Which “Us” versus which “Them”?


I had a good think about this on the bus ride to work watching this video:

It’s not Republican vs. Democrat. It hasn’t been that way for a long time.

I watched republicans take power in 1994 after many, many decades out of power. What did they do with it? They merely switched the guard. Watching what the republicans did after 2000 with complete control of the House, Senate, and the presidency awakened me to the awful fact that republicans are running a vote plantation just like the democrats are.

Now, I believe that the real difference between the two parties is seen at the local scale. Republican leaders can’t control the local elections, but they still control the national elections (Donald Trump being an exception.)

What’s really going on is we have a rogue federal government that is accountable only to themselves. We, the people, continue the farce by voting for one of two approved candidates. The ones that are likely to win get a lot more approval than the ones that aren’t.

We send these guys up to DC, with the vain imagination that they, unlike all the others, will actually do something. And every two years, we hold another election, where the same process is repeated.

How do you fix it?

Donald Trump is a start. Here’s a guy who is truly shaking things up, exposing the Deep State, calling out the true enemies of the American people, making them appear exactly as they are. But this is only a start, and when Trump leaves office in 2 or 6 more years, it will be back to business as usual.

Maybe we can change how we elect and who we elect. The idea that term limits will change anything is laughable. There are enough of them to keep cycling through the various elections, and it’s not like the elected congressmen are in control of the process.

The Founding Fathers had an idea on how to prevent this sort of corruption. It worked like this:

  • Groups of 30,000 or so elected a representative. The representative went to DC and composed the House of Representatives, the stronger half of the strongest branch of government, with oversight of the administration and the judiciary and complete control of the budget. By having so many representatives, it is virtually impossible to organize a national party that could dominate these elections: There are too many elections and too few voters per election. The local political leaders would have too much power. (For a city the size of Federal Way, we would have 2 or 3 federal representatives.)
  • States elected two senators, composing the Senate. Thus, the senate would be composed of the political elite. It’s far easier to control state legislatures as politically connected people, and so the senate would be the natural center of focus for the Deep State.
  • The president was elected by the states, making him the elite of the elite, the one member of the Deep State with the deepest connections. Rather, the president was elected by electors appointed by the states, not the people. This meant that the senate and the president would always align, more or less.

This arrangement meant that the House of Representatives would always be the outsider, looking in. The Senate and the president would naturally form a partnership in their eliteness, but the the House would have to be controlled by them, which the House would resist because they would be genuinely elected by the people and not by the Deep State.

The House would always have a fresh supply of fireballs, people willing to put everything on the line to keep government sane. Because the Senate and the president would have to beg the House for money, the House would be able to demand accountability before each budget process, and so the elite would have to invite a majority of the House into the “inner circle”. But these members would have to go back to their people every 2 years and re-earn their vote, and if they didn’t vote in ways that made the people happy, there would be a new batch of fireballs the senate and the president would have to deal with.

Thus, the House would be where the real business got done, where comprises between the needs of the Deep State and the needs of the people would be hammered out. If the elite couldn’t keep the people happy, they would be continually frustrated with the new batch of fireballs that made things messy, while they could have smooth sailing if they figured out how to tame the masses.

This was the true divide between the parties, and for most of our history, up until the 1900s, this was how it worked. The 1900s changed all that because now senators were elected, and that meant that the Deep State had to learn how to become popular, and were forced to manipulate all the elections.

Today, we’re living in an era where the Deep State has run amok, where it has grossly violated the will of the people, where the people are searching, desperately, for a way to put the federal government back under control. Trump is the beginning. This election in 2018 will show how it will play out over the next decade. Which parties are going to allow the people more victories, and which will not? How is Trump going to respond to a win or a loss, but more importantly: How will the people respond?

In short, the true divide in America has always been the people vs. the political elite. It has never been about one party vs. another, or one policy vs. another. Look back in time, you’ll see that one party always stood for the elite, while another stood for the people. When a party shifts from being the minority to the majority, their roles reverse as well.

One Response to “Which “Us” versus which “Them”?”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Government is just an expression of the people governed. In the long run, a corrupt people can only have a corrupt government. A virtuous people will have a virtuous government.

    The reason a 3rd world sh*thole is a 3rd world sh*thole isn’t because they have the wrong number of representatives. Nope. It’s because the people are sh*tty 3rd world people.

    Detroit sucks because it is full of blacks. Norway is awesome because it is full of Norwegians. If all the Norwegians moved to Detroit and all the Detroit blacks moved to Norway what would happen? Well, Norway would suck and Detroit would be awesome.

    If we leave the laws in both places they way they are or change them it wouldn’t matter.

    This is true. There is ample historical evidence. Such as Haiti, one of the oldest democracies in the New World. Great place, no?

    In other words….. Shocker….. Wait for it…. It is the people that mater. (Whaaaat?)

    No country can have a stable democratic government with an average IQ of less than I believe 93. (I forgot the academic article I read about this.) Lower than that and the only stable long term form of government is tyranny.

    So the key to getting a good government in the long run is to clean up the culture. Particularly, clean out the malcontents, 3rd world folks and low IQ members. In short, clean up the biology as culture is simply the expression of group biology crossed with group history.

    Just the way it is.

    Of course, the goal of immigration into the western world is to lower the quality of the average person to the point where they can only be governed by tyranny. This is happening in throughout the western world in real time. (Abetted by the Christians for some reason. Please explain, I’m actually curious as to why.)

    Import as many people from low IQ parts of the world (Mexico, Africa, etc) or import people with low social trust (Chinese, etc) or import people with a wacky religion (Jews/Muslims) and you get hell. Open up any history book and start to read it if you want some examples.

    For fun, imagine a form of government that WON’T work if the entire population was made up of Thomas Jefferson clones. Next, imagine a form of government that WILL work with Somalis. Kinda hard, no?

    I mean, think about it… The US Constitution isn’t some state secret. Liberia has pretty much has an identical one. So why isn’t Liberia as good as the US? Good resources in Africa, the best in the world, but Liberia is hell on earth. Makes no sense! They have pretty much the same Constitution. Why isn’t Liberia awesome????

    Oh, yeah. Liberia is full of Africans. With an average IQ of around 70. They’re literally too dumb to maintain a democracy. (Darn it. I thought the Constitutions was a magic spell that when chanted civilizes even the most brutish of people.)

    In short, if you want to clean up government the first step is to clean up the nation. This is fundamentally true, which is why it is so distasteful. Nobody likes the truth.

    Especially in a democracy.

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