Insanity with Natural Gas



Apparently, people protest natural gas because it might explode.

How much more ridiculous can you get?

Natural gas explosions do occur, but mainly connected to the pipelines carrying the gas to your private home or business. That’s why we mix in chemicals so that you can smell the gas leaks. When explosions do occur, it’s rare that people and property are hurt, killed or destroyed.

In order for an explosion to occur, the gas must mix with air (specifically oxygen) in the right ratio. Then you must introduce an ignition source, a spark or a fire of some sort.

If you are worried about a gas explosion, then make sure you check your gas lines. If you smell any bad odor around your gas line, contact a qualified professional who can seal any leaks. If it’s a very bad odor, call the fire department as they know how to deal with bad gas leaks.

Protesting industrial natural gas supply by chaining yourself to heavy equipment puts your life, and the lives of your rescuers, at far greater risk than natural gas will. Doing so in an effort to protect life is the exact opposite of what you intend to do. If you really want to prevent gas explosions, then learn about them, learn how to prevent them, become a qualified gas line technician, or volunteer for the fire department.

One Response to “Insanity with Natural Gas”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    The real debate here, especially visible with the so called Dakota Access Pipeline, is energy independence.

    The Eagle Ford and Bakken fields hold an ENORMOUS, F’ING GINORMOUS UNBELIEVABLE amount of gas and oil in pretty easily accessible (with recent technology) shale. How much? Well, you won’t have to worry about fossil fuels, and your great-great-great-great grand kids won’t either.

    The best part? All of it is located in the good ol’ USA. (Ok, some of the Bakken is in Canada.)

    So what does it take to access those fields? Well, first it takes directional drilling. We have that. Second, it takes takes some technology (sliders, etc) to tap horizontal formations. We have developed that in the last 15 years. Third, it takes fracking the shale. This is recent (<10 years) but mature and well understood.

    Finally, we need to get the oil and gas to where it can be refined…. Oops! We don't have that.

    Oil needs to come out of the ground, then get cheaply transported to where it can be refined into useful petroleum products. Most refineries are in Texas and the Gulf coast for obvious reasons. The Permian is one of the oldest and most productive fields and the Gulf has been producing for quite some time. Plus, Houston is on the water, which makes it easy to ship it around the world.

    Here is the problem. It is more expensive to get a barrel of Bakken oil to Houston to refine (called "getting it downstream" in the business) than it is to ship oil from Saudi to the port of Houston.

    So the net effect is Saudi oil is much cheaper than Bakken oil and Bakken oil is really only profitable when oil is above, say, $70 a barrel.

    How do we fix that? Well we develop a pipeline from where the oil is to where the refineries and shipping are located. Viola. We have the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Now, do you think for a moment the billions made off Saudi oil are going to sit around and accept defeat? Allow the US to not be dependent on foreign oil? Hell no. They're fighting back.

    How? By turning a pipeline into an environmental issue. If we build a pipeline connecting the Bakken to Houston all the unicorns will die and the spirits of native warriors will be awakened kind of crap. Neglecting the fact that we build pipelines all the time. You should look it up. For real. You'll be shocked at how many pipelines there are in the US.

    There is one that goes from South Texas to New York city direct. No kidding.

    Moral. Follow the money. There is massive money trying to prevent energy independence. They'll use every trick, exploit every low information voter and play every angle.

    Similarly, our friends Saudi and Israel are playing hard against US energy independence. Imagine if we didn't have an interest in the middle east…. Didn't give a crap if the Saudi royal family stayed in power or not. Didn't give two whits whether Israel existed or the middle east was stable.

    Heaven for US citizens. Hell for the political parasites mentioned above.

    So follow the money. Thisis a huge play going on right now that most people no nothing about.

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