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Is France Showing Us How To Do It?

December 13, 2018

When the government surpasses its consent to rule (and the US and state governments have done so, repeatedly) what is to be done? Hold elections to elect more people to do more of the same?

The French have a long and violent history, and are currently on their 5th republic. By comparison, we are still on our 2nd republic. (Our first republic, the Continental Congress, was never really agreed to, but sort of fell into place.)

The Declaration of Independence gives us a roadmap on how government is supposed to work. In a nutshell,

  1. Government exists for the sole purpose of protecting individual rights.
  2. When governments exceed this, it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it, replacing it with a new government.

We obviously haven’t had an “abolish” movement in the US that has gained any traction. In France, it seems the yellow vests are trying to abolish their government, and bring in a 6th republic. They’ve had several “abolish” movements.

Here in the US, I think we would do well to remind government bureaucrats that they serve us, not the other way around. Rather than trying to work the system they enslaved us with, or rather than expecting people to change it for us, it’s imperative that we be willing and ready to change it ourselves. While I advocate we do this through political means, and avoid abolishing government until all avenues have been exhausted, there are some who might be impatient and decide to give “abolish” a go.

What would this look like?

Unfortunately, conservatives don’t have an answer for this. The conservative movement in the US has been all about respecting government and its traditional role, and then petitioning for slight changes, or just not changing as fast as others want it to. This is why the conservative movement has no answers for this sort of action except, “Don’t do it.”

Here’s a roadmap of what it might look like though. I’ll give recommendations on how to make things move more quickly or to minimize human tragedy during the process. That said, people will die, fortunes will be lost, and there is the possibility of some very serious violations of human rights on a large scale.

The first step is to get a unified core, ready to fight together. This is not going to be a group of people who are wishy-washy, but who are ready to fight and die and have a specific goal in mind they agree on. Without this, nothing good will come of it. Find your consensus first, and then find a plan of action.

What should the goal be? I recommend the goal being a government “of, by, and for” the people, at the expense of the ruling class and with no respect to tradition. All government institutions designed to make the people beg for permission to use their natural rights should be abolished.

How many do you need? You would need several thousand, I believe. If you start with a core group, expand that until you can get enough that throwing them all into jail just becomes an untenable solution. It is critical that during this phase you do not expose yourself for what you really are. Exercise extreme caution in your communication so government doesn’t know what you’re doing. Leave your cell phones at home, meet in the wilderness after hiking a long distance away from your cars. Keep your meetings short and to the point, and make sure everyone understands why you are behaving the way you do. Leave no records, no emails, no phone calls. If you need to talk where devices are listening, talk in roundabout terms. IE, tell someone you suspect you can trust who might be interested in the movement that you’d like to take them camping or hunting. At some point on the trip, tell them they might want to leave their cell phone behind, and then move off some distance to tell them what you are about and what’s gong on.

When you have the group organized — and I recommend to follow the model the terrorists use, of distributed groups, loosely coupled, with vague goals — then consider the time to strike.

The first step in the revolution would be to declare your intentions publicly, without any uncertain terms. This would be a declaration of treason, and if government were smart, they should’ve seen it coming and they will do everything possible to stop the declaration from getting out or from being taken seriously.

The next step is to organize. Assemble in a large group, armed with military arms. Show the world that you are organized and are ready to face any threat. Then you need to march to some institution of power. I recommend the legislature or congress.

It is imperative that you make it known that you have peaceful intentions, and don’t want to hurt anyone, but you will defend yourself from any aggression. The government will send our police and troops, so it is important you insist that there is no reason for them to oppose your movement as you have no violent intentions, just the overthrow of the government according to the declaration. Do not get into a shooting match!

What is your message? It must resonate with the people. It must be something they can identify with, and agree to.

The nice thing is that it’s easy to argue that you want to restore the constitution in its original form. You want to limit the power of the federal government, or eliminate the regulatory abuses, etc… Arguing a restoration of the constitution is, I believe, very popular. At least the right sort of people (those with arms and a willingness to defend the country) agree.

This is the important part: Not everyone in your movement will be in this army. Only some of them, the most calm and rational ones, the ones ready to lose their lives. The rest of your movement is just as devoted, but is going to work in the background to manipulate events. These people must remain hidden and work from the shadows. Their purpose is several:

  • Get favorable news of the movement out.
  • Suppress or refute unfavorable news.
  • Confuse the intelligence agencies with false reports.
  • Keep tabs on what the government is doing.

Will some of these people be inside of government? If they aren’t you’re doing it wrong.

At this point, the group must gain the sympathy of the people. There are several ways to do this, but unfortunately, the easiest way is to get slaughtered. You must be careful with this: If the government is successful in slaughtering enough of your movement, there will be no one left to tell your story.

The group must also grow their numbers, daily. That means regular folks picking up their rifles and joining along. That means other movements in different parts of the country. It must grow, and you may need to use whatever tricks you can imagine to at least give the perception it is growing.

Ultimately, you must march and take physical control of the symbols of government. That means capturing congress, or its buildings. Then, with these symbols of power at your control, you begin *acting* as if you are the government. See Cromwell if you need to understand what this looks like — he pulled it off.

Does that mean you need a dictator? Probably yes, for a time. The important point to note is that your message must be “order will be restored shortly” while the governments message is “we’re going to kill everyone who disagrees with us.” If that is the argument, then you can definitely win this fight.

Should it turn into a shooting match, you’re going to have to go the military route to obtain your goals. The good news is the US government can’t possibly win against a widespread revolution. The bad news is that this is not going to be fun or easy, not for anyone.

Note that this model is a model. It’s not new, it’s just what we’ve seen in history.

Am I advocating for it? No, I’m not. I’m conservative, and I believe the best way is to get the reigns of power and make marginal changes. I believe that as long as Trump is in office, we have hope to see serious, positive changes in our country. Can even Trump fix everything in 4 or 8 years? No, it’s impossible. It would take lifetimes to get our country where it needs to be, but I believe it can be done.

If your group wants to do something like this, leave me out of it!