Ensuring a Conservative Future


As we head into 2018, on the heels of one of the most spectacular victories for conservatism (actually, American Liberty-ism) in recorded history, we must consider what our next steps are.

Our next steps are definitely *not* ensuring a particular political party or group of people or individuals continues to dominate American politics. No, we want a country founded on ideals and laws. We cannot get those things through allegiance to individuals or groups of people. We can only get them by allegiance to the ideals and laws.

If we examine the war strategically, we have things we can use to help us secure our goals, and things that are lying in our way. Achieving our goals means winning the war by seeing our allies win and our enemies lose. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about ideas.

There are certain things that prevent American Liberty-ism, AKA conservatism, from dominating our thoughts. These include:

  • Ignorance
  • Slavery
  • Perversion

Ignorance is caused by people who simply don’t know. They don’t know what they don’t know, or worse, they think they know things that simply aren’t so. People get their information from the following sources:

  • Education (local public schools, colleges and universities, and academia.)
  • Entertainment (which includes Hollywood but also things like profession sports and YouTube.)
  • News (from newspapers, reporting, articles, blogs, etc…)

How do we combat our enemy ideas in these arenas? Quite simply, we must stop propagating lies, and we must identify the lies when they are spread. We must replace the lies with truth, the truth about human nature and the human condition. We must ensure that conservatism is fairly presented, along with the other ideas, and their natural consequences identified.

A good example of the type of battle we face here is how Nazism is presented. We all believe that Nazis were evil, but we can’t seem to identify why. Instead of being taught what Nazism was, what their core ideas are, all we see are SS agents goose-stepping across the street and beating up poor Jewish kids and gassing them in gas chambers. How can we get a fair representation of Nazism so people can figure out what those ideas were versus American conservatism? The phrase “Hitler wasn’t wrong” is a good start. While I know that Hitler absolutely was wrong, if we begin with the premise that maybe he was actually a good leader who simply lost an unwinnable war against international interests, then we force those who hate Hitler and Nazism to explain why he was wrong, and how, and thus, we move the discussion to American liberty and our ideals, and how Hitler compared to them, and why we claim the rights we claim.

With education, entertainment, and news, it’s important to realize that it’s all business. People don’t volunteer their time to produce these things. Everyone who produces significant quality content is making money by doing it. On that note, YouTube was turning dramatically conservative (the American sort) because that was the sort of content Americans were willing to watch and pay for with their time and views and clicks. The “Ad-pocalypse” perhaps was an effort by anti-conservatives to shut this natural progression down. It’s important that we campaign that they get their funding back, while other businesses that definitely do not promote American conservatism lose their funding by not getting our money or our attention. For instance, if we simply don’t talk about the new Star Wars movie, and we don’t watch it, then it ends up being a huge waste of money, and Disney will have destroyed yet another part of our American culture.

Slavery is a concept that we have grown accustomed to, so much so that simply labeling it for what it is seen as some sort of unspeakable evil, even though no one can possible defend against the charge. Slavery is simply an institution whereby some people live off of the labor of others, obtained through force rather than persuasion. There’s a huge difference between eating someone else’s food because you’ve traded for it, and eating it because you stole it. Whether or not you used government for to steal is irrelevant. If it is relevant, it makes it all the worse.

Slavery corrupts the benefactors. They become highly dependent on the slaves, until the point that to threaten freedom is to threaten their livelihood. The Democratic Party became the pro-Slavery party because of this and I can’t identify the moment when that ended. But let’s not ignore the Republican Party, who is just as guilty of modern slavery.

In modern slavery, we have people who work and produce to feed people who do not work or produce, and not because they are charitable but because if they don’t, they will go to jail or worse. In short, when we use taxes, specifically income taxes, a tax on labor, to fund the various welfare programs, we turn the laborers into slaves. Even taxing one cent and spending that on welfare would be slavery.

The tax code reforms of 2017 are a good start, but unless we also end the welfare state, we do not avoid this great moral peril.

In order to fight slavery, we must end it. No one should receive anything from any government unless they provided some good or service in exchange. Period. If they want to support the poor or the weak or the sick, it must come from private and voluntary donations. Government can endorse and encourage these donations, but they must be voluntary.

I believe this is a fight we can win. We must expose just how much money is being donated privately, and how this dwarfs all the government programs. We must expose the government programs as fraudulent and corrupting. We must show how that money would be better spent if it was not spent at all.

Keep in mind, education is a major government charity, and it too must be defunded by government sources. Let government allow people to freely donate their money to education programs, but when government spends money on education, it is slavery.

If people understand where money comes from, how wealth is created, and stop turning to government to save them from poverty and lack of resources, then we will have made a major turning point indeed. The amount of wealth that could be created is practically infinite. If we simply turn people’s attention to creating wealth with free trade rather than destroying it with slavery, we will have won a major victory.

But what kind of victory will be won if we don’t end perversion? I am including a very large class of things here under perversion, and labeling them so because they are a private mis-use of a private thing. It involves anything from lying and fraud to violating wedding vows. It could include drug mis-use or abuse, to suicide.

Ultimately, conservatism can’t work unless people choose to do good with their rights. For a comparison, why would the people of England respect the so-called right of the king or queen to rule over them, if the monarch abused their power? The answer is they wouldn’t. The same goes for our right to life and liberty. If we abuse these gifts from God, then God will take them from us.

The laws of the land can help point people in the right way, and indeed must punish those who violate other’s rights, but the laws of the land cannot replace religion and churches and sermons. Indeed, I can argue that without religion, and not just a passing interest in religion, but a full-blown pious devotion to it, we cannot have rights. The gist of the argument is that when it comes to fighting to secure your rights, a philosopher who has arrived at the same conclusion as a devout religious fanatic is not as good a warrior as the fanatic.

We must make sure our laws are fair and just, and enforced fairly and justly. We can no longer operate under the dual legal system where prominent politicians play by one set of rules and everyone else by another.

At the same time, we must push people to fill up the churches, and we must push the churches to preach the truth without apology.

We can look to President Trump to lead the charge in many of these areas, but we cannot expect him to do all the work for us. Our lives, the choices we make, are the factor that will make the difference. If you believe in the conservative ideals and want to see them sweep the land, then you must change, you must adopt them and live by them, and you must start a little revolution in your corner of the world. Whether that’s by going back to church, or making more money, or working to end welfare, or just not going to see the latest Disney movie, it’s all important and it all adds up.






20 Responses to “Ensuring a Conservative Future”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    The only way to a conservative future is to ensure a white future. Have more white babies and the future will surely be conservative. This is a fact born out by study after study of voting patterns.


    Short summary, if you feel you are an American then you voted Trump. If you are a whatever-American (Asian-American, Hispanic-American, etc) you didn’t.

    Other minorities, ethnicities and races are not, and cannot, be conservative in the western sense.


    The fallacy many conservatives fall for is the idea that conservatism is for anyone and everyone.

    I’ll give you an example: We are in a 16 year war in Afghanistan working furiously and furtively, spending untold treasure, life and limb, in the inane belief that we can make the Afghanis behave like they aren’t Afghans.

    “If we just build more roads, if we just bomb a few more bad guys, if we just have a few more night raids, or just a few more years of training the police with a few billion more in aid we can lick them. They’ll be acting just like the Germans did after WW2! Why as soon as they see our Levis, taste a McDonalds Big Mac and understand the wonders of the free market we will win them over for sure!”

    This line of thinking has cost us 1 trillion dollars and about 4000 of our fellow American’s lives. We are not one step closer to winning over, or civilizing, the Afghans. It turns out Afghans are Afghans.

    Learn this lesson well or your people have no future.

    BTW, you are getting dangerously close to the truth. “The “Ad-pocalypse” perhaps was an effort by anti-conservatives to shut this natural progression down.”

    The CEO of YouTube is Susan Wojcicki, the founders of Google are well known. They both consult the ADL to figure out who is bad and good. I wonder why? Who are these anti-conservatives that push degeneracy, want people alienated from each other and wish that whites were minorities in their homelands…. Humm. The Dutch? I know, the Icelanders again. Gotta be the Finns then, no?



    Above is a real life example, using Japanese instead of Europeans. Who is this Noah Smith guy, why would he push for Japan to not be Japanese? Who owns Bloomberg?

    Hummm…. Lets look at one of his Tweets to see.

    “My Jewish ancestors were forced into a cultural box in old Europe. Christians weren’t allowed to appropriate their culture, and vice versa.”

    Huh, weird.

  2. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    True conservatives would want limited government.

  3. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Jonathan Gardner, what are your thoughts about the matter of marriage? Should government be involved or leave the matter alone?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Marriage is a government institution, not a private one. It is a contract with the state where a man and a woman promise to protect the rights of their future children, and the parents become agents of the government. Anything less requires we treat the children as chattel or we invent a new government institution to protect children.

  4. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Jonathan Gardner, I know that marriage is a government recognized institution. Do you think it should be or do you think that the government should stay out of it, period?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Yes, it is an arm of the government, with the duty to protect the rights of the children. Without marriage, we would need some way to assign each child a protector and hold them accountable. As the natural parents of a child are the most natural protectors, marriage recognizes and reinforces this concept.

  5. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Since marriage ceremonies usually occur in Churches, Churches should be able to decide whose wedding ceremonies they will preside over. Why do you need government’s stamp of approval to validate any personal relationships?

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      What happens to kids?

      When a baby is born, who is to feed, clothe, shelter, and educate the baby?

      The end of this logical examination is that marriage is a partnership between government and two individuals. The fact that churches also have a vested interest in it, as well as God and society at large, indeed, even families, doesn’t change the fact that government has a vested interest in it.

      Marriage is, in short, the “glue” that binds individuals into families, families into society, churches, and indeed, nations. You cannot have a nation without marriage.

      • Jeffrey Liakos Says:

        Jonathan Gardner, what if you have a couple that is sterile and cannot have children? What if some people are married and decide that they don’t want to have children, at least not immediately?

      • Jonathan Gardner Says:

        What if someone stubs their toe?

        * I have heard of sterile couples having children. It is not unprecedented.
        * If you don’t want to start a family, don’t bother getting married. If you’re going to have sexual relations, then there is always a chance you might have a kid, so if you want sexual relations, then you’d better be prepared for kids. So don’t have sexual relations outside of marriage.

        But regardless, if a couple marries and has no kids, it’s not a big concern to the government. The government was preparing for a very probable event.

  6. Jason Gardner Says:

    While you are arguing the basics of marriage, the Boy Scouts is no longer the Boy Scouts… It’s now called Scouts BSA. Girls are allowed now.

    Another loss to the right. (For fun, research the leader of the scouts that did this. See what tribe Michael B. Surbaugh belongs to.)

    Sooner or later you will have to realize that your culture is for you and your people. It isn’t for everyone. Your Gods, your customs and your ways are for you and your people, not for every damn Obingio, Jose and Abdul on the planet.

    The town whore is for every man, therefore she belongs to no man. She is disposable and replaceable, with only the greatest of fools emotionally investing in her. Your culture is the same. If your culture is for everyone, then it is for no one. It is the proverbial town whore. Love and respected by no one. Your country, your homeland and your birthright will just be a place to plunder for the third world. (Hint: it is!)

    The right simply cannot grasp this concept, and is therefore becoming extinct at a rate that would make a 5th century Roman blush.

    Most of the former institutions of your culture are gone. The supreme court, set up by your people, of your culture and tradition is now controlled by six Catholics and three Jews. The signers of the Constitution were all white protestants. Do the math….

    This is why they don’t vote like you think they should. They are not like you. They are not of your culture. How hard is this to understand? Honestly, why can’t conservatives see what is plainly in front of them?

    (I mean, are conservatives seriously dumb enough to think that Nigerians or Afghans would judge cases identically to them???)

    For another example, read National Geographic. When it was run by Evil White Males the covers of the magazine actually talked about geography. Now, (((Susan Goldberg))) runs the show and what do the covers look like?


    And they actually now celebrate the genocide of your people. They flaunt your norms and customs. They openly mock your culture and talk about how your people will, in short time, not exist anymore.



    They are rubbing it in your face. They are mocking you. Insulting you in public for all to see. They want you to know that your people will soon not exist on the face of the earth. And yet conservatives take it like a well trained toy poodle. Worse, they embrace and argue for their own genocide. WTF? Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

    Maybe conservatives don’t have a real will to live any more? Maybe they just don’t care? Brainwashing? Stockholm syndrome?

    Honestly, please explain. I just don’t get it.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      National Geographic is nowhere to be found in my home. I have no cable subscription. We barely consume any media at all, except the sorts of thing we support. Movies that support the gay agenda, that teach children to be sexually promiscuous are not found in my home.

      The Supreme Court is mocked in my home, just as much as they mock me and my values and traditions, which I teach my children without any compromise or uncertainty. Words like “traitors to the constitution” are quoted, along with passages of the Dred Scott decision.

      There is a culture war, a war “we” have been losing. Or so we are told. Isn’t that propaganda of the enemy? “Give up — you’ve lost!”

      I look around, in my tight-knit mormon community, which has survived for nearly 200 years now, intact, more or less. We’ve spread from a small town in upstate New York to dominating politics in three different states, and then settling not just Utah but the West — Canada and Mexico included. Our temples dot the globe. Our churches are being erected as fast as humanly possible and it’s still not enough to house our people. In 2018, we are redoubling our efforts, taking it very seriously that so many of our children don’t see the problem which is same-sex “marriage”, but more especially, that so many children are being raised as “cultural” mormons who haven’t been converted to becoming true disciples of Christ.

      We send out missionaries, not to convert ourselves to the cultures of the world, but to convert the cultures of the world to our culture. We go as messengers, not as students. We teach converts to abandon the false culture, but keep the good culture. Good culture agrees with our culture; false culture does not.

      We tell our converts, “Stay there! Don’t come to America. America is not your home. You cannot do very much good here. Stay in your country, with your people. Convert them. Build up the kingdom there as well!” And they do.

      I can complain about how bad the world is, and trust me, the rot extends much deeper than any of us can imagine. Or I can do something about it.

      There is a group of conservatives in America, living in archipelagoes in a sea of liberalism and cultural decay. They wonder whether it’s worth it to get married, stay married, have kids. They wonder what to teach their kids and how to teach them. They wonder what they should do to spare the culture. I will tell them. I will tell them they are not alone. I will tell them not to fear. I will tell them to keep moving forward — hold the line, take some more territory. Don’t surrender. Don’t give up.

      Except when I look at a map of political affiliation and voter patterns, it is a sea of conservatism and an archipelago of liberal rot and decay. We are powerful. We are united. They are not. They are just loud and obnoxious. They survive by pushing too hard and too fast, by overextending their lines, by cutting off their own supply lines. They fight for death, we fight for life.

      We could draw up the battle lines according to ethnicity, but that is not what the war is really about. The war is a culture war, and there are members of our ethnicity who are our enemies, and occasionally those who are not of our ethnicity who are our allies.

      Give me a good devout orthodox Jew (not the Jew-in-heritage-only), give me a sincere protestant or a catholic. Let’s form alliances. Let’s fight the culture war together, unified, rather than divided. Anyone willing to fight on our side, who identifies our enemy as their enemy, let us join together, arm in arm. They will fight for their tribe. We will fight for ours. But we will fight together.

  7. Jason Gardner Says:


    The problem you don’t see is that you can’t just ignore your decaying culture and wish it away. All of those people in the blog above have the same votes as you. You children will have the same votes as them in the future.

    If there are enough of them they will set the destiny of the country. You cannot ignore the facts.

    “Give me a good devout orthodox Jew (not the Jew-in-heritage-only), give me a sincere protestant or a catholic. Let’s form alliances. Let’s fight the culture war together, unified, rather than divided. Anyone willing to fight on our side, who identifies our enemy as their enemy, let us join together, arm in arm. They will fight for their tribe. We will fight for ours. But we will fight together.”


    “Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

    Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.”

    What, pray tell, do you have in common with someone (a leader of an entire sect of Judaism, no less) who thinks that you were born to serve his people?

    Please explain. Is this one of your things where you see the highest form of existence as being ruled by another people?


    “Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God…”

    What in common do you exactly have with someone who wants to destroy your cultural homeland? To turn Europe Islamic?

    Again, please explain.

    You seem to project your feelings on to other groups. You may like them but that does not mean that they like you. Not in the least.


    Maybe we could start with Jews not spitting on Christians? Maybe you guys could walk arm and arm when they stop publicly spitting on you… Just sayin’. Might be a good first step…

    http://imemc.org/article/75889/ Or, if the spitting thing is too hard maybe they can start by not burning down Christian sites. Seems like an easy compromise.

  8. Jeffrey Liakos Says:

    Jonathan Gardner, if you don’t want to marry a person of the same sex, then don’t do it. Just don’t take your moralistic mentality and make it law at the ballot box.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      You simply don’t understand do you: Marriage isn’t about what I want. It’s not about what you want. Marriage is a huge deal, something that glues society together. I am absolutely going to use my morals to determine what laws we should have. For instance, I believe murder is wrong, so I want laws on the books so that we can punish murderers.

      And you should stop trying to force YOUR morals on me, or rather, your lack of morals.

    • Jason Gardner Says:

      Jeffrey. If you want to have whatever “rights” with your partner, get a power of attorney signed. Viola. Problem solved.

      However, don’t take your anal sex mentality and make it law at the ballot box. Take your GHB or your X, run down to the club and do whatever your want. But keep your deviance away from the ballot box. Keep your deviance away from normal people. Have some shame.

      All the words in the world cannot make reproductive sex between two heterosexuals equal to anal sex between two homosexuals. That is just the way it is. All the crying and moaning in the world won’t change the facts. Might as well bitch about gravity being unfair.

      Fly as many rainbow flags as you want, march as much as you want, fight like hell to deny reality as much as you want… But it just aint so.

      But it isn’t about marriage. It’s about respect. Homosexuals want respect, which I understand. They want the name “marriage” because they know there is weight in that name. There is dignity in the institution. Dignity homosexuals desperately want. Dignity they will never have.

      And of course, if they can’t have a marriage, they want to destroy marriage. Destroy that which makes them aware of their own shortcomings. That’s the goal. Right Jeffery?

      • Jeffrey Liakos Says:

        Jason Gardner, I do not have an “anal sex mentality,” as you call it. I just want everyone to be free to live their lives as long as they do no harm to other people.

  9. Jason Gardner Says:

    Here is the thing I’ve been kicking around.

    Lets talk about three Christian concepts: Honestly, Humility and Faith.

    Honestly is by far the hardest. I don’t mean telling Mrs. Peterson that you ate her pie kind of honestly; I mean being honest with your self. Wanting something or wanting to be someone and not acknowledging that fact is absolutely dishonest. (Think about the Aesop fable of the sour grapes or the Nietzschean concept of the weak man.)

    A mark of a high status man, an alpha if you will, is rigorous honesty in actions. Especially his interactions with himself. A mark of a low status man is lying, particularly to one’s self. Lying that he is happy with the life he has created or lying that he is cool with having no romantic options.

    Once you stop lying to yourself, the next step is humility. Attack the problem, but attack it in a humble way. To achieve improvement you have to lower you self to the bottom. You must allow someone to be your teacher / mentor. You have to admit (not lie) that you need help.

    Once the problem is identified (not lying) and a path identified (being humble) the next step is to execute. That is faith. You have to believe that if you are honest and do the work, you will see improvement. This is the easiest step as you will usually very quickly see improvement.

    This improvement loop, personal honesty, humility and faith, must be exercised constantly for it to stay in top form. It also must be taught.

    I encourage you to put your Christian beliefs to work. Identify something that bothers you, become humble and seek a solution then have the faith to execute on that solution.

    People who you see who seem to be naturals, or that everything comes easy to are often very good at using this loop. For some, they’ve been doing it long enough where it is just second nature. It is very powerful, but not taught. At least properly.

    A word about honesty. Honesty with yourself is sometimes referred to as character. The only way to get that honesty is through self reflection.

    Honesty with others is more difficult because it often requires physical courage. It takes courage to speak truth. Especially if there is public shaming or a possible punch in the face that might result.

    A high status man confronts when appropriate. A low status has no choice but to appease and supplicate. Don’t be a low status man.

    In short, physical courage and an ordering of one’s self is often required to speak truth. All men must posses physical courage and it can only be acquired “on the grinder” as they say in the military. Only through sweat and bruises can a man be physically courageous. It is far easier to speak truth in uncomfortable situations if you know you can handle 95% of the people out there due to being strong and/or knowing how to box/wrestle/judo it up, etc.

    That is why I suggest you take boxing lessons. Find a guy who will give you an hour less on 2-3 times a week. You kill several birds with one stone: You’ll get fit, lose weight, you’ll get stronger, you can practice your humility and faith muscles and you will gain physical courage as, in short order, you will learn how to throw a punch.

    Seriously, check it out. It’ll be good for you. If not you, drop off your sons so that they can learn honesty, humility, faith and physical courage. Jujitsu also works.

  10. Jason Gardner Says:

    To beat the point into the ground…

    Honesty is one of the greatest social aids there is. I mean real honesty. Speaking truth. People intuitively love honest people and are annoyed by the dishonest.

    Men especially. A man who lies to himself and others simply cannot be trusted and will be shunned by his fellows. That is a brutal way to go through life.

    Let me give you a scenario.

    You made a call at work and were flat wrong. The right answer (high status man answer) is to say flat out “I was wrong. Let me fix that.” The wrong answer is “You guys are wrong.” “You’re just picking on me.” Who asked you anyways?” Etc…

    Another form of honesty is to speak truth with no hopes for reciprocity. I once went to a Coffee shop very early (6 a.m. on a Saturday, I was tired). I reached down for my wallet to order and as I looked up I noticed that the young woman behind the counter was unusually beautiful. Reflexively, I said “Wow. You are very beautiful.” But I said it in a way that was matter of fact, with no emotion and, most importantly, I expected to hear nothing in return. I said truth, then let it land with no expectation. It was almost as if I was passing judgement.

    Immediately after the statement I ordered my coffee and moved on with my morning.

    Of course, she noticed and was completely flattered, as would be expected, but I didn’t try to hit on her or expect her to tell me how handsome I was.

    In fact, I expected nothing. I spoke truth and moved on.

    (Hint: Women love men who have the courage to speak truth. I heard a woman once say “If you can’t stand up to me you cannot stand up for me.”)

    Other forms of lying are saying you know more than you do, claiming dubious achievements, etc. All very annoying.

    Now, it is incredibly hard to speak truth. I would guess that 90% of people cannot do it. They give compliments with hopes of getting one back, or they say things that others want to hear. They lie to themselves about how their life is going, etc.

    All of this is considered low status and will result in social shunning.

    Try it as an exercise, starting with yourself. Speak truth to yourself then work on speaking truth to others. Be aware if you don’t know what truth is. Fill in the gaps.

    Trust me, it will work wonders in your life. Jesus wasn’t lying.

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