Deploying Troops to the Border


President Trump has asked governors to send their national guard to the southern border to secure it. Two governors refused to comply — Montana and Oregon. While President Trump isn’t exercising his authority to call up the National Guard and assume direct command over them (which he is entitled to do under the constitution — any militia, really, can be called up by him in times of war), this is still a stupid move on the part of the two governors.

The border is lawless. In a healthy relationship, both countries would see to it that that border is crime-free and safe for citizens of both countries. If one country fails to secure their side of the border, then the other country has the moral right to secure it for them. They can invade and control the area across the border if it has fallen out of control of the government.

If we did decide to go that route — and we could, indeed, any of the border states could send their troops into Mexico at any time under this justification — then we would secure the area until such a time as the government of Mexico is able to secure it themselves or indefinitely, thus annexing the region. While our troops are down there, they would do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat to America.

Securing our border is a primary role of the federal government. Tracking who is and is not allowed in our country is also exclusively their domain. For most of my life, I’ve lived under a federal government that didn’t care too much about who is able to come and go. Reagan famously agreed to an amnesty. Since then, it has gotten worse. President George W. Bush announced “catch and release”.

Thankfully, President Trump has rescinded that policy, and now we have a “zero-tolerance” policy towards illegal immigration.

Next stop: Retroactively ending anchor babies. If you’re here illegally, or here on a visa, and you have a baby, that baby is not an American citizen. Just because you happen to be on American soil doesn’t make your baby American.

The truth is that America is not, and hasn’t been, pro-immigrant, not for a long time. We may have tolerated immigration, but I can’t find many people who like it.

Immigration is a fundamentally unsound idea. The whole concept of it is an insult to basic moral ethics. If you’re born in a country, you have a duty to secure that country for yourself and your neighbors and your posterity, just for the fact that that is the place where you were born. To betray your citizenship and your loyalty and the fundamental duty you have towards them, and become a member of a different country, how is that different than being a double-agent? Such people are not loyal to anything, and don’t deserve to be recognized as fellow-citizens by anyone.

Leaving your country behind and working in the United States may make economic sense for yourself, but it also betrays your country’s economic future. When we rob the world of all the bright, motivated, capable people, and leave the rest behind, we are injuring the world, and the people who leave their country behind rather than try to fix it are doing the same.

One thing the Alt-Right preaches, and a thing I agree with, is that you are more likely to form bonds of mutual protection with people who are like you, who speak your language, who share your culture, history and heritage, who look like you. The world is a rough place, and leaving your homeland to live in some place foreign just makes it tougher. This bond of mutual protection is the sort of stuff that makes a nation. When no one is loyal to another, you are living in a state of fear and war.

I dream of a world where immigration doesn’t exist anymore, where people stay home, make their own country great again. Yes, we may visit each other, and trade, but for the most part, we’ll spend our lives with people like us that we care about and who we will protect with our lives, rather than stranded in a foreign land and foreign culture.

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