On Obamacare

July 18, 2017 by

Is there any doubt now that the Republicans and Democrats in congress are both opposed to the American people and American values?

Whatever show the Republicans in congress put on before Trump was elected president, it is now clear that it was a show. Even though they never cast a vote for Obamacare, they were just as much behind it as the democrats, and they are showing that today.

What to do?

Sometimes, you just have to let the system collapse in on itself because the representatives in congress (representing whom, exactly?) won’t do a thing about it.

In a few short years, health care prices will rise even higher, along with insurance rates. More and more people will openly and fragrantly violate the health care laws and regulations, and people will increasingly see that a Laissez Faire approach to health care is the ideal approach.

What should government do about all the sick and the elderly? The answer is nothing. It is not government’s job to take care of your parents and grandparents for you. It is your job. If you feel bad about the people suffering around you, then get off your butt and do something about it, and stop asking someone else to pay to ease your conscience.

Socialism never works, never. Socialism is the road to communism. Socialism is designed to get people so dependent on government and to have that government collapse under its own weight and corruption. Once this occurs, according to Marx, then you can have the communist revolution where the working class rises up against the owning class and people “take back what is rightfully theirs” in a massive bloody event. After that, they are all supposed to reside peacefully in communes where everyone shares with each other, sans government.

It won’t turn out that way, at least not in the United States. No, we are far too charitable and rich to let that happen. As government fails, people pick up the slack, restoring order where there was only chaos, all without needing government officials to force them to do so. Government here in the US came from the people, not the other way around. We’ll be fine if we don’t have a formal government for a few years, trust me.

I don’t know what President Trump’s contingency plan is, but I am sure he was planning on it. Perhaps he will come back next year when insurance rates are even higher and even fewer people are getting quality care, and propose yet again a repeal. I don’t know. I’m fairly certain that President Trump is no fan of socialism and would like to see it all disappear. How he intends to do that remains to be seen.


The End of Abortion

June 23, 2017 by

Right now we’re studying history and covering the years leading up to the Civil War. I have some thoughts.

There were two sides to the issue of slavery. One felt it was wrong, and the other felt it was wrong but a necessary evil.

Then, in the decades prior to the Civil War that changed. Now the other side felt that slavery was a right, even the foundation of a free society.

This kind of thinking unlocked the flood gates, so to speak. Now, democrats in the South saw the two races as fundamentally different. Blacks should be enslaved, they said, for political, religious, and economic reasons. Free blacks were wrong blacks.

Importantly, parallels between socialism and slavery were drawn, so much so that people said socialism, the ultimate good, was slavery. The laborers in the North were slaves, while the slaves in the South were free.

Their mental somersaults with religious were remarkable as well. God chose us to enslave the black race, so we could Christianize them and save their souls! And yet, Christian blacks were not freed, and black slaves were never taught the Bible, or even how to read it.

This upside-down thinking is something only a corrupt person, a corrupt society could ever embrace. It all starts with one obviously wrong lie, and sensing that wrong, more lies are piled on top.

Kind of like abortion. The backwards thinking that abortion supporters have to go through to justify the slaughter of the innocent unborn is equally amazing. “If you love children, then you love abortion”, they claim, mentioning something about “unwanted kids”, as if there is a child in this world that is unwanted by everyone. Or they talk about the problems with sex and how you get out-of-wedlock pregnancies and the only sure remedy is abortion. (Apparently, the same people who can’t keep their pants on are responsible enough to use contraceptives and schedule an abortion within 9 months?)

The absurd excuses and justifications are shameful, to say the least. How anyone can justify this sort of thing with such pathetic and easily countered arguments is unimaginable to me, and yet here we are.

By the way, there are other “taboos” in our society today. Gay marriage, transgenderism, etc… and more all have their reckoning to be made in the future. You can only lie to yourself for so long before those lies weigh too much.

The Truth about the Rich

June 22, 2017 by

Studying economics, it’s clear that certain kinds of behavior will maximize your income and make your rich.

Watching politics, you wonder what the rich is doing, because they certainly aren’t doing those things.

Studying A Patriot’s History of the United States, I think I understand why. In this book, it details the issue of slavery, pointing out that everyone knew by the 1850’s that money was better spent building factories and hiring factory workers, which many Southerners did. But the wealthiest Southerners were persistent in owning large numbers of slaves and using them to extract every last dime they could, even if it meant abusing them.

The reasoning, it appears, had little to do with money. In other words, as long as slavery were making a little money, it would have continued as a practice. The Southerners who were hell-bent on continuing slavery even in the face of the new industrialized economy were so hell-bent because they had other reasons to support slavery. Indeed, as the Civil War drew closer, they became more and more hardened and racist and intolerant and began to treat slavery with the same sort of religious fervor you would find at a Bible Camp.

The truth about the rich is they don’t care about money anymore. I see in the news today that a certain Hollywood actor sold one of his businesses for a very large sum of money, and I am reminded that once you achieve a certain level of wealth, money really doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s a rare breed indeed who, having satisfied every economic need they could ever possibly have, devotes themselves to making unheard amounts of wealth. We know who these people are in our society, and we can name the top 5 or 10. But these people are truly exceptional.

Economics and its rules really don’t apply to the super-rich. The reason why is they are no longer selfish when it comes to money. Sure, they have their own projects, the charities or whatnot, but when it comes to money they genuinely don’t care anymore. Except for rare exceptions, I would trust the advice of the super-wealthy when it comes to money about as much as I trust the advice of the average homeless Joe.

Economics really applies to the upper middle class or the middle class, those who have enough to keep their family fed and sheltered, but not so much that they can stop thinking about money. These are the people who pay so much taxes it hurts, who count every dollar, who worry about whether the growth will be 5% or 6% (one means they have to work another 2 years, the other means they can retire right now.)

When it comes to economic policy, it is best to defer to these, the up-and-coming wealthy, and not the wealthy themselves.

My advice to the super-wealthy: Please don’t talk about money. It’s a very sensitive topic to the people who aren’t wealthy like you. We, who struggle day-to-day to try to keep afloat, who struggle just to try and find enough money to give something to our kids so they can get a head start in life, are very sensitive to even the tiniest changes in the economy or economic policies.

Let’s Talk Treason

June 6, 2017 by

What is treason?

Simply put, it is acting against your country, especially in times of war. It is supporting our enemies over ourselves.

How is treason manifest? Many ways, including but not limited to:

  • The things you say publicly and privately.
  • The things you do.
  • The information you share and with whom.

If you’re working for the government, and you have access to national secrets, you need to remember that the reason those are secrets is because someone decided that if the world were to know those secrets, it would be a threat to our national security.

Now, granted, sometimes governments are corrupt and some of the secrets are kept secret merely to save someone’s hide, especially when that person is treasonous. The difference is national secrets are things you don’t want the rest of the world to know, but if all Americans knew it and kept it secret it would be OK. The other kinds of secrets are things you don’t mind the rest of the world knows, but if the American people found out they might want to hang you from the nearest tree.

If you’re going to leak secrets from the government, you’d better think twice, and really hard: Am I spilling the beans on secrets that would harm the US if our enemies found out, or secrets that would harm our leaders if the American people found out?

Another kind of treason is when you fail to acknowledge the results of an election. “Not my president” can mean, “I didn’t vote for that guy, but he won, and he’s the constitutionally elected president”. Or it can mean, “Even though he won, I refuse to acknowledge him as the president.” If it’s the latter, you should probably keep your opinion to yourself, as inciting people to not recognize the duly elected government is a form of treason, especially when those people begin to take actions against the president.

I think our country has been far too lenient on traitors historically and especially today. Our country is close to a civil war, and one way we can stop it is to put those people who want to incite rebellion on notice. Hang a few traitors here and there, and the rest will shut up, or at least those who might listen to them will think long and hard.

If you don’t, then the rebellion will grow and spread, and soon, you’ll have a full-on Civil War.

This is an unfortunate reality of government. But it is a reality nonetheless.

On the other hand, remember that the reason why people don’t go out and butcher murderers and rapists and terrorists without government sanction is because we believe the government is doing its job. The moment we don’t believe that anymore, expect vigilantes. And remember: If you can’t control the original problem, how do you expect to control large groups of vigilantes?

European Culture is Not Welcome Here

June 4, 2017 by

People who say that whites and/or white culture is the savior of the world are forgetting something: Europe.

I’ve been trying to understand European politics, and I’ve come to a few conclusions.

  1. Europeans are not Americans, and they do not understand Americanism or our brand of conservatism. It is a foreign concept that was created in the wilderness of America. To people who like to wear cowboy hats and say “Trump is awesome!” in Europe, we’re just as strange as Chinamen and Native Americans to them.
  2. European politics is built on the concept that there is a large group of hopeless and helpless people, and a small group of educated, talented, and wealthy people who can save them.
  3. This leads to one of two extremes: Fascism and Socialism. There is no in-between for Europeans. You are either a fascist or you are a socialist. As Americans, we simply cannot understand this, because we believe in everyone choosing their own way, but to Europeans, it’s all or nothing.
  4. Fascism is the philosophy that government needs to organize the people to be strong, productive, and a powerful fighting machine. It is the philosophy of help the self.
  5. Socialism is the philosophy that government needs to organize the people to be compassionate and tolerant and caring to the poor. It is a philosophy of helping the other.
  6. In no case do any European powers even pay lip service to individual rights, except one country, and even then, it is a hollow thing. (Can you guess which country in Europe believes in individual rights? Hint: It’s not even connected to the continent!)

My opinion of what our foreign relationship with Europe should be is as follows.

  1. We must beĀ  the big, rich, wealthy, benevolent, dignified noble person.
  2. We must tell them how to organize their countries. Dissent will not be tolerated.
  3. In the rare cases where there is a political party that espouses the Lockean ideals of individual rights, we must absolutely align ourselves with them and support them. The moment they start turning towards fascism or socialism is the moment we publicly denounce them for it.

I don’t expect Europe to change, not at all. What we can do, however, is control them and limit them.

In no case should we ever want to be like Europe.

This comes down to, ultimately, not skin color (there are plenty of white people I want nothing to do with), but political philosophy. Unfortunately, the only teacher of the correct political philosophy is the wastelands and wildernesses of the American frontier. I really see no other way of spreading these ideas around. And I sincerely fear lest America has grown too rich and too weak to ever embrace a conservative philosophy again.

Islam is the problem

June 4, 2017 by

Watching the terror attacks yesterday in London, it’s clear that Islam is the problem.

The solution is we must eradicate the philosophy, or at least the part of it that says it’s ok and cool to murder people of other faiths.

Our modern world is too tightly bound together. We can’t simply seal our borders and expect ourselves to remain safe from an ideology that knows no borders. We must eradicate the philosophy.

Don’t worry, we’ve done it before, several times.

  • In European history, we eradicated the philosophy that religion can be preached by violence.
  • In American history, we stamped out the philosophy that one man can own another.
  • In world history, we stamped our communism and fascism.

Our mission, for ourselves, is to eliminate radical Jihad as an alternative philosophy. People who ascribe to this philosophy deserve no quarters and will get none. People who spread it deserve no mercy. People who tolerate it are traitors to their own kind.

If we don’t stamp it out, then we will be leaving it for our children to handle. Our parents didn’t leave communism, fascism, slavery, and such for us. They fixed it in their generation.

We have the means, we only need to the will to do it.

Why the Trade Deficit is a Really, Really Good Thing

June 2, 2017 by

News came out that after all that President Trump has done, the trade deficit has widened by 5%. This means we are sending out more money and getting more goods in return.

It may sound like this is bad. After all, everything we import is goods not produced at home. That means more jobs for the Chinese and Indians and Germans and others. It means more money for them as well.

But when you think about it, that’s what we do at the grocery store every day. We don’t grow our own food, and we don’t seem so concerned about that. We’re more than happy to make money other ways. I, for instance, sit in an office all day and hammer away at a keyboard writing code that no one but a few people will ever see or know about. But they pay me these little bits of paper with green ink stamped on them. Scratch that. They send messages to my bank account that causes them to update my balance by adding numbers up. And then I use a little piece of plastic to go to the grocery store and come home with the things I like to eat but did not grow myself.

You may feel sad that we aren’t making the goods we are importing. If your job used to be in those industries, you’ll feel doubly sad because not only did someone “take” your job, as long as the American economy is strong, it will never ever come back. But this is like feeling sad because you aren’t raising your own cows and you aren’t growing your own wheat and grinding it to make bread.

Instead, focus on those things Americans can do to make money. By being the people who send out pieces of paper with green ink on them, we are in a great deal of power, especially because we’re the ones who print that stuff.


But if you really, really want your job back, try to see if you can immigrate to the country that “stole” your job. You can enjoy a lower standard of living, a less free economy, and you can see what kind of work schedule they keep. I imagine you won’t be happy at all about that and wonder how anyone in the world can do it. Just remember that to them, it’s a major step forward. It’s a heckuva lot better than what they used to have.

So you don’t want your job back. Come back the US, get trained in something that actually makes money, and join us in the new economy where information and technology is king. Let the Indians and the Chinese and the Germans spend all their time with 1950’s technology making steel and running machines, you know, the kind of stuff we build robots for.

Some thoughts on education

May 31, 2017 by

The overarching principle we have discovered and discovered again is that parents are responsible for the education of their children. No teacher, no matter how much they are paid, how small their classroom, what materials they are given or how much training they receive, can educate a child where the parent is not engaged. By “engaged” we mean how marines “engage” the enemy.

So, no education reform can be successful unless parents are put in the driver’s seat. Teachers, administrators, and even legislators and governors and presidents must be put in the back seat.

A simple reform that would drive this principle home is the “opt-in” education program. Parents choose which program their kid should pursue. If they want their kid to be ready for the top colleges in the country, they can sign off on that box. If they want their kid to be ready for some second-tier state college, they can do that as well by opting in to it. If they are fine with their kid leaving high school ready for trade school, which is perfectly honorable and highly recommended due to our glut of college graduates and dropouts, they can check off that box. But if they really don’t care about their kid’s education and just want the 12-year babysitting program with a piece of paper that means nothing, they can do that as well.

But no parent should be allowed to send their kid to school for one day without making some sort of agreement with the school.

If the kid is on track to meet their goals in the chosen program, then parents receive a report card that says as much. They can pat little Johnny and Jenny on the head and say, “Keep it up!” If, on the other hand, there are signs that maybe Johnny or Jenny won’t be able to achieve the goals that the parents have set, the parents get a letter in the mail describing the school’s concerns and recommending remedial action — particularly in the home. IE, “Johnny doesn’t seem to be doing well with math. We think this is because he isn’t doing his math homework, probably because he doesn’t understand it. We suggest an after-school tutoring program to help him do his homework and clear up any misunderstandings.”

My belief is that every parent, no matter their background, wants their kids to do better than they did. Even though they may not know how to achieve the goals, that doesn’t really matter. The parents provide the push, and the educators can provide the rest.

There is nothing like having a parent at home who asks a kid how they are doing in relation to the goals the parent has set. Yes, there is disappointment, but there are also major successes.

Silencing the People for Fear of the Muslim

May 12, 2017 by

It’s stories like Tommy Robinson‘s that make me wonder whether we can tolerate Islam in our midst.

It seems the British police are so fearful of the Muslim population in their country that they actively intimidate and suppress any speech that might make them uncomfortable. When Muslims get uncomfortable, unfortunately, people end up dead.

I wonder if that is the result of all the spying. The government found out just how deep the rebellions and insurrections and terrorism go, and decided that rather than fight it, they’ll put on a show to placate the public but actively suppress anyone who doesn’t conform to Sharia Law.

I remember a story when President Bush sent some moderate Imams to Iraq after the war. The intention, apparently, was to introduce a more moderate strain of Islam. It doesn’t take any imagination to know what happened next.

Maybe we’re going about the Muslim problem in the wrong way. Maybe slaughtering their young men in the Middle East isn’t really accomplishing much. Maybe we should follow their example and use the same tactics they use to control their populations.

As I joked elsewhere, perhaps after we defeat ISIS in the Middle East, we should launch a reverse crusade into Europe to finish the job.

On Conquering and Slavery

May 8, 2017 by

I was a teenager when I realized something.

Throughout human history, people have been conquering and enslaving each other. It seems that we talk about these conquests and enslavements as if there is some fundamental truth that everyone accepts but no one talks about. And that is that conquering and enslaving people will actually help you.

The thing that I realized is, “Why?”

Why would conquest make you richer? Why is a slavemaster better off with a slave than an employee?

The key realization is that people know how to govern themselves better than anyone else can govern them. After all, no one knows themselves better than themselves.

If I needed my cotton fields picked, I could force a bunch of African transplants to do the work for me, beating them mercilessly when I feel like they are working too slowly. The end result is that the slaves would work as hard as I demanded but no more. And if I demanded too much, they would die due to exhaustion. Indeed, slavemasters in the South noted how lazy and unmotivated the slaves were.

A better option is to simply pay people to pick the cotton. If I can’t pay them enough to get them to do it, I shut the whole plantation down and do something else with my time instead because obviously it’s not profitable.

When you look at history, the thing we often see that is called “conquest” is really a liberation of sorts. Alexander the Great didn’t conquer the people in the Middle East so much as open up their markets. See, Alexander’s MO (modus operandi, the way he did things) was to establish independent regional governors with a mutual contract of trade and commerce. The people who were conquered by Alexander were not enslaved but rather freed from the tyranny of their local government, particularly the highly inefficient Persian government form, that treated people like slaves.

Roman history is also full of conquest, but they followed Alexander’s MO. In the end, the Roman Empire was more of a Roman Federation, with the emperor who made sure that all the regions worked together and that citizens were free to travel wherever they liked. At the peak of the Roman Empire, you were pretty much free to do what you wished if you were a citizen. Granted, Romans practiced slavery, as did the Greeks, and this is probably the recipe for their disaster.

Perhaps they felt that the people they enslaved were better off as slaves. Or perhaps they simply stopped trying to make a profit. Whatever the case, it is pretty clear that their practice of slavery spelled the end of their empire, or at least contributed to it.

Now we are the top country in the world. In a way, we have already conquered the entire world, with token resistances in Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc… Let’s be extra-special careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past. We must not assert our will on other countries except to ensure free trade between them. We must be the enforcers of Pax Americana, not by slavery but by bringing freedom.