Constitution Series

Title Date
I. Foundation 3/15/2009
II. Individual Rights 3/16/2009
III. Independence 3/17/2009
IV. Forms of Government 3/19/2009
V. Checks and Balances 3/20/2009
VI. The Congress 3/21/2009
VII. The House of Representatives 3/23/2009
VIII. The Senate 3/24/2009
IX. How a Bill Becomes Law 3/15/2009
X. How to Amend the Constitution 3/26/2009
XI. The President 3/27/2009
XII. The Supreme Court and the Judiciary 3/28/2009
XIII. The States 3/30/2009
XIV. The People 3/31/2009
XV. Religion 4/1/2009
XVI. The Militia and Arms 4/2/2009
XVII. Capitalism, Property Rights, and Business 4/3/2009
XVIII. Crimes, Criminals, and Guilt 4/4/2009
XIX. Slavery 4/6/2009
XX. Suffrage 4/7/2009

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