Is Government Too Big?

How big should government be? Should it control 90% of our economy? 50%? 10%? Less?

I believe that less than $1 out of every $100 spent in our country should come from the government. That is a government that spends less than 1% of the total money spent in our country. The sad truth is that out government—local, state, and federal—dominate our economy with a monstrous 45% of all spending.

See USGovernmentSpending.Com for details on how big our government really is.

See his blog post on redesigning his site for why this is important to understand.

2 Responses to “Is Government Too Big?”

  1. Andrew Han Says:

    Can you name me a single government in human history larger than a city-state that has succeeded on this model?

    Or is this just your gut feeling speaking?

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