluten sensitivity. This is not good. This is not sustainable.

    All the morals in the world coupled with max level virtue signalling doesn’t matter if the man behind it is not a hard man. Most people are subconsciously repulsed by a weak man. Doubly so if that weak man is virtue signalling. Something deep in our DNA recognizes how repulsive that is.

    As we watch, and encourage, our young men to become fair maidens we watch the death of our culture. Sad, but here we are.

    “We have murdered our God, a God who only wanted us to be nice to each other, to build up wealth and prosperity, and to create the greatest society that has ever existed.” — If God is weak, if God encourages chaos in society by encouraging childish naivete, if God encourages and rewards weakness then I’m glad God is dead. He has devolved from the God of righteous fury to just another fair maiden. He is worse than useless.

    What kind of God would encourage his children to become lambs, yearning for the slaughter?

    Anyone who claims that it is “Godly” to be weak, “Godly” to have no boundaries, “Godly” to be soft and effeminate is a false prophet. Either that, or God is no god at all.

    Personally, I think God is dead because God became effeminate and there is nothing more useless than an effeminate man.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      The idea between “Strong God” and “Weak God”: Interesting, very interesting.

      One thing I’ve noticed with my current calling, people really have a hard time understanding that God is the “Strong God”. If you do what he commands, you will be in control of your life and your destiny. If you feel like you aren’t in control, it’s because you’re not paying attention.

      The Weak God people invent, the God that wants you to cower in a corner and to bend the knee to everyone who asks it, that is not the God of the Bible. Yes, there are times when God tells you to bide your time, bite your lip, and take your stripes with a smile, but He has shown time and again that if you are faithful to his ideals, you will overcome. The people of Israel were freed, or rather, freed themselves, because of their reliance on such a Strong God. They didn’t just walk out of Egypt, they broke its back.

      It was the same Strong God who, through Jeremiah, prophesied that Babylon would tear up the Middle East. That same Strong God then gave power to King Cyrus who brought Persia into power almost overnight. That same Strong God stood behind Rome when the Jews tried to rebel.

      The Founding Fathers, by today’s standards, were harsh and cruel. They believed in the Strong God of Israel who told people to pick up arms and fight.

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