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A Sane Monetary Policy

July 15, 2015

Whatever the Fed is doing, it is hurting us badly. We have to stop the Fed.

The Fed is, of course, the Federal Reserve. It is a private corporation chartered by the United States. It prints money and provides the cash through loans to banks and sometimes (but lately, increasingly) to the Federal Government.

Why does the Fed have the special honor and privilege of printing our money? Why can we only obtain said money by borrowing it? This is, of course, an absurd arrangement and it needs to stop.

Let’s pause a moment to discuss what money is and what money is not. Money is an idea. Anything can be money, literally anything. Money is something that each person chooses for themselves to put value in. Because a lot of people put value in money, other people do the same. For instance, I would like dollars because other people want dollars and I can use those dollars to do things like give me food or fix my car. That makes dollars money. But suppose one day everyone stopped wanting dollars. What good would dollars be? They would be no good at all. A good example of this is the pieces of paper in the game of Monopoly. No one considers that money except for the purposes of playing the game.

Money exists because we, the people, say it does. A dollar has value because there is someone out there who gives it value. This is the basis of money. Money is really something created by and sustained by us. It is our own invention.

The Constitution of the United States gives explicit power to Congress to print money. Up until the Federal Reserve was formed, Congress held on to that power. During times of trouble, when more money was needed, Congress printed more money. When there was too much money, Congress could tax it back. In this way, Congress could control the money supply. It is the truth that for much of our history Congress was very conservative with its power, insisting on using a gold and silver standard for our money. While gold and silver are a good form of money, they are money as much as pieces of paper are money. In the ’70s, the Federal Reserve took us off of the precious metal standard and just printed as much money as it wanted.

A sane monetary policy this is not. Why do we trust a small group of people to make decisions that affects everyone? Shouldn’t everyone have a say in how much money we print and what we use to back our currency? That’s what the Founding Fathers thought, and so they kept monetary policy in the hands of Congress. If there was too little currency, the people would demand that Congress print more, or change what backed it. If there were too much money, then the people could demand that Congress limit its supply. How would the people know if there was too much or too little? They can look at the prices of the things they buy. If they are going up, we have too much money. If they are going down, too little. Prices going up are a problem in and of itself, but prices falling is the worst problem imaginable. It compels poor people to spend their money too early, and pushes all the money into the hands of those who can wait the longest. Manufacturers shut down, retailers close their doors, and the economy goes desolate. This is called deflation, and is the worst possible thing that can happen in an economy. Inflation, on the other hand, is problematic because it discourages investment and saving. It gives an advantage to those who are good at math, and leaves poor people wondering why they are earning more money but not living a better life.

I propose the following resolutions to our current economic problems.

First, abolish the Fed. Have the Federal Government take over the Fed and assume all of its assets. This is perfectly moral in my mind because the Fed is using the power of Congress to create whatever assets it has. It is, and should’ve been, a creature of the Federal Government from the beginning. In so doing, a large chunk of the Federal Debt will disappear.

Second, end fractional reserve banking. This allows banks to effectively print their own money. They do so by loaning out money they have more than once. While this should have the effect of helping the economy, it does so by making debtors out of the American people. Banks should have no more power to print money than anyone else.

Third, have congress print all the money the country needs to keep our currency stable. What should congress do with this money? Spend it, of course. What is the fairest way of all to spend it? I would say it is simply writing a check to each citizen of our country. I would perhaps expand that to each resident of our country. This can appear as a refund for taxes. How much money to create? It’s pretty easy to calculate: Take the rate of growth times our economy’s size and print that much money.

Fourth, eliminate taxes. All of them. Where will congress get money to spend? See step 3 above! Taxes have the effect of diminishing the money supply. It also diverts economic action from its most productive to its least productive. If we were living in an age where productivity didn’t increase every year, then taxes would make a lot of sense. But we aren’t. Taxes are hindering progress. It is shutting down ideas before they even start. We don’t need taxes to pay a debt we don’t have. We don’t need taxes to print money.

Some people want taxes to “hurt” the rich. Seriously consider that sentiment. Why do you want to hurt someone else? In what universe does using government’s power to hurt someone who is doing something legally and lawfully moral? You may think it is immoral to be rich, but consider yourself. You’re likely in a category of wealth that the world has never seen before, and so you suffer from whatever moral failing as any of the rich do.

Note that the net effect of the above is that the only way the money supply can increase to keep up with demand (economic growth) is to have congress print more money. Congress must print this money, and they must spend it, otherwise, our economy will experience deflation. If congress messes up and prints too much money, then we get inflation. Suppose we do get inflation. What does congress need to do? Print less money, or stop printing it altogether for a little while. If they print too little, what happens? Prices fall, and spending slows. What should congress do then? Print more money. How simple can it get?

Also note that by eliminating taxes and eliminating fractional reserve banking, the full economic power of our nation can be unleashed. If we take the additional step of reducing regulations to almost non-existence, we get the added bonus of eliminating the requirements for countless bureaucrats along with the problems they cause. This will also further unleash our full economic growth potential, which demands that congress print even more money to keep up with growth.

With the economy booming, and congress frantically looking for ways to spend the money to prevent deflation, they’re going to settle on the one obvious solution: Simply cut people checks. Whether they give the money only to the poor or the elderly or the young or all people together, it hardly matters. As long as the money gets out among the people, it will be spent, it will further boost economic growth, and it will keep the people happy, and help where it is needed the most. This is why the House of Representatives was deemed to be the one that writes budgets. Since they are elected every 2 years by the people, they are careful to consider the immediate political impact on their district. What member of the house doesn’t wish they could simply write checks to their constituents?

Imagine living in this kind of society. There are no taxes. There is little regulation. Whatever you want to do to make money, as long as it is legal, you can do. If you mess up, that’s OK, congress is going to write you a check, and maybe a handsome one.

Suppose we reach a point where we can’t print and spend money fast enough to keep up with growth. I would say we would have reached to singularity where we no longer need money at all. Anyone who wants to spend money can get a hold of as much as they need. Anyone who wants anything can get a hold of that as well. We’ll be living in an era of unprecedented wealth and growth, where words like “poor” will lose their meaning.


We Need to Put the Brakes on Congress

March 17, 2010

By: Frosty E Hardison

In a recent Gallup Poll (March 12, 2010 – Click Here) Congress’s approval rating is 16. That means on the average of 100 Americans only 16 folks think that Congress is still doing a swell job of representing them. That in itself should be another story being followed up on by the national media.

So, my question to you John & Jane Q Public: Who IS Congress representing?

I mean if the devil is in the details and government is going to get involved even more in heath care – You do know your costs are going to go up – right? That is a given any time government and the waste that goes along with anything government controlled, takes over anything in the private sector.

Do you work in the health care field? Do your doctors like what is coming? Are they whispering about moving to Australia, New Zealand, Japan or Texas? Will this bill limit a doctors’ ability to make a living? When and if the doctors leave, will health care still be all it is? Do you think Congress should have the ability to mandate limitations on such things while at the same time raise their own income on demand? Seems a bit self serving doesn’t it – to be able to raise your own salary and dictate how much others can/cannot make? What is that called? Is it a conflict of interest?

Again, Congress isn’t representing me or our country when they raise their own salaries when their approval rating is so low. So just who is it they are representing?

God help us.
Frosty E Hardison

Frosty E. Hardison is a graduate of Colorado Technical University with a degree in Business Administration. An MBA honors student with a 3.83 GPA, Frosty is most recognized for standing up against the Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth” being shown as a stand alone “science film” in his daughter’s science class in January 2007. Frosty is a Senior Business Analyst and Consultant to small to medium businesses across the nation. He specializes in data research and business analysis as well as work flow/production efficiency – to increase profits. For questions, see his website.

How to fix America

February 6, 2010

By: Frosty E. Hardison

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Much like Akham’s Razor suggests that all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one – sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one too. After months of pondering these questions about the “pending” economic recovery, even during the Bush Administration, I have a few simple low cost solutions myself.

Education: Frankly, we have lost our way. If you take the time to research our public school system over the last hundred years, or even pick up a book or two by John Taylor Gatto (Amazon) you will understand how programmed the American sheeple have become in Amerika. Programmed to go to work in the factories, allowing government to think for them and take care of them. Yeah take care of them as slaves! What happened to self reliance?

Next, we have too many languages to cater to in public school. There should never have been more than one. Divisiveness is killing us from within. Learn it or leave it. Instead of teaching diversity – unite us as a nation. One language, one history and one science not junk science and unproven THEORIES.

You want to teach history? Have some of our soldiers go on a speaking tour with some of the History Channel’s documentary videos relating to the battles some of these soldier were actually in. You want to show the greatest level of respect for a vet? Have them teach about that war and allow our children to learn from real heroes. The benefit of learning history is that we hopefully have learned something from the past mistakes.

I am a Star Trek fan, which we will come back to, I would like to see our nation begin thinking beyond self and stop making politicians richer and making bankers richer – let us focus on the future of our species, our planet and space exploration. Let us unite as a nation and stop bickering about our differences. Let us speak one language (English) and have a second language increase our culture and experience to enhance us not inhibit us.

Let’s build Star Fleet Academy and train our brightest to learn truth by experience, experimentation and observation. Have them seek the truth at all costs and NEVER EVER allow a group of people ever stifle continued discussion of ideas like they are doing now to creationists. (Ben Stein) Let us learn and teach hypothesis and facts – and how to distinguish the two. Let us test ideas for accuracy and if a theory does not have all the answers – let’s keep looking!

The THEORY of evolution is a THEORY and still not a provable fact – it too has too many holes to be the stand alone explanation for life on earth. However, again the simplest explanation in the written record of events by those living at the time who witnessed it first hand cannot be thrown out with the bath water entirely. Get over it. Another historical fact is that nations in history that have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of human rights, laws and believe in the existence of a loving God, flourish and those who lose their moral compass soon perish. Call it God, call it whatever you want to – a society that believes in God and has a sense of good nature and morality – thrive.

Learn by example and emphasize producing repeatable results as a conclusion not some random test sample or basing our facts on a dating method such as radioactive decay that has an accuracy rate of +/-1 – 800 million years.

Economy: First off a simple question. How do companies make money? I mean boiled down to the basics… create a product or service in demand and sell said – right? Wrong. That’s only a partial right answer – to make money means turning a profit. To do that a company has to have revenues that are greater than it’s expenses and serviceable debt. Sure you can create a product or service but unless you make money (a profit) you’re out of business! A hundred and twenty years ago debt was taught as a bad thing to get yourself into. It was part of elementary education. Don’t borrow more money than you can pay back. Cash is king. You can’t borrow yourself out of debt. Common sense right? Look around you today.

According to (Link) the average household had 5 cards or more in 2008 averaging $10,679 – each.  Hello?

These are simple no brainer concepts no longer taught in public schools. This needs to change.

Also, I would like to offer a slight dis-agreement to Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics” philosophy. Trickle down economics doesn’t work nearly as well as TRICKLE UP economics. I state that as a fact of spending habits in combination with Paretto’s Law of 80/20. Whereby 20% of the population own as much as 80% of all assets and wealth in America; while 80% are lucky to make the house payment each month. Continued out in extrapolation – 20% of the population have all they need and the other 80% are heavy consumers needing to spend their income on daily needs. Understand? With that baseline established….

May I offer the solution that if we can stimulate the 80% (major consumers) to be more productive they tend to spend 80% or more of their income on living expenses – which yes may include beer, cigarettes, cable and the basics of life, but let us remember that those industries are owned by the other 20%; so the money still flows north and up the chain then needs to come back down – like the water cycle. Whereas this last stimulus package the Obama-nation supported went to the 20% of wealth owners in America. The problem is conservative estimates suggest the stimulus money stayed right there. That’s $3.3 trillion that went nowhere but into the pockets and bank accounts of the wealthiest people in the world. (Stimulus went where?)

Ergo – this is the very reason we have not seen a fast economic recovery. The banks and big business owners that this last stimulus money went to never made it into the creation of jobs, never got spread around throughout the economy – it did however go to line the pockets of senior executives in just about every echelon of big banks and businesses. Billions of dollars in tax money went to pay bonuses and 6-7 figure incomes. Where do you think that money went? Did you see any of it? Where is your bailout? We covered earlier that these 20% need not spend their money as much as the 80% do right? I mean when you’re making millions of dollars and your house payment is a mere 2 – 10% of that – you get to save more of your money in off shore bank accounts – right?

The best way to jump start the economy is simple, stop the pork in Congress, stop allowing lobbyists to bank roll government officials, stop giving bankers any stimulus money to manage, demand an accounting for the money they already have accepted and spend that money on getting rid of the Federal Reserve, re-establish fair lending laws making 12% the maximum interest rate any bank, credit card or contract can charge. Lastly, stabilize the money supply with platinum, gold, silver, copper or aluminum.

Next? Get rid of the income tax for a sales tax. The nation will make more money with a sales tax on the US GDP than with an income tax anyway. By getting rid of the Federal Reserve we can allow banks to borrow from the US Government and pay interest there where the cost/expense of credit go back into our nation’s economy, not the world bank, bank of London or some other country like China.

Finances: How do you fix finances? Again look at history. In the late 1920’s the nation of Germany had hyperinflation. The government had printed so much paper money that it became valueless. Sound familiar? It took thousands of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. (Germany 1924) The U.S. is headed that direction if we don’t get the Federal Reserve off our backs and overhaul our Congress.

An old saying suggests that when you are in a hole the first step to getting out is to stop digging. We need to turn the tables on banks that offer credit cards at 30%. We need to put the caps back and since the average persons credit rating is held so high as a measurement of worth in this country, make the credit bureaus a lot more accountable to accuracy.

The first and cheapest solution to fixing our nations finances is making the money stable and backed by something of value. Again we have to get rid of the Federal Reserve printing more and more worthless paper that is no longer worth anything more than an idea. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of the tax and spend by both sides of the house and senate. One of the first signs of a government getting out of hand is once they have a spigot installed on your wallet. Once that happens all accountability goes out the window and they have total power. The founding fathers knew this – which is why the direct tax was prohibited as a fact in the U.S> Constitution (Article 1 Sec. 9 lines 4 & 5) Didn’t we learn anything from the Magna Carta? Once taxation was taken away from the king – the king lost all control. I could go on here about Rothschild and the Napoleonic war and how his hired man rushed the news of victory to Rothschild who spread the rumor that England had lost only to buy nearly everything for pennies on the dollar the next day when the market collapsed. I’ll save that story for another rant, I mean another day.

The key point is your money is losing value daily. The reason is our paper dollar is not backed by tangible assets any longer. That needs to change. What good is it to have a million dollars in the bank, and in 10 years have two million – with less buying power? That’s the erosion of your retirement, your savings and taking away the need for savings – period.

Healthcare: We need to get government and lawyers out of the healthcare business. A free society needs to have the choice of competition in medicine – or we will surely die of the cure instead of the disease. “Government governs best when it governs least.” That is a quote from Thomas Paine which still holds true today. (Thomas Paine). I tell you a key to getting politicians out of our healthcare system is to mandate that politicians have to use the same healthcare and stand in line like the rest of us – with no chance of favoritism being given to them. What’s good for the nation should be good enough for these public servants.

I like this quote too:  “It would be a better place if the guy telling us nothing can be done would get out of the way of those of us actually already doing it!” I find this a particularly fun quote as my wife and I used to teach finance classes and when it came to fast growth stocks and negotiating with creditors… we heard all kinds of excuses of why it wouldn’t work from people that had never tried it. Then I showed them I already did it. Yeah, lead follow or get out of the way. If you’re not a part of the solution you are part of the problem. If you want to tell me how to fix something – be prepared to back it up with proven results.

You want to fix something – go back in time when it was working – and learn from the mistakes we’ve made in taking from some to give to others.

If lazy people wish to be lazy – let them reap what they sow. But don’t sit there and punish me because I want more for my family out of life than to live in a mobile home and be a beer drinking redneck. I have not gone to college for 12 years and taken all the classes I can to be more than just the sum of my parts – only to have my go getter attitude taxed so that some lazy fool can get his welfare check and cigarettes. I did not sign on for that in life.

And that my dear reader is how we can fix America before it becomes Amerika.

God help us.

Frosty E Hardison

Frosty E. Hardison is a graduate of Colorado Technical University with a degree in Business Administration. An MBA honors student with a 3.83 GPA, Frosty is most recognized for standing up against the Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth” being shown as a stand alone “science film” in his daughter’s science class in January 2007. He specializes in data research and analysis as well as work flow/production efficiency. For questions, see his website.

Does God Exist?

March 8, 2009

What if there is a God? What if Jesus, you know the guy you can’t talk about in a public school, really does exist? What if God had some of His best people write down a few things, so that we could have a better understanding of how to fully live life, get along with each other and live a prosperous life without having to have a job and be dependent upon anyone else but Him for our living? What if a few of the things written down in this book, we need a snazzy name for the book… let’s call it something really cool…. How about Scripture? That sounds like an important name for a book doesn’t it? Ok so we have this book, we call Scripture and what if a few of these writers were really connected to this God? What if the writers of this book went out of their way to write down what God predicted as future events? Would that add some credibility? Granted, God couldn’t go around on tour to promote His book like Oprah, but the fact that those things God spoke about and the writers quoted God as saying… have come true over the past 60 years – pretty cool.

Ok so we have set the stage for the next great event. This guy, Jesus, used to walk around the land of Israel giving motivational speeches like Anthony Robbins. Jesus would talk hope for the future, he’d talk about loving each other, he would talk about what God wanted to see for us. Unlike the 60’s movement though, Jesus didn’t need drugs, LSD or a bunch of sex toys or a harem of women to get his message across and live one way and talk another. Jesus was genuine in his message. Top that off with the accounts and testimony of the people who’s lives he changed. This Jesus guy did all kinds of things that even today seem pretty out there. He feed 5,000 people at a public luncheon using only a child’s lunch, he allegedly brought several people back to life… and I don’t mean like they had fallen in a frozen lake and he gave them CPR, I mean, these people were dead for days, rigor mortis had set in, they were buried and they were starting to stink – That is DEAD. He reanimated them like some zombie film you’d watch on fright night only these people were fine, like they had been given a chance at a better life. Cool stuff.

Now, suppose this Jesus guy that did all these great things, was a control freak? What if he commanded us to follow him rather than give us a choice? Would you follow him? I don’t know about you but I am not really a follower of an ego centric guy that feels he has to command me to obey – or kill me. Every tyrant in history has had that modis-operandi of follow me or die. I mean look at what is going on in the Middle East and Asia today. Convert of die! Nope not this guy.

Jesus was cool, he was subtle, he embodied his message of love. He helped the injured, cured the sick and asked for nothing in return really. He did say that God was a great God and there was more to Him than met the eye. Jesus also said that this God guy wanted to know us. God wanted a personal relationship with us. No one had ever heard that before, and to deliver this message Jesus said this God had sent His own son. This was too much for the townsfolk of the time to hear, so they killed this guy. You know what though? The story didn’t end there, this guy Jesus didn’t really care what the townsfolk said or did, he just went on about his mission. The local authorities killed this guy in a horrible death and to spite them, this Jesus guy had one of the angels of God come back for him after he too was stinking from being dead for three days. He just went about his business again. I’ll tell you something, had it been me? I don’t know if I wouldn’t go hunt down the guys that set me up, beat me with a cat of nine tails and then killed me – if for nothing else than to say “See, told you I’d be back!”

Back to our book called Scripture. O.K. so this Jesus guy tells everyone he has to go back to heaven again, God is missing him, but he gives his followers of the time a few signs of things to happen before he comes back again. What do we do? This guy Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago, said he was the Son of God, did some pretty spectacular things, then gave us these signs to look for, now they have all occurred, now what? Does hell freeze over or what? You know what, I would do? If Jesus really was the Son of God, as he claimed to be, wouldn’t he be like God? So, what I would do if I had a doubt about this Jesus guy? I would find an empty room and put him to the ultimate test by saying something audacious like: “You know God, my life sucks, if you really do exist and you had a son named Jesus – prove it. If you exist and you are the one true God I have heard about, do something great for me as a gesture of good will. If you exist, yeah I would like to have a genuine real relationship with you and get to know you as a best friend. I give you permission to make a difference in my life as any best friend would. Jesus said you would do this for me. I ask you to honor that commitment in Jesus’ name. Done.

Now what if your life was changed? What if that little voice in your heart began to speak more clearly to you? What if you found an unexplained joy and hope? What if… Jesus came tomorrow? Would you be ready?

Something tells me time is very short. No longer a matter of years but days away.

The REAL Reason for Gun Control

March 8, 2009

To control Guns or not to control guns? Today is a basic History lesson. I am going to ask and interject a lot of “What ifs” to you. Do you know what rights are granted and protected under the Constitution? Were you even taught those in school? Did you know there is no law separating church from state? There is a law stating that the church cannot tell the government what to do… but no where is it written that God is to be kicked out of schools or that Christ should not be the center of our daily lives. This is one of the great lies being fed to you from an ever increasing oligarchy government.

What is an oligarchy? It’s a separation of classes thing, where all of the power of government is held by a select few. A select few by the way that you do not get to pick, choose or for that matter become a member of. Wake up! It’s here, more and more governmental powers are being taken from you as you sleep.

How about your right to bear weapons? Where does that end? If the right to bear arms was a formal declaration that entitled the common citizen the ability to withstand lawlessness and government interference in his/her own home, shouldn’t a common man have access and rights to the same if not better weapons than those that will be used upon and against him by an aggressive and hostile police state? Of course they should. Do the lawyers and the jjudges want you to be able to resist their power? Of course not. So now you’re stuck aren’t you? By the way, have you noticed your ability to protect yourself and your family has slowly been eroded away to “Protect you” or for “Your best interest”. Do you buy that? If you do, you deserve to have your weapons taken away. Have you noticed that there are more stores with their own security guards? Have you noticed that the courts revolving door policy and feel good “misunderstood criminal” mind set has made justice a mockery? Isn’t it amazing that people charged with committing crimes have more rights than the victims?

Truth of the matter is, your guns are being taken away to control you and protect police officers, court clerks, judges and on up the latter to Congress. Have you ever noticed how cocky law enforcement officers are? Do you see them acting in your best interests? Do you think there would be a need for the added security in stores if they were? They can’t even prevent a stalker from killing his target. I see them acting just like everyone else, they are after all human beings in bullet proof vests. Have you seen the movies “Unlawful Entry”; “Lakeview Terrace” or how about “Eagle Eye”? These movies should scare the snot out of you. Let me ask you, do you think for a minute that law makers, judges, police, stalkers, robbers, thieves, rapists, sexual predators and even Congress would treat you like sheep if you had a side arm or two strapped to your leg like John Wayne? Do you think a police officer would respect your rights and opinions more if they knew you also had a gun and a bullet proof vest on?

Understand something. I am not against the police for protecting and serving. I am against the totalitarinism mentality that because they have the gun and are granted authority by another authority to use it, they are the all knowing authority on anything. After all, isn’t it the power of the people that grants such authority? It is in this Republic. While we are on the subject of Republic, people should be educated as to what type of governments are what. We are a Republic not a Democracy. We may, as a country be acting more like a Democracy as that is the result of more and more select groups of people masterminding power grabs and just how Rome fell, but this nation was founded as a Republic. just thought you should know.

Let me change focus a bit. What would happen if America were to be invaded today? Did you know it was one of Japan’s greatest fears in World War 2, to think of invading America? I know there was a time when people understood that gun ownership meant not only self protection but also meant that no foreign or domestic government would get too big for it’s britches. Maybe that is why our founding fathers put it to paper in the Constitution? Do you think that politicians might give their actions a second thought if they knew a sniper could change their public policy really fast? They sure as hell can’t be impeached or replaced as easily as some should be.

I don’t know how much exposure you have had to law enforcement. We have had a long run of vandalism and theft in our neighborhood for years. The police have even thought it fitting to take our kids away when our 21 year old daughter was home and we were not at home – without a warrant by the way – all because of a bunch of lies being spread by school teachers and students at my son’s elementary. Dealing with many of these officers is like trying to change water to wine… it is an act of God to get them to do anything. They say their hands are tied on what to do, but don’t take the law into your own hands. What, so you want that I should sit here and take this abuse? Over my dead body and from my cold dead hands!

In a Constitutional governmental Republic like we had originally set up to govern this land, there were checks and balances put into place. Do you know what they were? There were three branches of government set up to make sure that each of the other branches behaved themselves. If the government was not doing its job there was always the right of the people to assemble, raise arms and a militia to cause action to be taken. Shortly after it became accepted that law enforcement officers could mandate guns be taken away from gun owners entering the city, (see Tombstone) everything began to change. Then by about 1870 the Republic began to fall apart and move toward an oligarchy whereby a few people have all the power of government instead of the power remaining in the hands of WE the PEOPLE.

In that time after it became acceptable for guns to be outlawed in town, slowly through large business lobbies, the servitude of the working masses and controlling their paychecks and then making mandates for education (see Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto), big business and handfuls of lawmakers took away the greatness that was freedon in America. Education became more about how to work and get a job rather than learning a trade as an apprntice and working for yourself. Senators were being bought off by big business lobbyists so bad that public outcry for action brought about the law that Senators were to be elected by the people instead of by the House of Representatives. Did anything really change? Weren’t the same corrupt Senators re-elected into place? There is something to be said of name recognition.

Let me ask you: in a gun owning society, do you think the government would ever dream of snatching your kids away from you? Would they think for a second that C.P.S. could raise your kids better than you? Think about it. What would happen to the police, the judges and law makers passing laws to take your kids? Do you think maybe there would be a bit of attrition in the police force? Do you think that maybe a few judges would died of lead poisoning? Perhaps a few law makers would meet their end as well? Have you noticed that more of your rights have been slowly taken away over the years? Did you ever do some research and see that it began right after it became acceptable for law enforcement to insist that you take off your guns when you enter town? Ever heard of the O.K. Corral? Today to get around the legal issue of gun ownership – it’s ok to own a gun, it’s just illegal for you to fire it. Is that stupid? Why would our founding fathers protect our rights to gun ownership only to have them not be allowed to be fired?

What if your neighbor was a drug dealer and the police show up at your door by mistake? What if you told them they have the wrong house, and they didn’t believe you? What if you told them to go away because they didn’t even have a warrant? Do you think they would go away? What if they didn’t have a warrant, busted your door down and you defended yourself by shooting them? Would you be guilty as far as the police are concerned and shot instantly? Would you be killed and would the media spin the truth saying you should have opened the door? Would the rules of unlawful search and seizure ever come up? Would “probable cause” be the excuse to violate your Constitutional Rights? Even the courts say probable cause isn’t enough. Do you know that? My 22 year old daughter didn’t know it either. They don’t teach this ion school – that’s why they are dumbing you down. The less you know the eisier you are to control. Would the media say that you shouldn’t have owned a gun? Probably. Would the media say that you broke the law by firing a weapon within the city limits? What is the second amendment for, if law enforcement can do whatever they want?

How about a more sinister power grab? Did you know it is illegal for the government to tax your personal income? Did you know it is a formally denied act under Article 1 Sec. 9 lines 4 & 5 of powers denied the government? Yet here we are nearly 100 years later and Congress is still conveniently passing laws and paper to buy votes, sign spending bills we will never pay back and making certain your kids will never learn of these things because they see the need to teach multi-culturalism before we teach, reading, math, truth, justice and the American History that made this nation great.

I see tough times ahead. The more power this government takes, the more common sense individuals, Godly men and women along with intellectuals will begin to revolt. The more people that slip through the mighty fingers of absolute government? The sooner this system will fail and the sooner we can get back on track with another Declaration of Independence!

No matter the means of control used, this government, the more it moves toward oligarchy and evenutually an evil monarchy the more the people will begin to revolt. How do you control that? You implant everyone in your nation with a biochip. The biochip has two settings on or off. If the chip is turned off you don’t buy, sell and ultimately do not eat if you are unable to fend for yourself. You starve to death if you don’t go along with status quo. So suddenly in a very short time period a person with a little power can single you and your family out and have your chip turned off. Can you imagine that happening? Look for it baby – it begins May 2009 with the National ID and the chip that come with it.

Frosty E Hardison

Are You Broke? Continued…

May 15, 2008

A few months ago, I asked you if you know why it is you are broke?

No one answered. No one even replied. Not here. Not even in the news paper.

About the same time, I sent out an email to my peers, friends, family and acquaintances… I asked them if they would be interested in starting an investment club here in Federal Way? I told them I had had a very good success record and I’d love to show them what I have been doing. No one even responded. Well, that isn’t entirely true – my kids jumped at the offer because they know what I can do, they have seen it and we took our profits and spent a good portion of them going on vacations to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas and on a weeks vacation to Raging Waters in San Jose and Disneyland.

In 2003, we got a tax refund of $2500. I invested it into a company that had a constant stock price fluctuation like this one does over the last year:;range=1y;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined

Over a 4 month period, I bought the stock each time it hit the bottom line, and sold it each time it came close to hitting the top line. I didn’t know what it was called, I didn’t really know to keep doing this and double my money exponentially until I could retire. I cashed out at $12,500 – in 4 months. At the time, all I knew was that it worked, that I was good at finding these stocks and researching them to limit risk and make sure they will continue to be there for me. At the time, I had the traveling bug and wanted to go on vacations with the family. So that is what we used the money for.

I stopped completely when I cashed out. That is, until last September (2007), when I rediscovered an old math lesson from college called doubling a penny for 30 days.

That’s when I started thinking… how can I make this work? I’ve done this before… but where? Guess what I remembered? Today, I’m not using pennies… I’m using dollars. I’m not using days I am using months and quarters. I’m not just cashing out, I am re-investing and I am still doubling. I started with $500. By my calculations, if my investment portfolio is worth $10,000 today and I can continue this trend trading (also called channel trading and cyclical trading) I should be able to retire by next year and just spend a few minutes a day trading my stocks, right? With the penny doubling calculations at $10,000 – I am at week 21… so if I am on track I’m about 9 months away. Check my math am I right?

I have 5 criteria that a stock must match:

1. In business for more than 3 years.

2. The cycle has to be regular for the last year.

3. The company is stable and not going deeper into debt.

4. Buy low sell high.

5 Have an exit strategy – Can you sell what you own? (Daily Volume > 4k) What will you invest in next?

So, back to the invites… I got three bites from people that wanted to invest with me and have me coach them along, my daughter, her boyfriend and my oldest son. Yeah that really didn’t shock me either.

Someone wise once said to another person whom he had held underwater for over a minute: “When you want success as bad as you wanted to breathe just now? That is when you will become successful.” This I find true at every turn I make – be it teaching finance classes for our church or trying to teach adults with no business savvy to save for their future so they can invest.

Even Jesus said: “The broke will always be with you.”

It’s interesting to me that everyone wants to complain when it comes to not having enough money, but getting them to do something about it, other than whining louder? Priceless.

So I have taught you all I can. It is up to you to want the information and take your own risks. If you can use this information? Use it wisely.

Why are you broke?

March 6, 2008

Are you broke? Do you want to know why you’re broke? No, this is not a rhetorical question. Do you KNOW why you’re broke? You are broke because of people that give you advice like Doug Legg does (Mirror – Dec 26, 2007) and the fools like him that keep printing this same song and dance garbage about saving money, and how a 401k is good for you and contribute to your IRA. All of it is crap! If you listen and take advice from these people? THAT is why you are broke. If you take foolish advice from the ungodly and the financially uneducated people you get what you deserve.

Every single year that goes by, I hear and read the same stupid financial advice on making and saving money all spewed out by broke people in the business of making money off of what products they can sell you and make a fee off of you from your investments. Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Primerica and Edward Jones are only a few of the companies that are willing to pay you a small return on your money for their “services”.

Give me a break. If you REALLY want to make some money and become wealthy? Ask someone that has done it, ask someone that is already wealthy to teach you how. Play Monopoly and LEARN something. If you’re too lazy to do it yourself, find an investment club and invest into a limited partnership where you can invest your money with others as a joint venture and profit share on income producing real estate. Do not take the advice of the unwise or ungodly that are nothing more than sales people interested in making money from your ability to save money.

By the way, if some ding dong comes up to you and spouts off their education to make you feel inferior to their credentials? Look them right in the face and tell them: “An education and degrees of education are no substitute for true intelligence or the natural blessings of Almighty God in a person possessing true wisdom. You want to impress me? Promise to triple my investment every year. ”

How can you tell the difference between a broker and an intelligent investor? To start with, ask your broker how much money they made last year? (The more the better) How much did they increase their own investments and by what percentage? (Anything less than a 50% gain is a loser) How much did they pay in taxes last year on their income? (The answer you want is 0 or less than 5% of their income) Ask your broker how much debt they personally carry? ($0 is what you are looking for a house payment is max)  Ask your broker how many businesses they own and what type of businesses are they?  – a Sole Proprietorship? A “C class” or “S Class” business? A LLC, a LLP? (This answer will determine if their tax rate is between  0% and 60% in taxes)  Ask your broker how many companies they have control of and where they are incorporated? (The more corps they own the better) Ask your broker what their bottom line was last year – was that return on investment income? (The higher the better) Or from having a job? (The higher the worse)

Anyone can have a job. The government depends upon you having a job, paying exorbitant taxes and not being educated or intelligent enough to have a business to “save money with” and legally avoid paying higher taxes. Notice I said avoid paying taxes and NOT evade paying taxes. You have a legal right and a responsibility to avoid paying as much taxes as possible using the tax laws to your advantage.

Let me tell you another secret – It’s easy for someone that has taken loans for millions of dollars to say they are a millionaire – right? I mean of course it is easy to be a person with a million dollars when you are in debt for $100 million – right? The key point is how much do they owe and how much above expenses do they make each month? How much did their own personal stock increase last year? What is their monthly cash flow income after expenses? Do they own a Nevada, a Wyoming or a Delaware Corporation as a tax shelter so they don’t pay high rate income taxes or capital gains taxes to the government before being able to re-invest the money they make? Do they own the corporation to protect themselves from broke fools and scum of the earth lawyers that see the legal system as a get rich quick scam? If you get honest answers to these questions you may be able to make a more informed decision on investing your hard earned money.

Empower and educate yourself on investing and managing your own money before turning it over to anyone else – especially bankers, brokers and panhandlers on the street corner. None of these people will be more motivated to make you wealthy than you will be.  And again if you are too lazy? Join an investment club!

Want to Hear a Secret?

March 6, 2008

My wife Gayla and I have for years been “on the hunt” for wisdom in regards to finances and wealth building. During our search for secrets and opportunities for wealth we have learned a great deal, we’ve even become debt free. We owe a mortgage on our house – that’s it.

We have learned more in the last two months with regard to wealth building than we ever learned in the decade before. One thing I did not realize until recently was that a single person with wisdom, resources and wealth can make more of an impact in his local neighborhood and church than a single person with time on their hands, a cause and a vote.

All Gayla and I have ever wanted to do and be, is a blessing to our community, our neighbors and our own children. And so it began. In 2003 between February and June, I had learned enough and taught myself enough about stocks and the stock market to take $2500 and build it up to $12,500. Yes, 4 months 500% growth. During that same time we were paying tithes to our church and we even sponsored and wholly financed Easter Egg hunts ($300-400 each), we adopted 5 families at Christmas ($400 each) and invested in outreach programs for our church ($100-400 each). We were a resource for our church at the time.

Now, I don’t say this to boast. I say this to teach you the secret we over-looked.

This last week, we discovered the secret we had been oblivious to and had been overlooking for the last decade. We love people. We live for Christ, love sharing the truth that He is, was and forever will be.

Now that we have found the secret to wealth, we will become wealthy again… very wealthy. In fact more so than before because we found the secret! With a decided desire and purpose my wife and I have determined to make an even greater impact in our community. All because we discovered a secret recently that has made a huge difference in our walk with Christ and our financial bottom line.

Here’s the thing I struggle with though. I have for the last 30 years or so chosen to speak my mind about the truth and how upside down the world has become. I have for all of my adult life been a huge supporter of education – not public stupidity – EDUCATION. Wisdom can only come from one source, that source is NOT in a public school. In fact the one source of wisdom has been removed from the curriculum of schools in this country for decades. People of all education levels look at our schools to see what is being taught – and the basics of human intelligence are being taught… but it’s what you can’t see that isn’t being taught.

How about common sense? Can a public school class room teach common sense?

I equate that as something akin to asking Louis Farrakhan if he would teach a Sunday Bible study class. Sure he could do it, but at the same time he’s going to teach you about how the Bible and Christians have hurt so many people of non-Christian nations over the years.

So, I guess common sense could be taught in a public school, but I can assure you that NEA/WEA union teachers are going to try to interject the godless doctrine and philosophy of the Democratic National Committee at the same time. Teaching things like it’s ok to be gay, or dressing like crap is just your way of expressing yourself. Things like teaching Sex Ed without teaching abstinence, handing out condoms instead of “Choosing a Mate for life” pamphlets. Teaching “science” with the Al Gore film on global warming that doesn’t hit the truth that there is not one single thing this world is prepared to do – much less able to do, to control the future of global warming.

So the question comes down to this: Can I teach you the secrets of wisdom and wealth building? I already have. If you didn’t get it, probably not. You see, just like the teachers union I will teach you history, philosophy and agriculture all at the same time – only I will throw in theology – because these mixed together are in fact the secrets we learned by accident to become wealthy. But unlike the teachers, my method works. Theirs only confuses you more.

To recap: I have in this short time taught you how to be wealthy within the conscripts of this simple blog. The thing is, 98% will not find it. I have taught you to be a Christian, a conservative, question the motives of the teachers unions, don’t have sex until you’re married, how to find the right mate for life and the power of giving. Did you see it?