Posting Guidelines

I reserve the right to remove content from my blog. I control the content because I want to and it is mine to control.

You are a guest, so respect your host. I will help you respect me by setting expectations.

I tolerate:

  • Opposing viewpoints and analysis.
  • People who show respect and kindness and toleration, especially to their opponents.
  • Logic and reason.
  • Conciseness and preciseness.
  • Respect and civility.

I don’t tolerate:

  • Vulgarity, including sacrilege.
  • Rudeness of any kind.
  • Logical fallacies, especially ad hominem attacks. (That’s when you say something like, “He’s wrong because he’s X.”)
  • People who don’t read the posts and comments and try to comment anyway.
  • People who don’t debate by addressing the fundamental weaknesses in their own arguments.
  • Long posts.
  • Verbose posts.
  • Useless posts.
  • Off-topic posts.
  • Emotional posts.

2 Responses to “Posting Guidelines”

  1. Sunflower Ranch Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. We need your insight and tough stance against the statists who have succeeded in turning our state into the Soviet of Washington, from Queen Christine right down to most local governments in Western Washington. I will not give up my right to live in this beautiful place because I am going to be chased away by the completely insane leftists. I choose to stay and fight. You have too, and are leading the way. Good on ya! Keep up the great work!

  2. Posting Guidelines: Why Your Comment Was Deleted « Federal Way Conservative Says:

    […] written Posting Guidelines so that you know what I’m looking for. I’ve bent the rules over time, but I’ve […]

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