What is it you want?


With the gun issue, I see two groups of people forming.

Group A says “We have our guns, we will keep our guns, and if you try to take them, we will shoot you.”

Group B says, “Give up your guns or those guys over there will shoot you.”

(Of course, there are others who have different, more moderate opinions on this subject, but they don’t matter until they make a realistic threat.)

I have to wonder what is going through Group B’s minds as they try to think this through. If they are so passionate about this issue of guns, why wouldn’t they be willing to shoot gun owners themselves? I think it’s because they know ultimately that their words don’t matter, their threats are hollow, and no one is taking them seriously that they can use their bold language.

Regarding where Group B think they are going to find this group of people willing to put their lives on the line to take guns away from people — this is pure fantasy. Cops and soldiers didn’t sign up to take guns away from peaceful citizens. Indeed, they consider themselves part of this group.

Maybe Group B imagines some foreign invader would take the guns from the gunowners. What would such a foreign invader do once the Americans have been disarmed?

Until Group B wises up and changes their message to “Give up your guns or we will shoot you”, and then acquires the right kind of weaponry to do so, we can ignore their threats and laugh at them for all the silly things they say.

Once they begin the process of acquiring weapons for the purpose of taking away our guns, that’s when we strike first. We shot the British soldiers on the way to seize our weapons. That was the “shot heard around the world” – a preemptive attack to prevent the British from getting our guns.

So Group B is safe as long as Group A considers them harmless and powerless. Once that changes, Group A will strike first. That’s my prediction.

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