Why Should I Vote the D’s Out of Office?

  1. They removed the spending limits imposed by the people.
  2. They attempted to gut other critical reforms passed by the people.
  3. They are attempting to remove the right of the people to pass laws and limit government through the process of referendum, recall, and initiative.
  4. They came into the '06 session with $1,600 million surplus. They left with a $719 million deficit. That is, in this short session, they created $2,319 million in new spending.
  5. Their spending not only hitched us for the next 2 years, but there is a projected $2,500 million deficit in the '09-11 budget.
  6. The above numbers translate to a commitment by the people to spend $1,000 new in taxes, overall, per household for each of the next budgets.
  7. They plundered the safety nets of our retiring state employees to fund their mad spending.
  8. They plundered our "rainy day" fund for new spending.
  9. They were surprised at how much they spent. Apparently, they spend like drunken sailors and hope someone else will pay the bill. That someone else is we the people.
  10. They don't see what everyone is so upset about, as if spending our money is what we elected them to do.
  11. They are pushing an agenda of special rights for homosexuals, including the "right" to marry, despite the fact the people have said, NO!
  12. They have forced schools that teach sexual education to include material that teaches that deviant sexual behavior and mutilation of genitaliae is normal.
  13. They have refused to hold people who commit sexual crimes against minors accountable, preferring to "slap them on the wrist" and insist they don't offend again, despite the overwhelming evidence that child molesters are very highly likely to offend again.`
  14. They have been lax on enforcement of the sexual offender laws, whereby the police can monitor that sexual offenders do not violate the terms of their punishment and the community is able to monitor and protect the children.
  15. They have been lax on punishing drunk drivers.
  16. They have seized our property through legislation, by preventing us from improving it or even use it, without compensation.
  17. They have refused to pass meaningful election reform to address the problems discovered in the '04 gubernatorial election. They refuse to purge the voter roles of illegal voters; they have resisted attempts by citizens to purge the voter roles by lawful mechanisms; they have otherwise abused their high offices by not counting voted from some voters who legally cast them, and counting votes that have not been legally cast; they have tried to hide their crimes from the people, and have slandered those who have tried to uncover the truth.
  18. They have declared that Washington is a blue state, and should remain ever so, because they say so, regardless of whether the people want to change it or not.
  19. They have refused to build new roads to satisfy the needs of an expanding population. They have wasted the taxpayers' time and money on the Sound Transit boondoggle, despite initiatives that have passed that should have shut down the system, even though the Supreme Court upheld the will of the people and demanded that they no longer collect the tax.
  20. They have passed new taxes when they had promised not to.
  21. They have resurrected the Death Tax, which is most harmful to small businesses, which are the primary employers in out state.
  22. They have forced a union on state employees, by a most devious method, even going so far as to fire employees who refuse to join the union.
  23. They have pandered to the teacher's union, the state employee's union, and other unions, awarding them with big bonuses, while ignoring the hard-working people of this state who do not belong to a union.

2 Responses to “Why Should I Vote the D’s Out of Office?”

  1. Jason Gardner Says:

    Have you ever heard of the Overton Window?


    Basically the idea is that the Overton Window is the range of ideas that we are allowed to discuss public. So, for example, a reasonable and respectable person could argue for segregation but now that would not be acceptable. The Overton Window shifted.

    We never want to have a one party system (looking at you Russia, China, Cambodia…) The reason is that a two party system allows debate on many a small issue as the sides basically divide up the issues. (Big money/little money theory of politics.)

    So how do you change the discussion? The answer is to shift the Overton Window.

    People on the left are very, very, very, very good at this. They make a seemingly outrageous statement, then have a mild defense of the statement and, viola, the Overton Windown shifts.

    Take the trannies in the bathroom issue. 50 years ago this would be a non-issue. Any person who mentioned it would be considered a totally degenerate lunatic. However, the left staked this out by pushing relentlessly the transexual stuff. Now, to NOT want trannies in the bathroom is considered outside the range of acceptable thought.

    In other words, a left winger in 1950s opinion on trannies in the bathroom is now considered far right of a conservative in the 2010s. That the Overton window shift.

    Donald Trump is great at understanding this principle. He makes “outrageous” statements, then defends them. Every time he does this the window shifts just a bit. Think his statement that he wants to deport every illegal. By merely bringing it up it shifts the acceptable solution set to this problem.

    Conservatives need to do this if they want to win. (Or at least stop brutally losing.)

    Instead of weakly occupying the middle ground, trying to be some voice of reason, proudly step far to the right and make the case. Sure, you take heat like you wouldn’t believe but stand firm and watch the window move.

    It’s a basic technique used in negotiation. Make an outrageous demand then finally, begrudgingly “accept” what you wanted in the first place.

    I’m never quite sure what conservatives believe but try it out on your favorite issue. It’s powerful stuff.

    • Jonathan Gardner Says:

      Yes, I have heard of it, and with Trump and others, we’re seeing people on the national scale engage in it. Too many conservatives and others are afraid of pushing the Overton windowed (they value the opinion of leftists too much, I think.) The Alt-Right is doing a fantastic job shifting the debate. IE, now we’re talking about whether we should allow immigrants at all. Continuing a merit-based immigration system only is now the moderate stance. We’re actually going to deport DACA recipients soon, hopefully.

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