True Strength?


What does it mean to be strong?

Physically strong people can lift a lot of weight. They got that way by lifting a lot of weight, over long periods of time, carefully.

What about emotionally strong people? They can bear a lot of emotional burden, and they have built up their strength by the same way. They are well-connected, with deep friends who they deeply care about. They bear the emotional burden of life, and not just their own, but their spouse, their children, and their friends and even strangers from time to time. They don’t crack under the pressure. They face life’s challenges with compassion and understanding, not indifference.

Mentally strong people are monsters on the chessboard or in logical debates. They know a lot of useful things, and they know how to use it. They think strategically. They make careful decisions, in a timely way. They got this way by practice and study. They spend a lot of time reading books and putting the principles they learn into practice.

Spiritually strong people are connected with God. They understand that relationship and draw seemingly infinite strength from it. They are not confused by evil and they know how to defend the truth and spread it far and wide. They are a beacon of light. They got that way by devotion to prayer, fasting, and reading scriptures. That, plus years of practice trying to live right.

Let us not neglect any areas of strength. A true man will be strong in all the above areas, impossible to beat physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. They are true superheroes.

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