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Ensuring a Conservative Future

December 29, 2017

As we head into 2018, on the heels of one of the most spectacular victories for conservatism (actually, American Liberty-ism) in recorded history, we must consider what our next steps are.

Our next steps are definitely *not* ensuring a particular political party or group of people or individuals continues to dominate American politics. No, we want a country founded on ideals and laws. We cannot get those things through allegiance to individuals or groups of people. We can only get them by allegiance to the ideals and laws.

If we examine the war strategically, we have things we can use to help us secure our goals, and things that are lying in our way. Achieving our goals means winning the war by seeing our allies win and our enemies lose. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about ideas.

There are certain things that prevent American Liberty-ism, AKA conservatism, from dominating our thoughts. These include:

  • Ignorance
  • Slavery
  • Perversion

Ignorance is caused by people who simply don’t know. They don’t know what they don’t know, or worse, they think they know things that simply aren’t so. People get their information from the following sources:

  • Education (local public schools, colleges and universities, and academia.)
  • Entertainment (which includes Hollywood but also things like profession sports and YouTube.)
  • News (from newspapers, reporting, articles, blogs, etc…)

How do we combat our enemy ideas in these arenas? Quite simply, we must stop propagating lies, and we must identify the lies when they are spread. We must replace the lies with truth, the truth about human nature and the human condition. We must ensure that conservatism is fairly presented, along with the other ideas, and their natural consequences identified.

A good example of the type of battle we face here is how Nazism is presented. We all believe that Nazis were evil, but we can’t seem to identify why. Instead of being taught what Nazism was, what their core ideas are, all we see are SS agents goose-stepping across the street and beating up poor Jewish kids and gassing them in gas chambers. How can we get a fair representation of Nazism so people can figure out what those ideas were versus American conservatism? The phrase “Hitler wasn’t wrong” is a good start. While I know that Hitler absolutely was wrong, if we begin with the premise that maybe he was actually a good leader who simply lost an unwinnable war against international interests, then we force those who hate Hitler and Nazism to explain why he was wrong, and how, and thus, we move the discussion to American liberty and our ideals, and how Hitler compared to them, and why we claim the rights we claim.

With education, entertainment, and news, it’s important to realize that it’s all business. People don’t volunteer their time to produce these things. Everyone who produces significant quality content is making money by doing it. On that note, YouTube was turning dramatically conservative (the American sort) because that was the sort of content Americans were willing to watch and pay for with their time and views and clicks. The “Ad-pocalypse” perhaps was an effort by anti-conservatives to shut this natural progression down. It’s important that we campaign that they get their funding back, while other businesses that definitely do not promote American conservatism lose their funding by not getting our money or our attention. For instance, if we simply don’t talk about the new Star Wars movie, and we don’t watch it, then it ends up being a huge waste of money, and Disney will have destroyed yet another part of our American culture.

Slavery is a concept that we have grown accustomed to, so much so that simply labeling it for what it is seen as some sort of unspeakable evil, even though no one can possible defend against the charge. Slavery is simply an institution whereby some people live off of the labor of others, obtained through force rather than persuasion. There’s a huge difference between eating someone else’s food because you’ve traded for it, and eating it because you stole it. Whether or not you used government for to steal is irrelevant. If it is relevant, it makes it all the worse.

Slavery corrupts the benefactors. They become highly dependent on the slaves, until the point that to threaten freedom is to threaten their livelihood. The Democratic Party became the pro-Slavery party because of this and I can’t identify the moment when that ended. But let’s not ignore the Republican Party, who is just as guilty of modern slavery.

In modern slavery, we have people who work and produce to feed people who do not work or produce, and not because they are charitable but because if they don’t, they will go to jail or worse. In short, when we use taxes, specifically income taxes, a tax on labor, to fund the various welfare programs, we turn the laborers into slaves. Even taxing one cent and spending that on welfare would be slavery.

The tax code reforms of 2017 are a good start, but unless we also end the welfare state, we do not avoid this great moral peril.

In order to fight slavery, we must end it. No one should receive anything from any government unless they provided some good or service in exchange. Period. If they want to support the poor or the weak or the sick, it must come from private and voluntary donations. Government can endorse and encourage these donations, but they must be voluntary.

I believe this is a fight we can win. We must expose just how much money is being donated privately, and how this dwarfs all the government programs. We must expose the government programs as fraudulent and corrupting. We must show how that money would be better spent if it was not spent at all.

Keep in mind, education is a major government charity, and it too must be defunded by government sources. Let government allow people to freely donate their money to education programs, but when government spends money on education, it is slavery.

If people understand where money comes from, how wealth is created, and stop turning to government to save them from poverty and lack of resources, then we will have made a major turning point indeed. The amount of wealth that could be created is practically infinite. If we simply turn people’s attention to creating wealth with free trade rather than destroying it with slavery, we will have won a major victory.

But what kind of victory will be won if we don’t end perversion? I am including a very large class of things here under perversion, and labeling them so because they are a private mis-use of a private thing. It involves anything from lying and fraud to violating wedding vows. It could include drug mis-use or abuse, to suicide.

Ultimately, conservatism can’t work unless people choose to do good with their rights. For a comparison, why would the people of England respect the so-called right of the king or queen to rule over them, if the monarch abused their power? The answer is they wouldn’t. The same goes for our right to life and liberty. If we abuse these gifts from God, then God will take them from us.

The laws of the land can help point people in the right way, and indeed must punish those who violate other’s rights, but the laws of the land cannot replace religion and churches and sermons. Indeed, I can argue that without religion, and not just a passing interest in religion, but a full-blown pious devotion to it, we cannot have rights. The gist of the argument is that when it comes to fighting to secure your rights, a philosopher who has arrived at the same conclusion as a devout religious fanatic is not as good a warrior as the fanatic.

We must make sure our laws are fair and just, and enforced fairly and justly. We can no longer operate under the dual legal system where prominent politicians play by one set of rules and everyone else by another.

At the same time, we must push people to fill up the churches, and we must push the churches to preach the truth without apology.

We can look to President Trump to lead the charge in many of these areas, but we cannot expect him to do all the work for us. Our lives, the choices we make, are the factor that will make the difference. If you believe in the conservative ideals and want to see them sweep the land, then you must change, you must adopt them and live by them, and you must start a little revolution in your corner of the world. Whether that’s by going back to church, or making more money, or working to end welfare, or just not going to see the latest Disney movie, it’s all important and it all adds up.






Yes in My Backyard

December 12, 2017

When I was a kid, I vaguely recall reading an article about “NIMBY” which stands for “Not In My BackYard”. The idea is that people wanted things like manufactured goods but they didn’t want to have to hear the sounds of actually making them or smelling the smells. It’s like people who love beef but can’t stand the smell of manure.

Thankfully, it seems for at least the people living in the Tri-Cities area, they are willing to live next to the nuclear power plant that would give them cheap and plentiful energy, all with zero pollution.

As for me, I know nuclear power, I know how it works, and I know its risks. I would be perfectly fine raising my kids in the same water source shared by a nuclear power plant, downstream even. I know that there is absolutely no risk with modern nuclear techniques, and I know that there is zero contact between the outside water supply and the nuclear material. I also know that we all live in the middle of radioactivity, and as far as we can tell, low levels are completely harmless. Of course, living near a nuclear power plant would not have any effect on radiation levels at all, since it is completely isolated from the outside world.

I know the jokes on The Simpsons that make it seem like nuclear power creates mutant fish, or they have to dump buckets of glowing green liquid in the water in order to keep the plant running. If you can’t see that The Simpsons is fantasy, I can’t help you. But for the sake of those who can’t shake the feeling that nuclear power is somehow dangerous, let me assure you of some things.

  • The byproducts of nuclear power production are not liquids. They are rods or rather pellets.
  • The byproducts are stored in massive pools buried under thick layers of concrete. Divers regularly dive into these waters to make sure the water is circulating properly. The water is completely safe unless you are very near to the byproducts.
  • The byproducts would glow a deep blue, not green. This is due to the Cerenkov Radiation due to particles traveling faster than the speed of light in that material. It is an ethereal, dim light.
  • The amount of nuclear byproducts produced by a nuclear power plant are minuscule compared to the amount of power produced. We haven’t yet settled on where we want to store these products so each power plant simply stores it on location — behind thick concrete walls in deep pools. We have no concerns about running out of space any time soon. There is no ticking time bomb, there is no rush, and we’ll likely figure a way to use the radioactive byproducts to make more energy. (The inert byproducts are useless in terms of nuclear energy — and harmless aside from whatever chemical properties they naturally have.)

I can’t wait until the United States, and the rest of the world, embraces nuclear power en masse. Having such a limitless, abundant supply of electricity could potentially end our dependence on oil, especially if it is combined with some new technology like supercapacitors (as transporting power in smaller quantities is still not easy.) I don’t know how much total uranium the planet Earth has, but we have plenty of proven supplies today and it’s not very hard to find more. Honestly, leaving the uranium in our crust probably does far more harm to the environment than using it for power generation. (The same for crude oil. I’d much rather have CO2 in our atmosphere than crude oil in our soil.)


Insanity with Natural Gas

December 12, 2017


Apparently, people protest natural gas because it might explode.

How much more ridiculous can you get?

Natural gas explosions do occur, but mainly connected to the pipelines carrying the gas to your private home or business. That’s why we mix in chemicals so that you can smell the gas leaks. When explosions do occur, it’s rare that people and property are hurt, killed or destroyed.

In order for an explosion to occur, the gas must mix with air (specifically oxygen) in the right ratio. Then you must introduce an ignition source, a spark or a fire of some sort.

If you are worried about a gas explosion, then make sure you check your gas lines. If you smell any bad odor around your gas line, contact a qualified professional who can seal any leaks. If it’s a very bad odor, call the fire department as they know how to deal with bad gas leaks.

Protesting industrial natural gas supply by chaining yourself to heavy equipment puts your life, and the lives of your rescuers, at far greater risk than natural gas will. Doing so in an effort to protect life is the exact opposite of what you intend to do. If you really want to prevent gas explosions, then learn about them, learn how to prevent them, become a qualified gas line technician, or volunteer for the fire department.