Can Censorship Work in the Internet Age?


As I watch Google and YouTube struggle to stem the tide of dank memes and pro-Trump messages, I wonder if they realize they can’t win this battle.

Recently, they de-monetized Diamond and Silk, popular supporters of Donald Trump. Of course, there is huge backlash building. Because Diamond and Silk are black women, they’re being compared to Rosa Parks.

But with so many alternatives to YouTube, and so many ways to reach their supporters, how does Google think such behavior will benefit them? It’s not like Diamond and Silk are silenced, after all.

Can censorship work in the Internet Age? The obvious answer is “No.” There’s simply too many ways to manipulate the internet to get to where you want to go, and too many alternatives to distributing information. It is a well-known fact that in North Korea, you can get access to South Korean dramas, even when people distribute pro-Christian and anti-North Korean propaganda with the shows. If even North Korea can’t block the free flow of information, what does Google think they can do?

One Response to “Can Censorship Work in the Internet Age?”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    If you want to know why see this twitter thread.

    The ideas of the Alt-Right are pretty much spot on. Science and logic are definitely on their side. If the war was over ideas it would already be over.

    Instead of rebuttal, the only answer is to shut it down. This worked in the past because “conservatives “(who have failed to conserve a single thing as a movement, losing every battle time and time again) just roll over and say “we’ll get them next time” or go off into the strange autistic world of “muh free market” libertarianism.

    In the mean time your people are being oppressed. You may not see it now but it is coming. Tearing down confederate statues is only the first step. How long before they tear down you?

    If you need any examples, talk to the 363,000 white South Africans that have been murdered since apartheid ended and this new era of “racial harmony” began. Ask the white Zimbabwean farmers who have been liquidated wholesale.

    The goal is to stop you from talking. After that, the goal is to destroy your history, your culture, your race and then you.

    Make no mistake the new breed of left is violent and wants you submitted or dead. They do not try to hide it either. They are more than happy to proudly state their goals at protests.

    If you wonder how serious it can get look at the old hammer and sickle seen at antifa protests. Take a gander and see how Marx is revered at the universities.

    Remember that Marx’s little ideas, under the hammer and sickle, killed 15 million kulaks (successful farmers). Then starved between 7-15 million Ukrainians. Murdered 70 odd million Chinese. Killed 60 million or so soviet citizens and put another 50 million or so in gulags.

    “Muh free market” arguments don’t really resonate with someone who hates you and wants you dead…

    I would suggest that you abandon the arguments of 25 years ago and see the world as it is now. You should focus your energy and abilities to fighting this oncoming wave.

    From the antifa website “Racism and whiteness are the same thing. To end racism, we must end whiteness.” They sound friendly. Maybe we should talk to them about the free market?

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