On Immigration (yet again)


As I watch the conversation on immigration (if you can call it that) unfold, I am struck be a few ideas I hadn’t considered before.

Question: Are we obligated to allow people to immigrate to our country? The answer is, of course, absolutely no. We owe no other country anything. We don’t have to take any refugees in, nor do we have to naturalize anyone. If today we decided to end all immigration to the United States, that would be morally sound.

Question: What conditions disqualify people from coming to our country, absolutely? There is only one condition which universally disqualifies someone from immigration, and that is if they come here to do us harm. Anyone who intends harm, and by that I mean injuring our physical bodies, our wealth, even our political system, should be absolutely and categorically disqualified from coming to our country. Those immigrants who mean us harm should be punished and kicked out. Even citizens who mean us harm should be punished.

Question: What people should we desire to immigrate to our country? The answer to this is rather simple: Those who already share our values and will be a net benefit. Only people that will make us stronger should even be considered, and it must be such a degree that it overcomes the risk of admitting foreign people into our country.

Question: Can we allow free immigration across our borders, provided that people mean us no harm? The answer to this is “No”. I used to believe it was “Why not?” but now I realize the silliness of that idea. The problem isn’t that free movement of people across the border is bad, but that it is very difficult to vet and to find people in our country who mean us harm. The cost outweighs the benefit. While I’d like to see the world work in our borders, paying us taxes, I don’t want our society to turn into China or India. We must maintain a certain degree of separation to maintain our unique identity. Anything less, and we will lose our identity and the entire notion of the nation will disappear.

Question: What does skin color, race or heritage have to do with it? The answer is only inasmuch as there is a statistical connection. In reality, we must consider the environment the person comes from as part of the baggage they are bringing with them. People who haven’t been raised in societies similar to ours should find it extraordinarily difficult to prove they mean us no harm and are a net benefit. The fact that there is a correlation between these types of societies and the color of their skin, their race, or their heritage is a statistical fact. I cannot deny that one’s heritage is a huge part of their personality and identity.

Question: What about refugees? Refugees can be considered that large class of (potential) immigrants that have no net benefit, but who we take compassion on and decide to open our borders to. Refugees who are fleeing a bad state and who can be helpful in making the situation better should never be admitted. They show a distinct lack of compassion for their fellowman, and admitting them only hurts their country. Others should be considered for exceptional circumstances, IE, we admit Christians being slaughtered because we want to spread the gospel, or we let a fleeing prince in with the idea that perhaps he can take power again and will be benevolent towards our nation.

As it stands, our immigration law is a disaster. I propose we simply stop admitting any immigrants, for any reason. Yes, this will disrupt business, but we need a sane immigration policy, and we need it now. We also need to remove the bad actors from our society. Right now, we are experiencing societal upheaval and having the added burden of refugees or immigrants will not make things easier.

At some point in the future, when our society has stabilized and our politics no longer so combative, perhaps we can consider admitting immigrants that the vast majority agree are beneficial to everyone. Until that time, I see no problem with sealing up our borders to all immigrants.

3 Responses to “On Immigration (yet again)”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Good post.

    I think we are both growing intellectually with these exchanges.

    I appreciate you thoughts.

  2. Jason Gardner Says:


    This is the end goal of “liberals” as you call them. They want you and your culture replaced. Gone. They want your people to not exist.

    Never forget that.

    This is happening to London and will happen here unless we take a much, much harder stance on foreigners.

    No borders = no country. Democracy cannot survive in a polyglot of random third world weirdos. Democracies are nations of brothers and cannot survive “diversity.”

    Homogeneous nations have true elections. Heterogeneous nations simply take a census, voting for whoever is of their kind.

    See Iraq. Iraq is no nation, but a collection of three people. Kurds, Sunnis and Shias. The iron fist of Saddam and the Bath party kept the nation in tact.

    Once he was removed and democracy restored what happened?.

    People voted for their kind. The Shias had a majority in population so they won the government. Once in power they ruthless extracted revenge on the hated Sunnis. The Kurds simply left the country and formed their own defacto state of Kurdistan.

    The Kurds could manage this because they are ruthless fighters with little left to lose. (Hell, even their women are savage fighters.) They were gassed by Saddam and learned the universal lesson well: Fight for your people or die.

    The now persecuted minority of Sunnis reacted and formed ISIS. (They needed to so something, they were being exterminated.)

    This is what people do, this is the real world. The world that isn’t made up of fluffy bunnies and magical faeries.

    This will happen here as well if we don’t play our cards right.

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