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Obama Proposes Giving Jerusalem to Hamas

May 19, 2011

Many thousand years ago, the city of Jerusalem was conquered by the hands of the future king of Israel, David. Jerusalem was one of the many cities left in the land God had promised the children of Israel that were not occupied by the children of Israel. During David’s reign, he conquered many other cities.

I don’t know exactly why Jerusalem was chosen as King David’s city, or why the temple of Solomon was built there, and subsequent temples rebuilt there. I do know, however, that the city has a special history and future, according to the scriptures.

President Obama today proposed that Israel give control of Jerusalem to Hamas, an unrepentant terrorist group. Why he would propose giving a terrorist group anything more than what we gave Osama bin Laden is a mystery to me.

Does Barack Obama understand that the temple is to be rebuilt on the temple mount in Jerusalem in preparation for the Second Coming? Does he not know that the entire religions of Judaism and Christianity are waiting, eagerly, for this event?

If Hamas took control of Jerusalem, it would start a religious war that would have an end only over the dead bodies of Hamas, and the recapture, by military means in necessary, of that sacred city. With Jerusalem under Israel’s control, or at least partially, there is hope that one day there might be enough peace, meaning the Muslims won’t be in such a murderous rage, that the Jewish people can rebuild their ancient temple.

Biblical prophecy is quite clear on the subject. Those who are friends of Israel gain the protection of God. Those who fight Israel will fall before Israel. In the last days, Israel will go through the gentiles like a lion. If we have aligned our politics in such a way that the only free democracy where people actually have the right to worship however they please, and can conduct commerce without fear with people of different faiths is the target of our animosity, it is clear what we have become.

Thankfully, President Obama is a complete and utter disaster. Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the second worst president in the entire history of our country thanks to Obama. Any future presidents have a very, very low bar to pass under if they want to steal the title away from Obama.

This means that President Obama’s proposal, like his budgets, is received with half the people wondering if he’s serious, and the other half laughing at the entire administration.

I join those who laugh at this proposal. It is simply absurd. No one would go for it, not even Hamas. Do you think once they obtain Jerusalem they will suddenly change their hearts and decide that maybe Jews aren’t pigs and dogs and should be allowed to live alongside them?

Those of you who are consumed with anti-Zionist rage, I ask you: Will you continue to allow yourselves to be jerked around by your puppet masters who are seeking genocide? Or will you wake up and observe the facts for what they are, and admit that in no case, never, has the modern state of Israel ever initiated violence against any people, except in self-defense.

The Unknown Sponsors of Terrorism

March 9, 2009

Ever heard the saying the best place to hide something is in plain sight? It has come to my attention that there is an unknown and invisible sponsor of terrorism yet to be sanctioned. You do know that the U.S. and it’s allies are cracking down on known terrorist organizations? How would you stop terrorism? Cut off the flow of money maybe? That’s what the U.S. and many of it’s allies are doing.

I have found a hole though. First off, let’s qualify what makes a terrorist organization. How would you define it? An organization that supports the murder and killing of civilians not at war? An organization that does not adhere to the rules of engagement? Perhaps an organization that attacks at will for no reason? How about a financial support of such a group?

These are all intelligent questions to be answered. You should be proud of yourself for being able to answer and define terrorists and their supporters.

Now the bad news. Did you know the Obama administration is writing a $900 million check to the support of the Palestinians? Where do you think that money is going to go? Ever heard of Hamas? It’s a name on the list of recognized terrorist organizations, did you know that? Did you know that Hamas is the “political” group elected to lead Gaza?

So, let me ask you this…

Shouldn’t the fact that the U.S. and Great Britain are financially supporting known terrorists put them on the list of known sponsors of terrorism? Wouldn’t that also make the U.S. a hypocrite? This is the tough one for me… by being a tax payer, we are all sponsors of terror. Isn’t it illegal to do that? Shouldn’t our leaders be locked up and tried for treason for sponsoring the same terrorist organizations other administrations have pointed to as terrorists?

The Last Hurrah?

March 9, 2009

My friends, I come to you this day to let you in on a secret, doctors have given me only a few more months to live. There’s a reality check for anyone to dare take. As many of you will or would do in my shoes, I have grown closer to seeking the truth for myself and my hope is to pass it on to you. So I ask you, How would you come to grips with the fact that your life is ending? I guess the reality is we are all going to pass away… I’m just going to beat most of you to it – on the lighter side – if it’s a race to the death? I win again!

It’s funny, because I predicted this would happen just a few years ago. Looking back, even I have suddenly grown tired of being right all the time! Talk about the power of the spoken word! I pray heaven is all I have read and been told and that the good seeds I have sewn into different ministries across this nation are worth a lot more than my stock value is today.

So, let me ask you: Would you have any regrets? I did find a few.

I actually voted for several pro-choice candidates in my life. I shouldn’t have done that. Pondering upon the ramifications of that saddens me. How many children have I shared in the responsibility of their death because I supported pro-choice at a time in my life? How many blessed children could these children have produced? Come to think of it, I even worked on the campaign for one of them, even though he was a better choice, both candidates were pro-choice. What’s the saying: “If I only knew then what I know now”.

As with many of this age, I didn’t get the whole message about “You’re forgiven, go and sin no more”. It’s the first part most people hear and the second that separates the wheat from the chaff. I know for a time I continued doing the same old things that had gotten me into trouble in the first place. It’s only been in the last decade or so that I caught the second half of the message and became more like I was supposed to be.

As a Bible believing Christian, I know I’m going to a better place. I recommend you all get Jesse Du Plantis’s “Close Encounters of the God kind” to see what I am talking about.

Knowing the time is near, gives you a lot to think about… family and friends. Did you make the right choices? Did you set the right example? I will be leaving many great friends behind. Friends my wife and I have tried to convince that voting party lines when the party clearly and knowingly supports gay rights, gay marriage, abortion and visibly makes a stand against Godly principles… lump supporters in with these devils. If you support ungodly principles and those that undermine the laws of Moses you might as well be one of the devils own, since you buy into the lie. That’s been my take on it anyway.

It may come as a surprise to you, but over two decades ago, I too was a pro-choice leaning Republican myself. One day I made the choice many Christians do, and asked for a more personal relationship with God. Be careful of what you wish for, the truth will set you free. Very shortly after making that choice, I was quietly reminded by the voice of the Holy Spirit in my heart that there is no righteous abortion in the Bible. None. I found I had bought the lie, like so many others do, because it was all wrapped up in the sugar coating that women have rights and should have a choice over their body. A statement I agree with, but when it comes to a baby? The woman is no longer making a choice over JUST her body but the very body and soul of another living being as well. That is murder. They don’t tell you that at Planned Parenthood. It’s a fetus, an embryo anything but a living child… that’s the lie they sell and so many buy. Of course once the truth began entering my heart, many other truths followed.

Mainstream science today is making it harder to believe in God. You hear a bombardment of lies claiming ice to be millions of years old, bones to be that old as well and that the earth itself is billions of years old. Have you by chance seen the movie “Expelled” by Ben Stein? Have you read a book on hydrogen diffusion dating? How about asking an evolution scientist to show you how life began? If evolution were real there should be a huge tree of life… instead the facts will tell you that life suddenly exploded onto the earth and since then there have been a number of mass extinctions that the earth and the tree of origin has never recovered from by introducing other genealogy into the system.

Did you know that mainstream colleges actually fire teachers that believe in a newer earth and creation? I mean, if you’re going to make sure that educators starve for their beliefs in God? Where is it going to end? The very government set up to protect us is failing to do so, in fact taking more of our rights away to protect ourselves… or haven’t you figured out that is what gun control is all about? Putting guns into the hands of authorities only means that it’s just a matter of time before the authorities have nothing to fear from a peoples revolve because the people are helplessly unarmed. There is something evil afoot. You know that brings about an interesting domino effect. Because of this kind of one sided oligarchy replacing our Republic, I see some very bad things coming.

I could see masses of people buying into the lie that getting an implant chip is for your own good, for your security, for making your life easier that a debit card and for protecting your children against being kidnapped… whatever the lie? It’s the devil’s plan. How do you control an entire society? Well to control the masses and be able to track everyone how better to do it than with a method of integrating commerce with a method to track everyone. You see if you have a chip implant, and it is linked to your bank account? If a time comes when a person thinks the gov’t is wrong, when he/she learn the truth of God and don’t agree with what the gov’t says, or what the devil says? Just like the universities are doing with educators clinging to the truth of the Bible over the mistakes of man, the chip implanted in them will be turned off and they will not be able to buy or sell anything – including food.

You see, I foresee a time when there are masses of people that are “bad” Christians – that is they are those clinging to the skirts of a religion that they do not truly understand the power of, the meaning of or fully believe in or observe correctly – and because they haven’t been paying attention to events around them, these folks are alive when the church is taken away and the devil himself rules this earth. My question at this hour of my own demise, is will the church be taken away spiritually or will there be some disaster to “cover up” the evacuation? Will there be a day when two billion people suddenly die for a lack of reasoning, leaving the rest of the world to bury them? Will any of my own children be left standing there wondering why the rest of the family has suddenly passed away?

I can see the masterminds of global warming, the scammers that are preparing the world for an explanation as to why the sun is suddenly so hot, why the seas seem to boil as frozen methane is released from the slumber of the deep seas…. scammers like Al Gore trying to get richer from exploiting the foolishness of fools, by selling useless carbon credits… I can see the scientists that have blamed the global industrialization as the cause. I can see a day when the sun itself is blown out like a candle. When scientists that have said the earth is billions of years old finally realize that the sun is running out of fuel – when it too is supposed to last for millions of years more. I can see scientists scrambling to find excuses for their foolishness. Lastly, the one sign that will not be able to be explain away? I can only hope that this will be at least one undeniable sign given to this world that the Lord God created it all. The end is at hand when there is a sudden realization that no more babies are being born into this condemned world for the Almighty God of Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the nation of Israel, is the Almighty and as a just, caring and loving God – will not allow for an innocent child to suffer through the tribulation hour.

I have also put it together that if the US is destroyed financially and the rapture of the church does come and the Persian alliance does lob a couple of nukes in to our nations backyard… within three years most of the world will starve. Many of the nations that are Islamic are dessert waste lands. If you think about it – probably for a good reason. Many nations in Africa will not be able to support their populations. The Christian church will be taken away and so will their professional health care and food services. Basically the good people of this earth that are the bread basket and producers blessed by God to be a light to the world will be gone. So, what happens when you take the spiritual light out of the world? The world plunges into darkness. Hope is taken out of the world. Praise the Lord the children will not suffer this punishment, but the adults that should know better will be punished.

I can see that the saying: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it” being the epitaph for Iran, thanks to Mr. Ahmadinejad who chooses to selectively ignore history. Has this guy ever been to Auschwitz? Dachau? Berlin? Has he visited the USS Arizona? I mean this guy has got some blinders on. His own parents should be old enough to tell him how things were in the 1940’s.

I have spent a lifetime studying and learning as much as I could from high tech skills to build robotic machines to engineer solutions and computer programs for nearly anything I put my mind to. Never really built anything for myself though, other than a tree house and now a deck I may never finish.

For years when I was chasing the dream, I treated some of my own family with less respect than I would for a total stranger all because the job mattered that much. My excuse was I was doing it all for my family. Somehow it doesn’t seem that way anymore. Debt will do that to you – having to pay 3 and 4 times what a thing is worth just to carry a note for years and make it affordable in the short term – foolishness. I learned this late in life. They sure don’t teach credit and debt as a wealth killer and a parasite on society as a whole. Think about it, what would you do with the extra money you had if your house was paid off and all your cars were paid. What if you had no monthly payments and paid for everything with cash? Would you have more money at the end of the month?

A couple of friends have noticed I have changed since going back to school to finish my MBA. Yeah, I must admit I have grown weary of arguing with foolish people so much and not changing anything. As much as I love to do research and read about everything, even though I love being right – it is a curse. At least I have learned one thing and that is to use Socratic Method more and ask “Why?” several times.

Even I can see there are a lot of things I know now, that I totally missed the boat on. Yet many others I was knocking it out of the ball park and no one noticed. Someone told me a few months back though, that no one wants to be around somebody that is always right and that knows everything. Maybe they are right? After spending a lifetime acquiring all the knowledge, I grew up wanting to be like Spock and Mr. Scott always having the answers and being able to solve problems but here we are and what do I have to show for it but useless trivia knowledge?

For years I chased the dream, like many do, of having a good job, making something of myself and climbing that corporate ladder. I even enrolled in school several times to get certificates in management, leadership and public speaking. Too bad they didn’t teach tact! Huh? Perhaps I should have gone to finishing school instead!

You know, It’s a real shocker for anyone to reflect back on a life they have and to do a summary asking “Did I make a difference” or “Did I set the right example?” I know Gayla and I tried to change things in town, to bring some of the foolish decisions being made by the city into the spotlight. I guess there is a good thing to say about the bait and switch – I won’t have to pay for the Community Center, the AMC high rise that hasn’t risen or the Arts building to come.

I do wish I could have a few more hours with each of my boys. Granted, I have two older kids raised that are out of the house… that might miss me, but I spent a lot more time with them growing up, what with being a single father on welfare most of their lives. Today most of my children are still young, and I have gone out of my way to make sure each of them know how much I love them with all my heart – all without you know, getting too serious and making them worry.

Then there are the family members that I didn’t get along with, I really should have cut those ties earlier. That alone probably could have saved my oldest son from a life of paganism. I did finally cut off all contact with some of my family because they were very negative and super critical of everything. I made more money than they did, I had a better grade point average in college, I actually finished several degrees. I beat them at everything… but now, even my father will live longer than me. How just is that?

It is said that the more educated you become, the more foolish you realize you are… I’m not so sure the translation is accurate but I do know the more one becomes educated the more questions they have than before. I have all sorts of questions to ask, but mine will be asked of Jesus Christ I think.

You won’t catch me crying. You won’t catch me saddened… well much anyway. I still have the blessed hope that I’m not just in denial! I will still fight the good fight to the end – I promise you that. In fact I’m still planning on getting a robot lawn mower built to teach the kids robotics. I’m also hoping to finish my MBA next year and in the mean time get a good job using the degrees I already have. It’s tough these days to find a job making $50 and $60 an hour like I have been making though. Just keep your prayers heading our way and like I said… learn from my mistakes and find a deeper meaning for life in your own.

Yours in Christ

Frosty E Hardison

Does God Exist?

March 8, 2009

What if there is a God? What if Jesus, you know the guy you can’t talk about in a public school, really does exist? What if God had some of His best people write down a few things, so that we could have a better understanding of how to fully live life, get along with each other and live a prosperous life without having to have a job and be dependent upon anyone else but Him for our living? What if a few of the things written down in this book, we need a snazzy name for the book… let’s call it something really cool…. How about Scripture? That sounds like an important name for a book doesn’t it? Ok so we have this book, we call Scripture and what if a few of these writers were really connected to this God? What if the writers of this book went out of their way to write down what God predicted as future events? Would that add some credibility? Granted, God couldn’t go around on tour to promote His book like Oprah, but the fact that those things God spoke about and the writers quoted God as saying… have come true over the past 60 years – pretty cool.

Ok so we have set the stage for the next great event. This guy, Jesus, used to walk around the land of Israel giving motivational speeches like Anthony Robbins. Jesus would talk hope for the future, he’d talk about loving each other, he would talk about what God wanted to see for us. Unlike the 60’s movement though, Jesus didn’t need drugs, LSD or a bunch of sex toys or a harem of women to get his message across and live one way and talk another. Jesus was genuine in his message. Top that off with the accounts and testimony of the people who’s lives he changed. This Jesus guy did all kinds of things that even today seem pretty out there. He feed 5,000 people at a public luncheon using only a child’s lunch, he allegedly brought several people back to life… and I don’t mean like they had fallen in a frozen lake and he gave them CPR, I mean, these people were dead for days, rigor mortis had set in, they were buried and they were starting to stink – That is DEAD. He reanimated them like some zombie film you’d watch on fright night only these people were fine, like they had been given a chance at a better life. Cool stuff.

Now, suppose this Jesus guy that did all these great things, was a control freak? What if he commanded us to follow him rather than give us a choice? Would you follow him? I don’t know about you but I am not really a follower of an ego centric guy that feels he has to command me to obey – or kill me. Every tyrant in history has had that modis-operandi of follow me or die. I mean look at what is going on in the Middle East and Asia today. Convert of die! Nope not this guy.

Jesus was cool, he was subtle, he embodied his message of love. He helped the injured, cured the sick and asked for nothing in return really. He did say that God was a great God and there was more to Him than met the eye. Jesus also said that this God guy wanted to know us. God wanted a personal relationship with us. No one had ever heard that before, and to deliver this message Jesus said this God had sent His own son. This was too much for the townsfolk of the time to hear, so they killed this guy. You know what though? The story didn’t end there, this guy Jesus didn’t really care what the townsfolk said or did, he just went on about his mission. The local authorities killed this guy in a horrible death and to spite them, this Jesus guy had one of the angels of God come back for him after he too was stinking from being dead for three days. He just went about his business again. I’ll tell you something, had it been me? I don’t know if I wouldn’t go hunt down the guys that set me up, beat me with a cat of nine tails and then killed me – if for nothing else than to say “See, told you I’d be back!”

Back to our book called Scripture. O.K. so this Jesus guy tells everyone he has to go back to heaven again, God is missing him, but he gives his followers of the time a few signs of things to happen before he comes back again. What do we do? This guy Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago, said he was the Son of God, did some pretty spectacular things, then gave us these signs to look for, now they have all occurred, now what? Does hell freeze over or what? You know what, I would do? If Jesus really was the Son of God, as he claimed to be, wouldn’t he be like God? So, what I would do if I had a doubt about this Jesus guy? I would find an empty room and put him to the ultimate test by saying something audacious like: “You know God, my life sucks, if you really do exist and you had a son named Jesus – prove it. If you exist and you are the one true God I have heard about, do something great for me as a gesture of good will. If you exist, yeah I would like to have a genuine real relationship with you and get to know you as a best friend. I give you permission to make a difference in my life as any best friend would. Jesus said you would do this for me. I ask you to honor that commitment in Jesus’ name. Done.

Now what if your life was changed? What if that little voice in your heart began to speak more clearly to you? What if you found an unexplained joy and hope? What if… Jesus came tomorrow? Would you be ready?

Something tells me time is very short. No longer a matter of years but days away.