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How to Neuter Marxism

March 26, 2018

Roughly defined, for purposes here, Marxism is the idea that you can separate people into groups, the oppressor and the oppressed, and that you can empower the oppressed to overthrow the oppressor and thus usher in peace and prosperity or whatever utopian desire you have. It sounds silly when you condense it down to its essence, but that’s what it is.

The way Marxism works is that it attacks structures of power. These structures of power are built by powerful people, and represent the “oppressors.” Meaning, the reason why the poor are poor is not because they choose to be poor, but because rich people force them to be poor. If this isn’t a defeatist mentality, I don’t know what is. Until you’re ready to take responsibility for your actions, and the outcomes of those actions (good or bad), you’re never going to escape your self-inflicted prison. In short, you’re giving the keys to your cell to people who don’t even know you exist, and then demanding they free you.

Marxism intends to have the oppressed rise up and use violence to throw down the oppressors.  But think of this: If you gave a bunch of guns to a bunch of weakling cowards who can’t succeed in life, what sort of revolution would you end up with? When Marxism was first implemented in Europe, it ended exactly the way it sounds like it would end: With a bunch of desperate failures bleeding out in the streets, uniformed soldiers marching over their corpses trying to keep their dirty blood off of their boots. This was the end of the first few Marxist revolutions. The headlines in the paper would read, “A bunch of criminals tried to break the law and got killed.”

So Marxism cannot succeed by causing the “oppressed” to rise up. It also requires the “oppressors” to weaken themselves. If you are someone who is successful, and by “successful” I mean able to put food in your mouth that you earned with your own labor, then you’ll understand how it works. See, if you had absolute confidence that you deserved your food, your clothing, your shelter, that God gave it to you because of your willingness to work and subject yourself to his commandments, commandments given to a free people so that they can govern themselves successfully, if you had this confidence that comes from sincere and real faith, and someone tried to take it from you, how much shame or sadness would you feel as you slaughtered them? I say you would feel none. Instead, you would feel gratitude to the God who gave you your food and shelter, as well as the God who gave you bullets and the power to defeat your enemies. Search the Old Testament. That’s the pattern of God’s people.

So Marxism, as the enemies of ancient Israel, attacks the powerful and successful with guilt. In Moses’ time, it is rumored that Balaam told the Moabites how to defeat Israel: Send prostitutes. Indeed, this had the intended effect. Now that men in Israel had broken their vows with prostitutes, they were weak and easily defeatable. Moses received word from God how to fix this problem: Slaughter the offenders, purify the nation, and then march on Moab, sparing none.

In today’s culture, Marxists try to shame the rich and successful, tries to entice us to act contrary to our best interests. They send us pornography and other vices, they try to get us to do that which we know is wrong. Feeling shame, they then exploit our weakness with guilt. When the weak and the miserable rise up to take our heritage, we feel bad if we have to defend ourselves, and feel compassion for the people who would slaughter us. This makes us weak and vulnerable.

The remedy is simple: Stop shaming yourself with disgusting acts you know to be wrong. Turn back to God, embrace his commandments, and take confidence that the things you own, the things you call yours, are given to you by God, and God requires you be ready to protect it.

When the Marxist hordes try to take it from you, you won’t feel any guilt or shame, but vigorously defend it from them.

Now, while we don’t feel bad for vigorously defending our rights, we should remember that the same God who commands us to take up arms also commands us to give out alms. The poor are not our responsibility, but we are to make things available so that they can take their future into their own hands. For instance, in ancient Israel, they would leave some of their harvest lying in the field, so that the poor could pick it up themselves. If they can pick up gleanings, then they can work for hire to harvest the crops as well, and if they can do that, then they are strong enough to work their own fields. This sort of charity — offering work instead of hand-outs — is the kind of thing that completely dispels Marxism. Why would a poor person, who depends upon the rich for their paycheck, ever rise up and slaughter the golden goose?

How to Cast out Devils, Demons, Evil Spirits, Satan, Lucifer, Whatever

March 24, 2018

Jesus Christ gave us the perfect formula for casting out devils, demons, evil spirits, Satan, whoever or whatever is bad in your life.

First, identify them.

Second, command them to depart in the name of Jesus Christ.

Third, change your life in Christ so they don’t come back.

That is all there is to it.

I have not yet met a demon or devil or evil spirit who did not immediately leave when commanded to do so in the name of Christ.

Some of you may wonder where all the evil spirits are. After all, the New Testament is full of stories of them everywhere. The answer is they are here, but they have disguised themselves, and call themselves by different names. They wish you wouldn’t acknowledge their existence, and whisper lies to us that they are not real, but search your heart: You know they are watching you and laughing at you when you fail to recognize them for who they are.

Don’t believe me? Cast them out and tell me how your life changes for the better. Did you notice how you suddenly felt a thought enter your mind that you shouldn’t try this? That’s an evil spirit. Or maybe you thought that it wouldn’t work if you tried. That’s another evil spirit.

Don’t listen to those spirits. They have not made you happy. They never will.

Pay attention to the voice that says you should give it a try, that you should be a little calmer and kinder and gentler and more reasonable and compassionate and sincere and honest. That voice, and that voice alone, will guide you in the path of happiness.

What’s After Postmodernism?

March 24, 2018

I am no philosopher, but my laymen understanding of philosophy’s evolution over the past, say, 2,000 years, is as follows.

  1. The Dark Ages. It’s dark because we don’t know much of what was going on because people didn’t spend a lot of time talking about it. There was God, and there was everyone else, and if you didn’t agree with the prevailing opinion on God, you died.
  2. The Enlightenment. This is when people began to realize that you could disagree about God and not have to kill each other. This is where modern science began. It’s where we’d like to live out our lives.
  3. Postmodernism. This is when people began to question reason altogether, and started to attack each other without any thought of God or morality. This is communism, marxism, and all the evil -isms we are exposed to today.

What’s next? How do we defeat the great evil of postmodernism?

Let me tell you how.

I have seen this conversion play out over the internet countless times.

  1. I hate God, I hate religion, I hate everything. (Postmodernism.)
  2. OK, maybe Christianity is different than all the other religions. But it sucks, just not as much.
  3. OK, maybe Christianity was the foundation of the Enlightenment. I like the Enlightenment, so we need to give some credit to Christianity for giving us that.
  4. OK, it turns out that without Christianity, the Enlightenment can not keep working. Take away Christianity, you get Postmodernism. So maybe we need to keep Christianity around, or at least pay attention to what they’re saying over there.
  5. OK, actually, it turns out that we need Christianity, Enlightenment or no. In fact, I need Christianity. Western civilization cannot survive, I cannot survive, without it.

This last step, the DEUS VULT, is when the Christian picks up a sword and begins attacking evil. Not sparring with it, not negotiating a truce with it, but attempting to destroy it entirely. It is an unwillingness to compromise, to debate, to even acknowledge any validity in contrary thoughts. Not because they’re not good (they’re not), but because they are actually dangerous. This is the philosophy of the Dark Ages, when you didn’t have time to question whether one thing is better than another, you had to face life-and-death decisions, and there was no time for ambiguity.

The important thing to note is how Christians fight. We are not engaged in a physical battle (though we often are called upon to do so, in the immediate defense of our interests — get ready for it!) We are called to a spiritual battle, not to spar with spiritual enemies, nor to compromise, but to destroy them, permanently.

Before the Crusaders took Jerusalem, they first had to defeat evil in their own hearts. Like Joshua of ancient Israel, without God on your side, you cannot win. And like Joshua, they won, against insurmountable odds.

If you’re new to this spiritual battle, it may seem odd to you how it is fought and how it is worn. Those of us who have seen many spiritual battles, in our own hearts and those around us, know that it’s not an impossible fight, in fact, you shouldn’t even worry about it because the victory is already guaranteed, provided you use the tools you have already been given.

Get on your knees. Pray to God and ask forgiveness of your sins through the blood of Christ. Then stand up, and move forward, doing exactly what you know needs to be done in your own life. That may be washing your clothes, or taking a shower. Eventually, God will call on you to help others once you’re starting to get the hang of yourself. Eventually, you may find yourself as a leader of men as Christ was. As you progress, spending time to acknowledge God and pray for forgiveness, you’ll come to know God’s power in your own life, and you’ll begin to fight on the battlefields he calls you on, effectively.

DEUS VULT. “God wills it.” Do what God says, ignore the consequences, because we are not here on earth to worry about the future, but to act in Christ’s name.

I shouldn’t have to repeat to you the LONG list of great men who commanded great and formidable armies who relied wholly on Christ. History is full of them, especially with our European heritage. Study history, you’ll find them in the unlikeliest of places. I won’t reveal them to you, because you’ll see them when you’re ready for it. This is not a list of perfect people, or even very good people (as we modern people think of “good”, which is not correct!) But these were real men, men who bent their knee and bowed their heads and gave their lives over to Christ, and then rose up with faith and faith alone to bear them through the greatest trials life could possibly offer. Go be one of those men, go conquer in the name of Christ, go defeat evil wherever it is found, and win!

What is it you want?

March 24, 2018

With the gun issue, I see two groups of people forming.

Group A says “We have our guns, we will keep our guns, and if you try to take them, we will shoot you.”

Group B says, “Give up your guns or those guys over there will shoot you.”

(Of course, there are others who have different, more moderate opinions on this subject, but they don’t matter until they make a realistic threat.)

I have to wonder what is going through Group B’s minds as they try to think this through. If they are so passionate about this issue of guns, why wouldn’t they be willing to shoot gun owners themselves? I think it’s because they know ultimately that their words don’t matter, their threats are hollow, and no one is taking them seriously that they can use their bold language.

Regarding where Group B think they are going to find this group of people willing to put their lives on the line to take guns away from people — this is pure fantasy. Cops and soldiers didn’t sign up to take guns away from peaceful citizens. Indeed, they consider themselves part of this group.

Maybe Group B imagines some foreign invader would take the guns from the gunowners. What would such a foreign invader do once the Americans have been disarmed?

Until Group B wises up and changes their message to “Give up your guns or we will shoot you”, and then acquires the right kind of weaponry to do so, we can ignore their threats and laugh at them for all the silly things they say.

Once they begin the process of acquiring weapons for the purpose of taking away our guns, that’s when we strike first. We shot the British soldiers on the way to seize our weapons. That was the “shot heard around the world” – a preemptive attack to prevent the British from getting our guns.

So Group B is safe as long as Group A considers them harmless and powerless. Once that changes, Group A will strike first. That’s my prediction.

One Million Raped

March 15, 2018

I’m seeing reports that one million children in the UK have been raped.

If this is true…

An Invitation to Self-described Liberals in America

March 6, 2018

Dear Liberals in America,

I know you think of me as the enemy. I identify as a conservative, which means I’m probably racist, homophobic, sexist, and a nationalist, if not an outright fascist nazi.

I’m not going to try and defend myself against these charges. Instead, I’m going to invite you to do something: Open your mind.

See, we grew up in this country together. Some of my ancestors came to America before the 1800s, some of them came earlier.  Some of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, and some fought in the Civil War, on both sides. And some simply left before the Civil War and settled in the West. Many of my ancestors were mormon pioneers, but some of them settled in Texas, or California, and different places like that.

The point is not to compare how American I am, or to say that you are not, or anything like that: But to say that we have a similar background, much more similar than any other group of people on the planet.

This letter is an attempt at an olive branch, to declare a truce between the two factions fighting in America today. Normally, you declare a truce when you identify a common enemy. Hardly ever do people declare truces in the name of peace alone. This is what I am offering: Let’s declare a truce in the name of peace alone, not because we have to unite to fight a greater evil, but simply because I’m tired of fighting.

What is it that truly matters most to you and I? It is our own interests. You might be interested in protecting the environment, or helping the poor, or simply finding a way to sustain your lifestyle without living contrary to what you know to be right. Does it surprise you to know that I share some of the same goals? We are really not so different. Our goals are actually quite similar. When you think about it, the only disagreement we have is how to get there: You tend to favor solutions that grant more power to centralized governments, I favor approaches that grant more power to individuals. Granted, some of the issues we get behind and argue about seem to contradict this general paradigm, but if you dig deep enough, we’ll both find ways to justify our positions.

And that’s the thing: We both spend our time rationalizing and justifying our positions, rather than truly seeking to understand each other. You can see why this is: If we tried to understand each other, there’s a chance we might actually change our opinions.

For the past while, I’ve been taking the Alt-Right seriously. Now hold on — don’t run away, I certainly don’t agree with everything they stand for, or their tactics and methods. And I’m not going to persuade you to join the Alt-Right movement either. Understand, instead, that the way you view me is very similar to how I view the Alt-Right. Initially, I was turned off by their combative rhetoric, their embrace of the labels that I have been trained since I was a little child to hate. But you know what I found underneath it all? I found a bunch of men who care very deeply about themselves, their communities, and even people of other colors.

See, the Alt-Right doesn’t hate people who aren’t like them. That’s not their message. Their message is that people are better off with people who are like themselves. They are more comfortable, they keep the laws more, and they treat each other fairly. Surely you admit that this is true! Have you not caught yourself being kinder and gentler to people who you believe are more like yourself, and aloof or even antagonistic towards those who are “other”? I know I have. In order to end the Alt-Right, let’s build a culture where we all think of each other as ourselves, not as “other”. Let’s end the divisive speech, and let’s focus on finding similarities and commonalities. The Alt-Right exists because we are so polarized, after all, and they are looking for a way to end it.

It’s human nature. Despite the thousands of years we’ve been here on planet earth, our nature hasn’t really changed. We’re still tribesman, heading out each morning to hunt or to protect our tribe, or even to reproduce. We are the same people who built Rome, and destroyed it. We are the same people who brought in the Dark Ages, and then ushered in the Enlightenment. When you look at history, you’re not really looking at “others” — your looking at yourself.

That’s a scary thought. When I look at history, I see time and again the cycle: First a society bonds together into unbreakable bonds of brotherhood, then they fight and conquer to achieve their goals. Once they’ve achieved their goals, they rise to prosperity. But then, things go bad and next thing you know they’re killing each other over petty things. I can cite numerous instances throughout history. Heck, we can see it happening all over the world.

I don’t want to end up in Civil War again. But I can’t stop it alone.

Here’s a compromise: Let’s write a truce. You get to live your life the way you think is best, and I’ll live my life the way I think is best. Most importantly, we’ll agree to disagree on what we think is best. Aside from some basic rules (don’t murder, don’t steal, etc…) we don’t really need to agree on much to get along, and to feel like we belong together. In your family, you can do whatever you want. If you want to built a capitalist utopia where every member of the family needs to work to eat, feel free to do that. If you want to turn your family into a homeless shelter, you can do that to. But that’s the thing: You have to do it for yourself, you can’t ask me to do it for you.

See, that’s where all the disagreement really stems from. You’re asking me to do things I don’t want to do, and I’m asking you to do things you don’t want to do. So let’s stop doing that.

If only things were so simple! Unfortunately, living in this country together, we do need to agree on things that do limit each other’s behavior. Here are some of my ideas:

1. We can’t allow anyone and their uncle to move in this country. We have a separate history and culture, and they have theirs. The honest truth is they are better off living in their home country. If you truly want to help, then help them where they live, so they can help their neighbors. If you pull them out of their country, you’re really doing a disfavor to those countries. So let’s agree to stop immigration, except in extraordinary circumstances. If we do agree to take on refugees, then let’s make a rule that they cannot stay here, but they have to go back when their country improves again. I know you want to let everyone come here and stay, but search your heart, you know it’s true: Immigration is hurting the world as we take the best and brightest and turn them into Americans.

2. We have to make laws, inclusively, and we have to enforce them equally. Really, we shouldn’t be changing laws with majority votes. We should be carefully writing them with input from the minority, finding a compromise that will be fair and just for all. Don’t you agree to that? Even though the Republicans have the majority in the house and the senate, and control the majority of state legislatures, you can ask your party to pay attention to what they have to say and to compromise when it is best. I hope you’ll return the favor in states you control. I believe that laws shouldn’t be passed too quickly and should actually take years and years to write and debate. Let’s strive for that.

3. For too long, we have turned over our right to run this country the way we see fit to the courts. Can we agree that the courts were never meant to have a say in the law or policy? They try cases. The interpretation of the law, the policies of our country, ultimately, that should be left to the people. It’s time we chose judges that didn’t give one side or the other a preference, but instead referred back to the actual text of the laws and the intention of the people who wrote them. Perhaps they may try and discern the will and intention of the people of the time, but honestly, we should be expressing our will in legislatures across America and congress, by people who are elected by us, not by judges. Do you agree?

4. Let’s talk about how politics should be done. We’ve tried, since the 60’s, to limit money in politics, and I agree, it’s for a noble cause. However, let’s look at what has actually happened: As money has been removed from politics, politicians have been winning reelections more and more often. It’s simple to see why: Sitting politicians have access to resources that money can’t buy, things like power and influence. The reason why money belongs in politics is because sometimes, it’s the only tool we have to dethrone a corrupt politician. Right now, the vast majority of the money in America is in the hands of corporations that favor liberalism. Imagine what Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google could do if they didn’t have any constraints on campaign donations or advertising. Do you want to see well-funded liberals across America, even in the red states? Then you really need to end limits to campaign donations and free speech everywhere.

If we can agree to these things, then I think we might have a chance to build a country where we don’t grow up hating the other side.

What do you think? I’m open to your suggestions, too. Feel free to share them. Let’s find common ground.

Sincerely, A Conservative