Immigration Trends Conservative


A recent article at fivethirtyeight exposes how the country is shifting conservative in the immigration debate. Unfortunately, hardly any specifics were giving, least of all, what they meant by “conservative”.

I think what has happened is people have been exposed to what our immigration policy actually looks like. Sure, some have already seen the evils of it by first or second hand experience, but the vast majority of Americans never interact with it.

As people’s ignorance on this topic disappears, they gradually begin to adopt the conservative line on immigration.

Let me spell out what I see as the conservative line on immigration, and compare it with a few other ideas. But first, let’s look at the leftist line.

Leftists want:

  • To destroy America’s values and society
  • By bringing in as many illegal immigrants as possible and then granting them amnesty
  • By bringing in as many refugees as possible
  • By bringing people in randomly, especially from countries very different than our own
  • By giving them all the right to vote
  • By not securing our borders
  • By not punishing criminal immigrants with deportation

A good example of a leftist immigration program is Sweden, which, as we all know by now, is a complete disaster. In the latest news, I heard Sweden is going to activate their military to seize control of the no-go zones. France has also been following a similar policy and now political tides have shifted there, with people actually recommending immigrants all be forcibly expelled.

By comparison, conservatives generally want:

  • To preserve America’s values and society
  • By ending illegal immigration
  • By bringing in as few refugees as possible (maybe none)
  • By bringing in people only on an as-needed or merit basis
  • By strictly enforcing the naturalization code, punishing those who abuse the system
  • By securing our borders
  • By punishing criminal immigrants with deportation, after they have paid the price of their crimes.

This seems much more reasonable, no?

In case you are wondering, our current immigration policy is the leftist one, even though President Trump has used the power of his pen to make it look more like the conservative one.

Here are some alternative immigration policies that are being discussed and have some favor:

The Alt-Right generally wants:

  • To preserve America’s values and society
  • By limiting immigration only to people like us, as necessary
  • By expelling people (citizens or not) who are not compatible with our culture and race
  • By strictly enforcing our naturalization code, and increasing its requirements
  • By securing our borders

In general, the Alt-Right agrees on many of the physical aspects of the conservative policy, except they want to be even more limiting and removing those who are not like us. Keep in mind that while they talk about skin color, they are also concerned about culture and heritage too. IE, they’d rather have the English or Germans than the Russians, but they absolutely don’t want people from cultures nothing like ours, such as Africa, the Middle East, or Asia. And by English, they mean the English who have lived in England for over a hundred years, not the muslim immigrants who are invading that country now.

In addition to the Alt-Right, there is a sort of neo-conservative, free market, Libertarian immigration policy floating around, but it doesn’t seem to be very popular. It would look like this:

  • Maximize America’s economy
  • By opening our borders to anyone who wants to come here to live and work peacefully
  • By securing our borders against those who would do us harm.

The issue with this stance is it doesn’t care about what makes America America, and is focused instead only on maximizing freedom and wealth. While freedom and wealth are important, movements like the Alt-Right have shown that there are more important things, such as values and culture, and I think America is beginning to realize that. In other words, we’re waking up to the fact that money isn’t everything.

Where will immigration policy end up? I think the leftists are done for. I can’t see how they can maintain their current immigration policy short of deceiving the American people. I fully suspect that President Trump will get his way on this. Either we’ll shut down the borders or we’re going to be much more selective on who is allowed to come here and who is allowed to stay.

3 Responses to “Immigration Trends Conservative”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Damn. Nice analysis.

    In case you are wondering who the liberals are….

    But what is most interesting is that the same people advocating unlimited immigration to the US have a very hard stance with their immigrants in their country.

    In fact, if you want to make a little cash… You can deport immigrants yourself from Israel!

    Not bad, $9000 per asylum seeker.

    Why would Israel want to miss the benefits of a multicultural society and the massive positives that diversity brings to a country? Seems strange to me…

    Why would they want to keep Israel Jewish?

    It’s almost as if they want to be with their own people, following their own customs and worshiping their own God as they see fit. What a weird group!

    But not for you, and your people, of course. You need to accept millions of immigrants till your country doesn’t have any character. You have no right to exist. No right to be among your own people. Your God is a joke and your customs need to go away.

    Don’t get me started on how evil it is to love yourself, your family and your people. Yikes!

    Just ask leading academics such as Barbara Spectre! She knows what is best for you.

    “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    She’s not some random person, shes an American Jew that moved to Israel then Sweden and now has an institute (funded by Swedish taxpayers!) that tell Swedes they have no right to exist.

    Brilliant! Thanks Barbara! Glad to know that we can survive without flooding ourselves with Africans and Afghanis. I mean we put a man on the moon but that pales in comparison to what we could do if we were flooded with millions of Africans who hadn’t invented the wheel, writing, agriculture, mmm… basically anything.

    In fact, if you ask Barbara’s fellow tribeswoman, and historian for the Swedish Ministry of Culture, there is no indigenous Swedish culture! So what are we losing anyways! Your history didn’t exist Sweden. You don’t exist Swede-man.

    Wow. Good to know!

    It’s almost like a certain group wants you to just go away and die… Weird.

    “Make no mistake, this shutdown boils down to one thing: RACISM. GOP frightened to death of the browning of America. They will lose this last big battle of the Civil War. Diversity is our strength.” — Tribesman Rob Reiner.

    He’s right. This is the last battle of the civil war…. Of course, RACISM to Rob is the natural human inclination, that all humans would recognize throughout history, of wanting to be with your own people, honoring your shared history, living according to your own customs while worshiping your own God as you see fit.

    How horrible!

  2. Jason Gardner Says:

    “We use data on the frequency of particular genes associated with collectivist cultures, as well as a measure of distance in terms of frequencies of blood types, and historic prevalence of pathogens to instrument individualism scores. ”

    MIT paper on collectivist vs. individualist cultures. There could be a genetic basis for how people run their societies.

    If that is true, we are throwing away our individualist rights based culture by bringing in collectivist people. Crazy. Pure crazy.

    Why take the chance of ending up in a collectivist hell hole?

  3. Jason Gardner Says:

    Real life disintegration of society.

    Definition of Nation: (google it!)
    na·tion: noun
    “a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, and language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.”

    Take away the common blood, history, culture and language you don’t have a nation. You have a group of random people living in the same area.

    This, obviously, will not end well for the UK. They will either expel the invaders (Hungary, Russia, China, Korea, etc) submit to the invaders (South African Boers, American Indians) or melt with the invaders (Saxons + Vikings = Englishmen), becoming a new people. Will the new people be better? Worse?

    Hard to tell from here…. Probably would have been better to just stay English though…

    I’ve always wondered if the reason Christians are into multiculturalism is because they are naive. Maybe they don’t understand how cruel other people can be. They always talk about Jesus being nice but close there ears when talk of the Tutsi population of Uganda getting clubbed and macheted to death by their multicultural neighbors, the Hutus.

    Fun times!

    Over a million people butchered by blunt instruments, up close and personal, in three months. I don’t think most regular Christians know that this stuff happens all the time, all around the world and throughout history.

    In fact, this behavior is the default setting of most people that have ever lived.

    Maybe Christians spend too much time baking cookies and talking about how nice everyone is instead of how, outside of a small slice of humanity, there is absolute barbarity.

    Net result of that total lack of worldly knowledge is this stuff:

    Foreigners participating in rape gangs, raping native English girls. That’s so crazy to me. How naive can you be?

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