A Post-Racial Society

January 18, 2017 by

Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream was a nation where we didn’t see each other as black and white, but we looked at each other’s character.

It’s sad to say we’re a long way off of that dream.

It takes two things to make this a reality:

  1. Stop associating with your own skin color.
  2. Stop associating others with their skin color.

One of the worst symptoms of the failures of MLK’s dream is that this word, “racism”, has lost all meaning. It used to mean those people who couldn’t see past one’s race. Now it means anyone who is white, or disagrees with a black person on literally anything.

Thankfully, we live in an age when calling someone a “racist” is the same as calling them a “poo-poo head”. Perhaps we can start addressing the issue of racial politics now that we can’t just call each other names.

Can you have Christian Morality without Christ?

January 8, 2017 by

I puzzle over atheists and agnostics and others who claim to live up to Christian morals but reject Christ. I can’t help but think they are only picking up those morals that are convenient and shiny and leaving the rest behind.

To wit, Christian morals boil down to this:

  • None of us are perfect. Not even close.
  • But that’s ok, because when we make mistakes, we can repent through Christ and try again.
  • If we’re ever going to do anything right, it’s when we follow Christ’s example.
  • Even then, if we’re not doing it out of perfect love for God and our neighbor, we’re hypocrites and need to go back to step 1.

The point of it all is that ultimately, moral behavior is not the point of Christian morality. That’s not the goal, even though it is a happy side-effect. The point of Christian morality is to reconcile oneself with God. We are mortal, fallen creatures, and God is perfect in every way, and there is an infinite divide between our current state and his state, a divide that can only be crossed by Christ.

Christians who grasp this concept realize that there is nothing they can do to repay Christ, that their salvation is entirely dependent on Christ and nothing else. There is nothing they can do to qualify for God’s love. There is nothing they can do except receive it into their lives.

Such people live a life of peace and happiness and rest. In such a state, where all worry is removed, where all sins are atoned for, the individual can focus on only the most important things: Loving God and loving each other. The Christians quest, therefore, is not perfect obedience to God’s laws, but a change in heart, a change in perspective, a change in belief, a change in direction, to align our will with God’s.

Christians who adhere to this morality no longer worry about whether such-and-such behavior is congruent with God. We don’t look at people and say, “That person is going to hell, that person is going to heaven.” We know who we were before Christ changed us, and so we view people as “Yet to discover Christ” and “already discovered and received Christ.”

It puzzles me that people look at the Christians and see our good works, our charity, our service, our high moral lifestyle, or our impregnable character, and they think that is what makes us Christian. It’s the same as watching a Cargo Cult. All the bamboo flight control towers are powerless to bring any airplanes in.

You may claim to be living up to Christian standards without believing in or receiving Christ, but all you are doing is what Christ called hypocrisy, AKA, acting. You’re exactly like the Pharisees that Christ was so violently opposed to, walking around pretending to be good but inwardly are wholly disobedient and unworthy before God.

I honestly wonder, sometimes, what people mean when they say they have Christian morals but reject Christ. Do you read the Word of God in the Bible? Do you pray in your heart and mind and from time to time on your knees? Do you beg God for forgiveness, or ask for him to manifest his perfect love in your heart? Do you pray for your enemies, do good to them that persecute you and abuse you, and turn the other cheek when smitten? Do you strive to obey the commandments not because you know they are important but simply because you love God and love your neighbor?

Or are you just acting out a fantasy and think that a token donation here and a smile and nod there will somehow give you the same things that Christians daily receive?

Please, do not be fooled. Do not be deceived about what it is that a Christian is, what it is we believe, or what it is Christ showed us. Do not confuse us and our culture and Western Civilization with Christianity. Those things came from Christianity, but they are not the same things. Do not think that your vain efforts to preserve the products of Christianity without preserving Christianity will do any better than any other society has done in the history of the world.

I beg of you, get on your knees and pray to know Christ for yourself, to have all your sins taken away and to have your heart changed so that you to, can be reborn, your stony heart replaced with a fleshy one, and you can feel what it is we feel for you for yourself and for others.

The Liberal’s Record of Misogyny

January 6, 2017 by

I’m reading The Eugenics Plot of the Minimum Wage and I realize something: Liberals, leftists, democrats, have been trying to disempower not just minorities but women and children as well. This has been going on for over a century now.

Everything the left accuses the right of being and doing, they themselves are and have done. In psychology, this is called projection: We see in others what we see in ourselves.

The heritage of freedom we inherited from our Founding Fathers laid the basis of an economic and political system that truly frees people from the manipulation and control of others. Here in America, that meant women, children, minorities, all were empowered to choose their own destiny. Despite the oppressive culture of hate and shame that democrats forced on women and minorities, as long as republicans, or rather, conservatives ran the political system, they were free to thrive as much as they liked.

Because the system conservatives have built is so effective in liberating people from their would-be tyrants, it is opposed on all fronts. One of the ways that you can interfere with freedom is by imposing a minimum wage. Minimum wages don’t give people raises. Only an increase in the value of their labor can earn them a raise. No, minimum wage denies access to the labor market to those who don’t already possess the necessary skills: The less-desirables that the eugenicists wanted to eliminate, the minorities that the democrats want to enslave.

The quickest way to turn thugs in gangs in the inner city into valuable employees is to eliminate the minimum wage. Those who would rather run their own business then be employed by someone else could also be freed by a lowering or elimination of taxes, along with deregulation. If a poor, uneducated, improperly raised black youth in the inner city has the freedom to start their own business or to get a job even though they don’t yet have valuable skills, why would they turn to high-risk activities that include violence and criminal behavior? There is a lot more money to be made doing actual work that people want done.

The issue is not and never has been about helping the poor, though. Democrats don’t want to help the poor. They call Obama’s presidency, with its devastating effects on the poor and especially the black population, a success. In other words, they are claiming victory because they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish.

If they truly wanted to help the poor, they would help the poor, with their own money and time, like republicans and conservatives do with their own money and time. If they truly wanted to help the poor, they would spend time getting to know the poor and their life challenges, rather than ensure that their kids attend elite schools.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

January 5, 2017 by

We have a problem in America, and it’s pretty easy to see it once you turn off the news and pay attention to what’s really going on. There is a significant population among us who believe they can get away with murder and more because no one will hold them accountable.

Why would we not hold this population to the same standards as everyone else? Why would we tolerate them committing crime upon crime and never hold them to account for them?

It’s the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” The reason why they are held to lower standards is because there is a significant population among us that believes they can never achieve any kind of positive success, and that they are in a lower condition because of past injustices.

The population held to lower standards are blacks and other less desirable minorities. I don’t think they’re less desirable, the democrats and leftists in our country do. They think they can’t achieve the same kind of success that they have achieved, or rather, that they are inferior in some way to the whites and asians in our country.

The solution is simple: When you see this soft bigotry, call it out. Say things like, “If they were white, they would be in prison or worse.” Make it clear that the only reason why they are not held to account is because of their skin color. “If they were white, we would demand they not act like animals.” “If they were white, we would expect them to get a job and be productive members of society.” Carry the message to the end.

Racism does exist in this country, and the blacks and hispanics are the victims of it. Democrats and leftists believe they can never reach civil standards of living like whites and asians, and so they look the other way when they brutally kidnap and torture a disabled white young man, or when they rape and murder and assault other people.

Racism must end, and it ends when we point it out.

Revitalizing the Inner Cities

January 1, 2017 by

Trump won not because more whites voted for the republican candidate than ever before. No, he won record numbers of blacks and hispanics.


I think it’s because Donald Trump understands what’s going on in the inner cities where liberals run the show.

Question: If Trump is successful at revitalizing the inner cities by breaking decades of democrat tyranny, will blacks and hispanics living in the inner cities vote for him a second term? Will they vote for like-minded republicans in the future?

Answer: Probably. And that spells the end of the democratic party. If they can’t get the unions to vote for them, if they can’t get the blacks and hispanics and women to vote for them, and if whites and men won’t vote for them, who will vote for them anymore?

Bonus points: What happens when all the states impose voter ID and purge their voter rolls of illegal and double-registered voters? We know that the M.O. if the democratic party has been to steal elections by voting multiple times thanks to lax requirements on voter registration and such.

Triple bonus round: Why have the democrats lost so many seats under Obama? I think the answer to this question points you to an unavoidable truth: The democratic party is rapidly becoming irrelevant, and since they show no signs of trying to change, I wonder who will replace them as the opposition party. I don’t see socialists and environmentalists getting together in another coalition anytime soon.

Can you kill an ideology?

January 1, 2017 by

A discussion on the famous The Donald forum pointed out how, if you take Islam literally, good Muslims should go about killing, enslaving, and force-converting the rest of mankind. Many people might try to argue with this assessment, but the historical record is clear and there is no arguing that that’s what the people who carried Mohammed’s ideas into the world did. Since that is the way Islam has been for over 1500 years, then the radical Muslims are not the people going around killing, enslaving, and force-converting the rest of the world. It’s the Muslim who quietly worships with his family and speaks out against the violence that is the true radical.

People talk about the reformation of the Christian world as if something fundamental changed in our belief system. The truth is something did change: We got access to the Bible. When the poorest peasant became just as familiar with the Bible as the professional priest, it’s awfully hard to hide the message of the Bible from the people. In short, Christianity was converted back to Christianity as it is presented in the Bible. The Bible saved Christianity from itself, providing the necessary ideas to reform it, or rather, restore it. That said, there are still a lot of things that people see wrong in the behavior of the churches and the clergy and the laity, but that’s the thing: We’re talking about how we’re not living up to Christ’s clear and unimpeachable message.

Can you kill an ideology? Is it possible to erase Christianity from the world? Old, perverted Christianity of the Middle Ages is gone and buried. There is no one who seriously believes the stuff we believed before we had access to the Bible. So yes, you can kill an ideology, as we can see with Christianity.

The liberal left is trying to kill an ideology today. They are trying to eradicate all conservative thought, all rational thought when it comes to government and rights. They want to get God out of public debate, make it so that we can’t reference Him as the Author of our unalienable rights, a being so powerful that even government has to account for their behavior to Him. They want to destroy the natural family unit, or rather, the family unit as it is practiced in Christianity, with a mother and father who love and serve one another, and children and parents who do likewise. The famous scripture “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands” is followed by “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church”, meaning, of course, lay down your own lives as a sacrifice for your wives.

The so-called “radical Muslim” is trying to convert the world to Islam. They will kill, enslave, and force-convert to do so.

And of course, Christianity tries to live up to the apostolic charge: Baptize the nations! We would like to see all the world Christian, and we’ll use the power of persuasion, long-suffering, kindness and Christ-like love to do it, even laying down our own lives.

I wonder why it is that liberals and radical Muslims get so excited about changing other people’s ideas about things. I know why Christians do. When you feel the power of Christ’s love for you wash over you, when you view yourself in the natural, sinful, rebellious state and yet feel that Christ has not only forgiven you, but accepted you, and is eager to help you become a better person, how can you not feel energized and enthusiastic to share that message with the world? What do liberals have to offer, or rather, gain? Or the Muslim for that matter? Is their life otherwise superior to other lives that they are compelled to share it? Or do they operate out of fear and lust?

I suspect that at the core of every driven liberal and every driven Muslim is lust for power.

Regardless, if you can kill an ideology, which one would you kill? How would you do it?

The answer to which to kill is obvious: All of the ideologies that are not your own. Hence, Atheists getting excited about declining faith and such things like that. It seems nowadays a lot of Atheists are beginning to realize what an positive impact Christianity has on the world, at least compared to Islam and Socialism. Nevertheless, no matter how much an Atheist understands and appreciates that good in Christianity, I have no reason to doubt that they will be pleased to know that more and more people are adopting their ideology.

And so, being completely honest, my goal, as everyone’s goal, is to eliminate all other ideologies. I simply can’t live peacefully in a world with other ideologies that want to harm me. And the only ideology I know of that affords others the freedom to pursue their own ideologies is Christianity, hence, my desire that all become subject to Christ and adopt his ways.

But how would it be done?

The knee-jerk reaction is to kill all the other thinkers of foreign thoughts. If this were the way to get it done, Islam would’ve taken over the world a very long time ago. And yet, they face stiff resistance in every quarter, and even the lands they subject to their rule fail to adopt their ideology. That’s why we see public Christmas celebrations in Syria after Russia and Syria freed Aleppo from the Islamic State.

The problem with trying to kill everyone who doesn’t think like you is that people can hide their thoughts. You don’t know if the person you’re killing agrees with you or disagrees with you. But even when people are honest and refuse to recant their beliefs, you have a second problem: People really don’t like being killed, and they will often group together to form a coalition against you when you kill people like them. Islam found its advance in Europe halted when the Winged Hussars swooped in to save Vienna in the heroic victory of the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

No, killing doesn’t make you win hearts and minds. It just makes you a murderer.

How about threats of violence and force? These are all really just killing, but in the future. “Do what I say… or else!” is the threat, and the “else” part is ultimately “I will kill you.” So no, threats do not work.

Certainly, the weak-hearted, the infirm, the coward will back down in the face of threats. We all wish we are capable of facing extinction yet proudly standing by our deeply-held conviction. Until we are faced with such a situation, it’s a moot point. We’re better off thinking how we will live today rather than die tomorrow.

So what then? If you can’t threaten and kill your way to destroy opposing ideologies, what is left? The answer: Persuasion.

A commentator wrote how the Chinese had deeply-held personal and religious convictions that compelled them to build Necropolises in their home towns dedicated to the remembrance and worship of their ancestors. And yet, two or three generations is enough and you have Chinese people celebrating Christmas and forgetting their great grandfather’s name. How does this happen? The answer is simple: The American Way of Life is highly infectious, like a disease or a cancer. And the worst part is once it takes root, it is impossible to extinguish.

I have heard that the mercenaries hired by the British to destroy the American rebellion in 1776 occasionally would turn to the American side. The phrase “Get that patriot a coat” meant to dress up the defector as an American and accept him as one of their own, and wasn’t uncommon back then. (Of course, we know that there was a shortage of coats and other critical supplies at the time.) Certainly, when the war was over and it came time to go home, many of the mercenaries refused to go home, finding American life preferable. This is a story repeated countless times. Another example: The Cajun were a group of French Canadians relocated after the French defeat. Originally, they came from Arcadia in France, but in the South, they gradually adopted our way of life until today we consider them just as American as puritans in the North.

The problem with Islam is that it’s awfully hard to tell your kid to strap a bomb to his chest when cheeseburgers taste really good. The Americans are calling that kid, every day, talking to him as if he were already American, filling his heart and mind with ideas and desires that are simply incompatible with Islam. Christianity never says to avoid all pleasure, only to keep that pleasure within certain bounds, bounds which if respected, maximize that pleasure. For instance, we participate in an economic system that’s built on the idea that if you’re trustworthy and respectful and considerate, you can enjoy as much wealth as you want and you won’t have to hurt anyone to do it.

What can socialism offer except false hope and siren songs of justice? Sure, if you want justice, you can fight tooth and nail until the rich are just as poor as you are. But what do you gain then? Wouldn’t you rather have justice by becoming just as rich as the rich person? As people like to say, “An eye for an eye means everyone’s blind.” Christianity says that rather than pursue justice and revenge, we should forgive and forget. If someone hurts you, let them hurt you again. If someone takes something of yours, give them double. It is better to be poor and with a friend, then dead and just.

Reformed Christianity, that Christianity practiced from the text of the Bible, has conquered other ideologies again and again, so thoroughly and expertly that we barely have a record of how it happened. All we know is a long time ago, Europeans worshiped strange gods and trees and did human sacrifice among other things, but today, those things aren’t even a memory in most people’s lives. Traces of that heritage lives on in our traditions, but they are so far removed from the source that it is little more than a joke to us now.

So yes, you can kill an ideology. But you must do it with persuasion. And Christianity has a monopoly on that.

What the Future Can Hold

December 28, 2016 by

As the West seems to be revitalized with victories in the UK, Italy, and the USA, it’s time for me to do some navel-gazing.

Our Founding Fathers studied government to a depth I doubt any people have ever studied it since. They achieved something that has never been seen in the history of the world by creating a republic that stands (more or less) to this day. More importantly, they started a cultural revolution where they were able to program their children to carry the seeds of liberty on to the next generation and then the next. Despite all of the efforts of government to extinguish this seed, here we are today, 200 years later, with vast hordes of unwashed masses demanding their God-given rights be recognized and protected by government, rather than petitioning government for rights as if it were a god.

The internet brought the world together, and it has spread that culture far and wide. Now there are likely billions of people who realize that government is a creation of the people, intended solely to protect rights, rights that it is incapable of creating or destroying or modifying one whit.

As this realization spreads throughout the world, or in terms the Donald Trump camp might us, people are “red-pilled” or “woke”, the demand for government services will diminish. People will stop asking their government to feed, clothe and shelter them and instead demand that their government enforce immigration controls designed to keep bad guys out, to build walls, to defend their ideas and their humanity rather than attack the enemy of the day.

Political leaders will rise up in every corner of the world capturing this feeling and using it to propel them into office. Once in office, they will have a choice: maintain the status quo or shake things up. If even a small fraction of those so-elected decide to shake things up, it will be enough to set in motion a long, downward spiral of totalitarianism and statism. One voice becomes two, and two become a million. Who would have thought that Nigel Farage could’ve stood up to the entire EU and shouted “Stop!” and be heard, not just by his native Englishmen, but by Italians and people from all corners of Europe?

The question that lay ahead for us is not whether our culture will consume the world (it will). It is what to do about it in the meantime, how to properly wield power without letting it corrupt our leaders. This is the question that the Founding Fathers struggled with. They knew that no matter what, eventually, bad people would get into office and consume the government, and so they had to program in a way to have a bloodless revolt. You who read this blog world-wide should know that you need to come to the same conclusion. When the war’s over and we’ve one, and we all head back home to enjoy our families and our fortunes and freedoms, remember that you’re going to have to fight the same fight again and again until you can lock things in place like has been done in America, more or less. Here in America, we need to make those locks more secure.

Let me share the simple formula that our Founding Fathers stumbled upon.

  1. Government must be representative but not democratic. The people choose representatives who consider the weight issues and make decisions and answer to their voters at home.
  2. Government must be federalized, such that you have government set against government. America, which hates government, sure has a lot of them. We have city councils, county councils, state legislatures, governors, judges at the city, county, state, federal, and more. The reason why we have so many governments is because only a government is effective in opposing another government. More government is bad, more governments is good. Take advantage of whatever ethnic, cultural, or geographic divides to create as many governments as possible.
  3. Government must have strong central authority, but with limits. Here in America, we practically elect a king every 4-8 years, and we give him pretty much dictatorial powers, except for the powers of the purse, the powers of the law, and the power of declaring war. He is, in short, a fighting dog, trained to kill and ready to do so, but kept on a short chain. The reason why we fight wars so well is because when we declare war, the representatives can do little more than check in once in a while to see how progress is being made.
  4. Government must have an independent judiciary, with constraints. Having the judges be their own man, unanswerable to any other government except God, means that our judges have to think really hard about what is right and wrong, and try really hard to find justice. But our judges are not free to do what they want (despite our Supreme Court’s assertion that they can). We can impeach and replace, or change the law, or do any number of things to keep our judges in check. Story time: In the 90’s, the judges were taking black criminals who dealt drugs and slapping them on the wrist and putting them back on the streets. The people got sick of that, so congress passed mandatory sentencing guidelines. That’s why our prisons are filled with drug criminals: The judges can’t let them go.

Fundamentally, you must remember that you cannot impose freedom on anyone. They must grab it for themselves. They must stand up and fight to defend their own rights, and not let others speak for them. Your first fight is against the idea that government does anything good except protect rights. Once you have eliminated that idea, then you must teach people what their rights are: the freedom to speak out against evil, the freedom to worship, the freedom to assemble, the freedom to bear arms to protect oneself and one’s family and friends from others and the government, the freedom to kill people who would kill them first, and so on. Get these basic rights recognized, hold government accountable for protecting them, and you will have won the most important battle.

Good luck, and God speed. Do not listen to the statists who would have you be subject to your government, who fills your head with lies designed to ensnare you and trap you. Do listen to those who have a different message: You have God-given rights, and government only exists to protect those rights.

John Kerry, Liar

December 28, 2016 by

John Kerry is our current Secretary of State. He said this recently:

They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.

Oops, I’m sorry. That was a long time ago, when he got back from Vietnam and lied about what he saw and did there. Look up the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” if you’re wondering what I am talking about. The Left uses “swift boat” as a verb to describe when someone comes in from the side with an attack on someone’s character. We on the Right use it for when a group of quiet citizens can’t take the lies anymore and decides to sacrifice their peace to take on a powerful political tyrant.

Anyway, if there’s one thing John Kerry is good at, it’s lying for the enemies of America.

Lately, he’s been on rampage against Israel:

The truth is that trends on the ground, violence, terrorism, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation, they are combining to destroy hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing any reversible — an irreversible one state reality that most people do not actually want.

Today, there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality. If the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.

Moreover, the Palestinians will never fully realize their vast potential in a homeland of their own with a one state solution.

No, John Kerry, the truth is that you lie and have lied and will likely lie again.

Terrorism in Palestine is entirely one-way. The people of Israel do not send their children out with bombs strapped to their chests to blow up young Palestinians in their pizza parlors. They do hunt down and kill the people who do that to the Palestinian children, though.

The truth is that Israel owns that land. The UN said as much when they created the state of Israel. The Palestinian refugees left their homes of their own free will, and never returned. Israel welcomes people of all faiths, as historically, the Law of Moses demands. There is a political party in Israel that is pro-Islam and they even have a few seats.

Israel is democratic because they are Jewish. Look it up. The Lord commanded Moses to organize the tribes by having them select their own representatives. The Lord selects their kings based on who they want to represent them. The Law of Moses is the foundation for the Common Law and it is the foundation for our republic here in the US.

If we wanted peace in the Middle East, we would give Mecca to Israel and let them govern all the Arabs and Muslims there. Out of all the countries in the Middle East Israel is the only democratic republic, the only one where Muslims get to choose for themselves.

John Kerry, I hope you have to account for your crimes against America. If you don’t get served in this life, may you be held to account before God for what you have tried to do to my country. My Dad still believes that we actually did those things you accused us of doing in Vietnam, even though I remind him that you are the only one to say such things and it has come to be known that you lied about your service in Vietnam.

You Have Been Indoctrinated

December 28, 2016 by

I was (trying to) read an article in the Washington Post about how a George Ciccariello-Maher at Drexel University tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide”, but it wasn’t two words in and I realized there was more truth in Tariq Aziz than in that blog. In other words, I knew I was reading Fake News on the Washington Post.

The heart of the story is this. Someone wants to kill all the white people. That’s what “genocide” means. “Suicide” means “kill oneself”, “patricide” means “kill one’s father”, “fratricide” “kill one’s brother” and “genocide” “kill a race of man.”

Of course, the left would like to change the meaning of genocide to include the extinction of a race of man through interbreeding, or whatever, but at the heart of the word is “-cide”, which means “kill”. And that is, of course, hiding a more fundamental truth, that the professor wants the white to disappear.

I am not a belligerent man. In my religion, I believe that all mankind may be saved, and indeed, should be, that my primary role is to bring salvation to everyone through. I don’t seek war, I don’t want war, I abhor war as it’s really hard to convert people to true Christianity while you’re shooting them dead.

However, I cannot deny the fact that I am at war. I, as a white person, am beset upon all sides by enemies that want me and my ideas to die. They may not be shooting bullets at me at the moment, but I cannot deny that many of them, if they had a gun loaded with bullets, would pull the trigger.

The type of war we are fighting is not unlike any other type of war ever fought on the planet. We think of war as that thing we do to kill each other, but that’s not what wars are about and that’s not how you win wars. If you end up killing all of your enemies, you haven’t won the war, you just committed genocide. Wars are fought in the hearts and minds of the people. The point of war is to convince someone else to give up the fight and let you have your way.

This is why the ultimate war machine throughout history, the most winning-est ideology, the most impervious to enemy attacks and the most successful at obtaining victory (often without shedding a single drop of blood) is Christianity itself. While the Romans were slaughtering our brothers and sisters in ancient times, they were fighting the war right back but not with swords. They were silently converting the entire Roman empire through good works and charity and simple daily kindness. Yes, there were mobs and uproars and I cannot say that all people who claimed faith in Christ had clean hands and pure hearts, but the major action, the major fighting of that war meant it was won long before Emperor Constantine saw the sign of the cross.

The simple fact is this: Christianity cannot be purged. The only way to lose as a Christian is to convert away from it.

The professor at Drexel University who called for my death, and my family’s death, and the death of many people who I love and deeply care about, is simply irrelevant. Let him rant and rave at “White Culture”, which is simply Christianity. Let him complain that we do him some great injustice by creating the greatest society ever seen on the face of the earth, and unstoppable economy and military and the ultimate persuasive argument that simply cannot be beaten. Let him call for fire and brimstone, and let him rant and rave like a lunatic.

We have already got our Satan, and we have already beaten him.

One day, perhaps the professor will realize how wrong he has been about everything, how he has let hate fill his heart, how he has refused to see the alternative position and recognize his enemies as fully human. Hopefully it will happen long before he has to account for his behavior to God himself, or more truly, has to face reality with perfect comprehension of it and who he really is.

Christians, we have already won these wars. We have won them a thousand times and we’ll win them a thousand more. There is nothing more we can do than be faithful to that which we know is true, and be bold in our testimony of Christ, and be unwavering in his service. Let them call us racists, or sexists, or homophobes, or whatever name they’d like to invent. It merely draws more attention to us as sincere seekers of truth want to find out the truth of what we have said and done and believe.

The title of this post is not misleading. It is a fact. We are all indoctrinated in one system of beliefs or another. The question isn’t and hasn’t ever been how to avoid being indoctrinated, it is simply a matter of which indoctrination you wish to adopt for yourself and your kids. I choose to embrace truth, logic, reason, and the belief that nothing is greater than God and nothing is worth worship, and that he sent his son to die for us, so that we can become like him despite our flaws. That’s what I choose to teach my kids and what I choose to believe for myself. And that is what gives me the strength to laugh in the face of the enemy who calls for my death.

If You Truly Believe in Evolution…

December 27, 2016 by

If you truly believed in evolution…

Before I complete that sentence, let’s examine what evolution is. Evolution is the idea that species change over time. As those changes are beneficial, meaning, they help the creatures create more offspring which will in turn create even more offspring, they spread throughout the species. As those changes are not beneficial, meaning, they create less offspring or those offspring are less capable of creating more offspring, the changes die off.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would first have as many children as possible, and then see that they are raised in a way to have as many children as possible. That means by the age of 40, you should start seeing your first grandkids, and by 60, you would see your great-grandkids. And there would be more than a few of them. Perhaps you and your spouse would give birth to 20 kids, certainly possible with today’s medicine, especially if you get an early start (sometime around the time when you become fertile, so your late teens), and you would ensure that your kids would be raised in such a way that they would get married early and have lots of kids too.

If you truly believed in evolution, you would use every mutation you had to your best advantage. You would take everything that makes you human and multiply that by a thousand to give yourself the edge against all other species, even different branches of your own species. That means, while you are raising twenty kids, you would be embracing your mind and using it to your fullest. You would be reading books ancient and modern, and thinking thoughts that have never been thought before.

From a cultural and religious perspective, you would use your parents and grandparents culture and religion as the de facto standard of living. You would identify and eliminate threats to your culture and religion. Think of what the crusaders did. You’d be doing that and a lot more to ensure that your evolved culture and religion dominated all the others.

In short, if you truly believed in evolution, you would be a God-fearing, red-blooded conservative American, waging wars of subjugation against all other inferior cultures and religions that threaten yours. You would have twenty kids, hundreds of grandkids, and thousands of great grandkids. You would ensure that your genetic code would not only pass on to the next generation, but your cultural “genetic” code, along with your religion.

Those godless atheists who are trying to ruin Western Civilization are the cancer, at least if you truly believe in evolution. They tend not to marry, they tend not to have kids, and when they do have kids, they fail to pass on to them their parent’s culture and religion, thinking somehow they know better than thousands of years of unguided gradual mutations and survival of the fittest. The modern western atheist thus makes the worst sort of evolutionist, since their ideas will last about as long as it takes for them to die. When they are gone and buried or cremated, there will be a billion mormons, catholics, and muslims battling over the ground they once inhabited but were incapable of keeping.